Sony confirms PS4's third party developers and publishers

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed the official list of third-party video game developers and publishers who will be supporting its newly-announced PlayStation 4 home video game console.

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nrvalleytime1798d ago

Japan - LEVEL-5 Inc.

Please, oh please, be Dark Cloud III.

Relientk771798d ago

I love Level 5, and Dark Cloud 3 would be most welcome.

Rainstorm811798d ago

Any level 5 PS4 RPG would make me a happy gamer

SAE1798d ago

Yes!!! I already send them a message that i will buy Ni no kuni but i'm expecting dark cloud 3. Hope they listen to me :)

Donnieboi1798d ago

45 Japanese studios? M$ is lucky if they even get one quarter of that support (especially since m$ will never be popular in japan as a console maker). Can't wait for the resurgance of Jrpg's!!

Rainstorm811798d ago

Fingers crossed.....The Gaming Renaissance incoming

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Relientk771798d ago

I cant wait to see what these talented developers and publishers bring to the PS4

Kamikaze1351798d ago

All the developers I like are there. Good :)

dafegamer1798d ago

from software= Demon Souls 2 confirmed

starchild1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Hopefully a next generation Tenchu game. Oh how I wish...

Anyway, Sony is making all the right moves so far. I was very impressed with what they showed. Making a developer-centric console is the best move they could have made.

Captain Qwark 91798d ago

FS is my fav dev.. i would love to see sequels to demon souls ( although dark souls 2 is just as good imo ), armored core 6 ( although im pretty pumped about verdict day, hopefully it comes to the states ), 3d dot, tenchu, otogi, enchanted arms and ninja blade

they may not have as high of production values and/or could use a bit more polish but one thing they always nail is the fun factor which is rarely matched. they are also one of the few devs who dont dumb down their games so "everyone" can play. you either like a game from them or you dont, they dont give a f*ck most of the time

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The story is too old to be commented.
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