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inFAMOUS: Second Son Announced for PlayStation 4

So what’s new? I mean, what have you been up to? Cool. Us? Not much. Just a new character, new city, new powers, and all designed especially for the new PlayStation 4. I hope you’re excited – because we really are! Actually, for us it’s probably one part excitement and one part pure terror, but that’s just the way of things I guess… But here we are at last to break the months of silence: All of us at Sucker Punch are very pleased to introduce you to Delsin Rowe, and our new title Second Son! Let’s cut to the chase! (inFamous: Second Son, PS4, Sucker Punch)

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Abash  +   801d ago
I bet Cole will be in this somehow, but Im very excited to play as Delsin with new powers and explore the new city
--Onilink--  +   801d ago
not to spoil anything... but if you played Infamous 2 you would see its very very unlikely Cole would be involved in this game
infamousinfolite  +   801d ago
Yeah this is based off the good ending of IF2, I believe.
Conzul  +   801d ago
I'd say there's a 75% chance that Cole survived. In one ending (evil ending) he survived, and in the other (good ending) there's a 50/50 chance that the lightning rejuvenated him or something like that.

Something tells me we haven't seen the last of McGrath.

OT: I wonder if the DUP chick is Moya? That would kick ass. Can't wait for this spinoff!
infamousinfolite  +   801d ago
Or... he may just not come back.
princejb134  +   801d ago
I buying ps4 just for this game
Enjoyed the first and second to the fullest
nrvalleytime  +   801d ago
"It’s been seven years since the Cole McGrath episodes and the world has clearly changed."

I did not expect this, but I'm really liking where the new direction of the series is going. Potential sequels and new characters all with different abilities? Sounds awesome.
Root  +   801d ago
I like it and I'm excited but I don't...if you get what I mean

I just think it would of been nice to finish Coles story in a full trilogy then explore other characters in the universe and the fact they didn't name this inFAMOUS 3 proves that they are saving that for Coles return.

So it's following the good ending....but I thought they said that the ray sphere would kill all conduits off.

I would understand this game if it was like Killzone 4: Shadow Fall where it's a new trilogy and they are calling it something different to show that the series is moving forward into a new story arc but I really don't see why they would waste time making a new inFAMOUS game without Cole I mean if Sucker Punch are going to do another inFAMOUS before moving onto a new IP why not just do inFAMOUS 3 with Cole and then move onto a new trilogy with a new characters in the far future. He's a well liked character look at the backlash after his design changed.

Speaking of design I'm not liking the look of the new character, looks like new Dante with a beanie.

I'm excited for this but I hope they will reserve inFAMOUS 3 for Cole in the future

He will come back, if they are going with the good ending then there's the lightning bolt in the form of a question mark.
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--Onilink--  +   801d ago
have you finished infamous 2? because im guessing where the disagrees are coming from.. Cole is not coming back
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Root  +   801d ago
Are you serious


I should be asking you if you've played it

Good ending - Lightning bolt in the shape of a question mark...why would they put that there if they had actually killed him off.
infamousinfolite  +   801d ago
Let's do this. That question mark at the end of the good ending for Infamous 2 basically was Sucker Punch's way of saying is this the end of the series of Infamous or will there be something new on the horizon not about Cole. Besides the ending of either or would have been too hard to create a sequel for.
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TotalHitman  +   801d ago
Have you finished Killzone 3? SPOILER ALERT! Stahl survives the nuke at the end. He'll be back in some shape or form.
Root  +   801d ago
Wow disagrees for nothing

Its caled criticism guys come on, you don't build up a character then discard him after two games

If the games non cannon or a side game/spin off then fair enough
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   801d ago
im gonna miss cole and im gonna miss electric powers but, damn delsin rowe doesnt look half bad nor do hisnew powers if i do say so myself, is anyone getting a x-men turned into a videogame vibe here because i am.

and when i read that this guy can trasnform and manipulate smoke i just died, 1-thats not a common power you see everyday,2-all i pictured was smoke from MK9 and ieasily see the possibilities for a kickass character.
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Root  +   801d ago
"thats not a common power you see everyday"

The Man in Black (Lost)
Captain Pollution (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)
William Dunbar(Code Lyoko) under the control of XANA
Smoker (One Piece)
Smoke (Mortal Kombat)

