PlayStation 4 See the Future

Developers talk about the recently announced Plastation 4.

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black9111915d ago

Can't Wait For GT6!!!!!!!

shivvy241915d ago

PS4 HAS NO GAMES ....... Wait What !!!

Autodidactdystopia1914d ago

Dude im an all pc guy but I REALLY like the new controller.

like a lot.

theWB271915d ago

It's odd how some people aren't seeing the visual leap. It's not HUGE..but wow there is alot going on at high the fidelity. The atmospheres were alot more alive...the car game had some sick visuals that looked better than project cars. These were just sneak peaks...cant wait to see what the developers do with this stuff.

-Falaut-1915d ago

Some don't have the eye for these things, all the while thinking they do ;).

blackblades1915d ago

Imagine what they can do 3-5 years down the line, I wonder what games like disgaea and tales type games will be like, will they look the same like they are now or what.

Studio-YaMi1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Not odd at all,most of the people downing the PS4 are Xbox & Nintendo fanboys,and the ones that feel threatened by the PS4 leap are PC fanboys.

Yes,the PS4 wouldn't produce AS great graphics as much as a High end PC with some of the new graphics cards,but let's face it,almost non of the games developers make use of all that horse power!

I haven't seen games looking better than what I saw with that Quantic Dream Tech Demo or that Killzone : Shadow fall live Demo.

So these people saying that this isn't a big leap in graphics in "console" gaming or even comparable to a LOT of what the PC community is seeing on there gaming rigs .. are just fooling themselves or are too fanboyish to admit it. :)

jalen2471915d ago

So excited. Being able to continue my game from last state is going to be wonderful. No more boot time and load times...

Studio-YaMi1914d ago

That's something I'm REALLY eager to see ! shame they only talked about it & didn't show it yet,E3 is gonna be a blast this year for sure. :D