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The Last Guardian - A No Show at the PS4 Reveal, So When Will We See It?

Sony once again keeps The Last Guardian under wraps at the PS4 reveal. When will it finally come out of the shadows? (PS3, PS4, The Last Guardian)

Knight_Crawler  +   921d ago
Was really disappointed...Sony should have showed this game instead of Knack.

If we do not get any Last Guardian news at E3 I will forget about this game :'(
AngelicIceDiamond  +   921d ago
I missed the whole entire thing. I'm currently looking at Killzone Shadow Fall. What is "Knack" Exactly?

As far as TLG goes, E3 2013 for PS4, crossing my fingers.
The Great Melon  +   921d ago
Sony is trying to build momentum. Give it time. Sony seems to be trying to spread out their announcements more than the past. This helps build up hype.

However, I do agree we need to hear something about it at E3.
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Eldyraen  +   921d ago
Knack is a platformer that seems sort of Anime inspired imo (the origin footage caused a small flashback to Astro Boy for me, lol--not near the same but some similarities). It looks pretty unique and a bit strange but I was hoping for something sort of like it (a family friendly 'fun' platform title) so guess I can't be too disappointed wasn't more mainstream (by American standards).

It was one of the few completely unknowns shown for next gen so far.
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Ashunderfire86  +   921d ago
A Platformer
Ashunderfire86  +   921d ago
Knack is a Platformer
Rainstorm81  +   921d ago
At first I saw Knack and was like WTF?! But as the trailer went on the game looks interesting and it has a CG movie quality to it...not quite Pixar but maybe one of the lesser companies.

It might gather fan appeal like Kameo did when the 360 launched..........As for TLG, that game is like Agent....dead to me....people complained about GT5 these two games are getting ridiculous, time to move on to games like Deep Down (what a dumb working title)
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_-EDMIX-_  +   921d ago
I don't see why they would announce a PS3 game for PS4? It makes no sense. Understand that the only publisher doing that are 3rd party. JUST Like they do every damn gen. To get a boat load of money.

PS3 has more units out, the game has been in development for YEARS but wait...lets port it to a system will no install base yet and on top of that, we have to re-code it because PS3 no longer is supported under that CPU.

OH...OH That sounds just lovely.

Destiny did it cause clearly, they have the money to and its a 3rd party game.
GravelerMagnitude9  +   920d ago
knack is made from the guy who help make crash, jak n daxter. knack isnt a bad game from what i saw, infact it is a day one purchase for me. the last guardian will have its time just chill , its not the only great game coming. this event was just an appetizer compared to e3. i think this event was the better than any e3 i ever seen. ps4 is day 1 im putting 50 bucks in my savings every month for this system
ThatKanadianKid  +   921d ago
I'm wondering the same thing. Perfect night to at least tease it, but nothing. Happy with everything else that was shown though, I already can't wait for the PS4. Everything looked great, and a lot of the features included sound fantastic. I'll finally be able to share gameplay videos.
izumo_lee  +   921d ago
Although i was a little bummed it wasn't shown i still have faith that it is coming.

We have so many other game conferences this year so there is still a chance to see it in these, whether it be Gamescon, GDC, E3, Pax, & TGS. Sony wasn't gonna spill all the beans about the system in one day, this was a tease & boy was it a tease.
ColinZeal  +   921d ago
E3, obviously. - End of story, do not click on the clink to the wannabee blog.
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PockyKing  +   921d ago
That obvious huh?
ColinZeal  +   920d ago
Yes, they have to have something to show at E3... That´s when the really big guns come out. Looking forward to it.
SilentNegotiator  +   921d ago
Just like the last however many events it didn't show up for, right?
landog  +   921d ago
we are going to get little tastes of upcoming ps4 games over the next few months and e3 is going to be an eyegasm this year!
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nigelp520  +   921d ago
I Rather see Getaway 3 back in production
SIX  +   921d ago
There was a lot missing. They have to save some stuff for E3 :)
Bathyj  +   921d ago
E3 or worst case scenario TGS.

TGS is probably more likely sadly.
stonecold3  +   921d ago
im paying my ps4 off in full so i don't need to worry about preodering?
PockyKing  +   921d ago
Can't really pay it off yet without knowing the price haha.
whoyouwit04  +   921d ago
this is a little off topic, But has any body wondered why 2 new console have been announced and EA was no where in sight.
It kind of makes you think Microsoft has something cooking up with them.
_-EDMIX-_  +   921d ago
.....not really. EA is a third party publisher. They "cook" with no one.

And them not putting anything on Wii U, is because they don't see it as a next gen system (like the rest of the industry)

You won't see Mass Effect 4 on Wii U so.... I don't see why EA would even waste the time.

