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Sony Press Conference Review I Bag Of Games

Graham of Bag of Games says "After watching the Sony press conference for the last 2 hours or so, I have to admit, the future of PlayStation is…impressive! The press conference which lasted much longer and was much more detailed than I thought it would be left me excited for the PS4. Not only did they go into some of the specs of the new machine and how the new system would work, they also showed an impressive amount of games and some news that was fairly surprising."

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gburns1583d ago
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ryandebraal1583d ago

Today's announcements were WAY more awesome than I was expecting them to be, tons of info, lots of transparency and industry professionals...color me intrigued.

guitarded771583d ago

It was really awesome. The demo and trailers were beautiful, but the tech and functionality itself is what really blew me away. The social features like uploading gameplay vids, facebook and remote play... plus the Gaikai potential they talked about like playing PS3 games on mobile devices... amazing.

AngelicIceDiamond1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I agree it was great. The controller and the new social features look crazy and might I add sounds better than X game chat. The new Killzone Shadow Fall looks amazing.

Last but not least MS, I really hope they impress as well.

Ron_Danger1583d ago

Streaming live gameplay to your friends and having them instantly join you through it was awesome!

Venox20081583d ago

yea, that was nice.. PS4 intrigued me, now I gues for me gen will be with Ninty & Sony products and PC .. Xbox360 dissapointed me, except some good games (which I could get on PS3 also).. btw nice graphics there was :)

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gburns1583d ago

I was totally impressed. I didn't think they would show near as much as they did. I think people are going to be very excited for this next generation of consoles.

Rob_P1583d ago

I also thought it was a really great presentation. Some of the negative reception (not from this article, obviously) that's out there has really surprised me.

izumo_lee1583d ago

They were humble at times (except that little jab at Microsoft that the Playstation is more than a 'Box').

Clearly they learned from their mistakes with the PS3 launch. I am excited & eager to learn & see more of what Sony is offering. We know the games will be there & with Gaikai's help their online will be more streamlined. I think Gaikai will be Sony's trump card. If they are able to do what they say they will do than the skies the limits.

Sony did a phenomenal job showcasing games & it was an entertaining conference.

Destination Playstation retail show in 5 days.....NEXT PLEASE!

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The story is too old to be commented.