I could go on :)
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RememberThe357  +   801d ago
It's still not as common as "super strength" or any of that other cliche stuff. I'll take it. This, Destiny, and Killzone were the highlights of the show for me.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   801d ago
its not as common as super strength, speed, electricity, and fire, besides how many video game characters besides smoke from MK(as i mentioned already) can you control that has the ability to control smoke and vapor.
Y_5150  +   801d ago
I need to see more. I was wanting to see Cole again.
infamousinfolite  +   801d ago
Perhaps they'll have a memorabilia of him somewhere showing how he saved millions of people from the plague.
ziggurcat  +   801d ago
i think the blog site is broken due to the amount of traffic they're receiving right now...

i seriously can't access the PS blog site right now :(
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black911  +   801d ago
Dante is that You???
I'm so glad they went with another character this time. I liked Cole in Infamous 1 but they completely ruined his character in the 2nd game with all those tattoos slapped all over him with a look that didn't even look like the real Cole. I'd rather have Delsin be the main character for the rest of the series. No reason to bring Cole back in any way as the new character easily beats him.
Hanso  +   801d ago
you mean they ruined Dante in DmC too lol
just-joe  +   801d ago
This is perhaps the game I'm most interested in on the PS4.
Hanso  +   801d ago
same here will be my first ps4 game
lome me some InFamous!
himdeel  +   801d ago
Im now hoping for inFamous 3 on PS3 and something nice on Vita. Im very excited about inFamous Second Son.
r21  +   801d ago
The only thing to confirm left...which ending of inFamous 2 did SP choose? Or will they leave it ambiguous?
Conzul  +   801d ago
Given that conduits obviously survive and people are terrified of them, I'd say it's the evil ending.

Plus the fact that the game is based in Seattle means that it could be happening parallel to the ending of inFamous 2 (Cole & Co. are still beating up the east coast and midwest)
r21  +   801d ago
It could also be the good ending. Cole activated the machine that wiped out all conduit but left all humans intact. However, he only wiped out conduits during that time. Theres still a probability of future conduits.

Which makes me think this inFamous takes place after the good ending. The idea of Big Brother being a huge deal now because they saw what happen during inFamous 2 and now the government is taking a more careful approach so as to prevent another 'Cole' event.

Of course, im just speculating. SP could easily do a Killzone Shadowfall move and make it years into the future where we'll never know what happened after inFamous 2.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   801d ago
Well i dont think it can be parallel since its basically 7 years after.
cleft5  +   801d ago
I hate the bullshit marketing campaign for this game. It just makes me want to not play it.
Breadcrab  +   801d ago
What marketing campaign? It was just announced!
tarbis  +   801d ago
I'm looking forward to 2nd Son. New character and new powers makes this appealing. I hope to see Cole again.
jalen247  +   801d ago
I love the Infamous franchise...can't wait.
Killustrious  +   801d ago
I feel like it's following the evil ending.


Considering at the end of InFamous 2, the good ending all of the conduits on Earth die. The bad ending, Cole becomes the beast and the world is run over by conduits pretty much.

Seems here as if the world is full of conduits by what Nate Fox was saying on stage.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I feel like this new guy though has some connection to Cole. InFamous was all about Cole so I'm pretty sure they won't just drop his connection to the story completely. All of these things happened to the world because of Cole/Kessler's involvement with the Ray Sphere.
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Mr-SellJack  +   801d ago
This is mind-blowing!
smashcrashbash  +   801d ago
Okay people.Don't spoil the game by starting to complain that Cole is gone and they choose someone else. All stories don't have to hang on to a character no matter what the cost. Maybe they though it was better to let Cole die or maybe he will be still around.We don't even know what ending this is the bad or the good one. It could be the good one where Cole is dead and Conduits probably still survived around the world or the evil one where Conduits were planning to be the dominant species on the planet.We don't know much about anything so don't fly off the handle until we know more. The PS4 was released, we have a lot of games to look forward to with better functionality and graphics. Don't let people spoil it with nitpicking, anger, jealousy,trouble making and naysaying. This is what we were waiting for and people are trying to douse the fire and anticipation we had for a new console. Don't fret more info will come out and we can decide if we overlook it or want it too change but not prematurely.Stop crying about things like not seeing the physical console and Gakaki until we hear more.We have several months and developer conferences to hear about every thing. Lets just be patient until then
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