PS4/720/PC. Those sysetms will have the high end third party games. Nevermind your silly understanding of what a "gen" is. EA really doesn't care (and the rest of the industry for that matter).

BF4...PS4, PC, 720..

JUST like Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Battlefield, GTA etc. NONE where on the Wii...none will be on the Wii U (in terms of next gen) they can have all the current gen ones though (since it basically is current gen by the REAL standards of tech) Assassins Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 etc. Anything past that is on ONLY high end machines.

On that note, you didn't see Take-Two, Sega etc either. I bet they have something "cooking" up. LOL. Sad....just sad. MS doesn't have a leg to stand on next gen. The axed a bunch of there teams and now are on the defensive. They have a lot to really show now after this beast showing.
whoyouwit04  +   920d ago
"On that note, you didn't see Take-Two, Sega etc either. I bet they have something "cooking" up. LOL. Sad....just sad. MS doesn't have a leg to stand on next gen. The axed a bunch of there teams and now are on the defensive. They have a lot to really show now after this beast showing."

First off I was joking about them cooking up something with EA cause I knew if I said that it would boil some of you fan boys blood. Second When was the last time Microsoft axed a studio? you apparently haven't been doing your home work cause Microsoft now has over 20 studios. and the conference was not a beast of a showing , it was OK what it was, OK enough were you think to your self yea maybe I will get a PS4. none of the games they showed were that impressive, The 2 most impressive things were watch dog which was running on a PC and Deep Down which was a tech demo. And to be honest not one game they showed that was actually being played was up to crysis 3 standards, And you know what? That's OK, Cause I wasn't expecting the first group of games to blow me out the water from the get go. But that being said Microsoft could easily top what Sony has showed EASILY. the difference between me and you you wouldn't admit if they did.
azshorty2003  +   921d ago
There was a lot missing from the event. But not to worry, much will be shown at E3. Hopefully Phantom Pain, Uncharted, and oh so many more. E3 is going to be amazing this year.
Hicken  +   921d ago
Should we be disappointed at the lack of all the other franchises that will likely be on PS4 that we didn't see? No GT, for example, which is VERY big to me.

Am I disappointed? No.

I was watching for info on the PS4. They didn't have to show a single game; as long as I learned enough about the console- and I know quite a bit now- I would be satisfied.

I really don't get it. Why do people get hung up on one game when there are SO MANY to get excited over? I'm one of many individuals that has been waiting for quite some time for The Last Guardian. If I were the owner of a console with scarce first party support, that would bother me.

But I'm not; I'm the owner of a Sony console, and I've got plenty to play while I wait. Hell, I wasn't bored all the years while I waited on Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy, the two games I REALLY wanted for PS3. And in the meanwhile, I became a fan of Uncharted, inFamous, Valkyria Chronicles, Killzone, MotorStorm, and plenty of others.

But I guess no positive Sony happening is complete without the negative articles that pop up immediately.
PockyKing  +   921d ago
This wasn't even a negative article, it's simply asking when will we see it? It's missed so many major events without even a notice.
MikeMyers  +   921d ago
Sounds to me like the guy lives in a glass house. Is he trying to convince us he enjoys being an owner of a Sony console or himself?

Well definitely see more of this game in the near future. It looks too promising to cancel it.
-Falaut-  +   921d ago
The question, at least for a person like myself on such a epic day as today is: Why, with such a strong showing, of both hardware info and software, are people nitpicking?

So, to YOU I ask. Was Sony supposed to make some magical 4-5 hour conference covering EVERYTHING including delayed and cancelled apps? Because even if we take such an unbelievable scenario and pretend that it happened, I bet you any money we'd get articles like "Sony, why everything out on the table?" "Sony didn't concentrate on the PS4".

So despite us getting word directly from Ueda a number of days back about the project still happening and him being a consultant on it...you just HAPPENED to feel that it needs to be brought up. On a day of a huge gaming hardware reveal.

Yup buddy.
PockyKing  +   921d ago
Yea, actually I did cause it was on my mind and obviously other peoples too. Not nitpicking anything, apparently you don't read much. As I said in the comment before, simply asking when we'll see it.

I'm glad they didn't even show the PS4 today, really excited for E3 now and I'm betting on a show that rivals 2009 in terms of reveals and mind blowing footage.

You're being arrogant by implying that I was hoping for too much. Didn't say anywhere I expected them to show it, just surprised they didn't.
Plagasx  +   921d ago
TLG is dead.
MysticStrummer  +   921d ago
Oh well if a random person on the internet says it, it must be true.
jalen247  +   920d ago
TLG will be shown...people need to be patient.

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