Sony Played it Safe Tonight with the PS4, and Hit a Homerun

While many clamored for tonight’s unveiling of the PlayStation 4 console and seeing what the future of gaming would bring, some will be left a bit confused about the conference held by Sony tonight in NYC. Sony didn’t decide to show off the PlayStation 4 as a console itself, instead they decided to talk about the future of the gaming market and what the console could do. It seems as though that most of the information that went into tonight’s live event may have already been leaked in some capacity or another, Sony confirmed the news that was known across the web but kept a few curveballs up their sleeve. See the issue with an event such as this, to unveil your newest console, is that you are ultimately the first to strike, and sometimes that can involve a major swing a miss. There are pro’s and con’s, as I said in another article, about going first with what is to come next because you never know what the other team has in store and how it compares to you. You may have the superior...

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aceitman2037d ago

they will hit e3 out of the park too.

Skips2037d ago

With studios like Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, and Polyphony Digital having yet to announce anything. Agreed.

SilentNegotiator2037d ago

They just took what everyone loves about gaming and made it more...well, alright I'll say it...elegant. More simple, but more complex.

That's the way to do it.

Ps2 didn't revolutionize anything; just made things better. And it sold like hotcakes.

ABizzel12037d ago

To me the best part of the show was seeing the games, but equally as important and impressive was the specs release and the networking features of the PS4. I was highly impressed by the overall show, but a lot of unanswered questions (which was expected), and some games still MIA.

Price, FIRM Launch date, confirmed launch titles, Where was EA since they have the best 3rd relationship with Sony (Battlefield 4?), Square Enix could have stayed home with that awful spot, PS Eye HD details, PS+ new pricing structure, and missing games like The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy 13 versus, Final Fantasy 14, Agent, 8 Days revived, The Getaway revived, and if GTA5 is coming to PS4.

But I know all that's for E3 and Beyond.

showtimefolks2037d ago

You know after watching the conference again one thing I noticed is we didn't see a lot of new IP's. I am guessing they are saving all that for E3.

I thought having activision,blizzard and Bungie at the conference was a huge deal.

What I am surprised by is that a lot of us didn't expect the specs to be as good as they are, ps4 at launch will be able to compete with a medium pc. Like ps3 I can't wait to see what studios figure out in next 3-5 years to really show the strength of ps4

Sony made a huge statement in my point of view by showing games for core market

PR_FROM_OHIO2037d ago

E3 Will be a grand slam for SONY!! PS4 FTW

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AngelicIceDiamond2037d ago

Thankfully Sony didn't promise anything because things do change from now to launch. I just hope they delivered on what they showed us.


Diablo 3 on PS3 and 4 Hell yeah.

kenshiro1002037d ago

I swear, if Sony announces Uncharted 4 at E3, I will faint. I have all three Uncharted games on my PS3.

the4112037d ago

I have all three as well. And I have Golden Abyss on my Vita. Looking forward to whatever they bring next :)

mochachino2037d ago

Smart revealing first (sorry Nintendo), gamers have been starving for a glimpse of the next-gen and Sony served up a very healthy portion.

StrongMan2037d ago

Sony hit a grand slam. The competition can only hit an in field fly compared to this.

-Falaut-2037d ago

And you know this how? Lets keep it classy on this side of the pond.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

"And you know this how?"

Because it's MS and they focus on casuals?? And also let their biggest and most important devs(bungie) go multi plat?

I think they will have better tv apps than sony.

Of MS doesn't have gaikai like tech then how can they compete? Unless they build their own cloud tech.

jmc88882037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Neither console has really been shown.

We've seen a PC running multiplatform games that are coming to a PS4, with a couple of exclusives, like Kill Zone that looked the poorest, and Capcom's Deep Down that was probably CGI.

Thus what have we really seen?

Are we being Aliens:Colonial Marine'd?

Are we being Randy Pitchford'ed?

badz1492037d ago

you are trolling at full swing today! Killzone looking the poorest? get the hell out of here troll!

HappyWithOneBubble2037d ago

Sony hit a grand slam
Nintendo strike 3 they out
Microsoft on injured reserve

jmc88882037d ago

The game was called because performance enhancing drugs were used, tainting the results.

The offender? A PC was used to showcase the supposedly PS4 demos.

Nintendo has been confirmed to only be 1/3rd roughly as powerful as a PS4, and only 1/2 that of a 720. If anything Nintendo breathed a big sigh of relief.

M$? Who knows. They're too busy calling the police to raid people's houses that released their specs.

BlmThug2037d ago

Now now, lets not judge MS just yet considering we haven't seen anything from them yet. We can however judge the Wii U and it just got shattered :L Wii U is clearly this gen compared to the PS4

omi25p2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

What lottery numbers should i buy next week?

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Kevlar0092037d ago

Sony's gameplan:
1.)Show it's powerful
2.)Demonstrate 3D party commitment
3.)Integrate Gaikai as an intergal feature

Simple, but this is what gamers have been wanting pretty much

jmc88882037d ago

No they showed us what a PC can do.

No they said those are the devs committed to supporting the PS4 (what they didn't say what timeframe).

Gaikai (thankfully) wasn't as big as it was rumored. Game streaming service like OnLive would have been a huge mistake. Instead, at least for now, they're playing it right and utilizing Gaikai as a pro and not unleashing the beast that is simply all cons.

So simple, other than the ram number, stuff we already knew, and what we saw, wasn't a PS4 so nothing visually was real. Thus for people wanting to see something REAL, we didn't see much.

Still a day one purchase for me, but c'mon guys, we didn't learn much of anything except 8 instead of 4 GB's, Diablo III coming to PS4, playing games while the download completes, and the ram was GDDR5 instead of DDR3. Basically everything else was just confirming rumors we already suspected because it was leaked.

R_aVe_N2037d ago

You are a broken record with your replies mate.

Kevlar0092037d ago

People got what they wanted. They got confirmation the PS4 is cutting edge in current tech, they've sealed extensive third party commitment, and they have stuff to look forward to Day 1.

For me I'm just glad the PS4 is out there, tired of speculation and whatnot. Now it's time to see what MS has to show and if Nintendo has anything up their sleeves. Imo they did what they needed to in a just a few short hours.

kenshiro1002037d ago

...Were you watching the same conference or did you fall asleep?

da_2pacalypse2037d ago

They certainly set the bar very high for Microsoft. As a primary xbox player, I'll be purchasing a PS4 this holiday season. The things I saw today were absolutely amazing.

SolDojo2037d ago

To throw N4G for a complete loop, as a primary PS player and long time fan, I feel that Sony set the bar so high that I'm extremely excited to see if Microsoft can follow suit and blow our minds again.

Healthy competition benefits us all as gamers, and I'm so happy to see innovation again at the forefront of design.

T22037d ago

I agree but im hoping to only buy one console this gen!! Lol

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