Diablo III On PS3 To Be Playable At PAX East, First Screenshots Revealed

Following its formal announcement for the PS3 and PS4, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that Diablo III will be playable for the first time on the PlayStation 3 at this year’s PAX East next month.

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Trenta271945d ago

Oh look. A game I already played months ago. What should have happened is Blizzard announcing a new IP exclusive to it. One can dream, right?

user98412881944d ago

I know d3 on consoles and split screen... psh only folks with friends would care about useless crap like that! ;)

Moncole1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

They announce their games at Blizzcon.

You dont need a powerful PC to run Diablo 3, so I dont know why people are making a big deal.

Oschino19071944d ago

How's that local 4 player co-op working out for you on PC?

Moncole1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

You can set up a party with three close friends and you all play together on different screens when everyone uses there own PC. Why would I want to share a screen with somone on an ARPG? Its a lan party but you use internet instead.

Oschino19071944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Some of you PC guys really just don't get it do you?

It's what makes it all the more astounding that people like you and many others in this thread even bother to show up in a console article or make articles about consoles. It's beyond clear that you don't understand jack about what makes consoles popular and are way too close minded to even make an effort to see it from anyone elses view.

Gamers from all backgrounds cringe when they here things ignorant "elitist" have to say no matter the platform they favor.
Think more about why it may work well for OTHERS and not why it means nothing to YOU. Thinking that way could work you wonders throughout life...

TopDudeMan1944d ago

Have you ever played diablo?

Who on earth would want to share a screen with 3 other people in that game? You wouldn't be able to walk very far if it was all on one screen and if they split the screen you wouldn't be able to see anything.

ZeroX98761944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


um me. I don't mind sharing my screen with some of my friends. you can still play 2 player splitscreen too and get a decent amount of view.

I got a 50 inch HDTV compared to my 24 inch pc screen, I think my tv can handle at least 2 player split, something my pC can't do ( not that I don't have the hardware to do it :D!)

PC fans has this game since a while(including me). So instead of saying negative things about something you obviously doesn't even care, go on a PC article and go whine over there alright?

TopDudeMan1944d ago


What am I whining about?

I'm simply pointing out a bad idea when I hear one.

In online co-op games you tend to realise that if you were all sharing the same screen, the game would be very difficult to play. Here's why:

1) So everyone has an inventory - that will take a up a lot of the screen.

2) Everyone will have their own menus so they can customise skills etc which will also take up space.

3) People split up in the game naturally due to playing different classes ie ranged, tank etc.

4) Packs split players up all the time using knockback, electrified, arcane, desecrator, vortex etc.

5)Loot - okay, I'm not sure how this is going to work, but I imagine everyone will still have their own loot and that would also be chaotic having all of that displayed on one screen.

6) Ubers- usually the tactic for ubers is to have one player (usually a barb) draw the attention of one boss while the other players attack the other. Now, how is this going to work if you're limited to a small section of the screen?

As I said. If they split the screen, everything would be minuscule. And if they had to share it, it just wouldn't work.

Bear in mind, not everyone has a 50" tv, so blizzard will have to cater to those who have slightly smaller TVs.

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StrongMan1944d ago

Wow! Sony stole Destiny from MS(MS had one year of timed exclusivity) and now Sony stole Diablo 3 from PC. Sony is unstoppable!

Bahpomet---1944d ago


ZeroX98761944d ago

no need for fanboyism my friend. I"m sure destiny will be just as awesome on xbox as on playstation. try to be happy with what you get for once.
They announced exclusive stuff for Playstation (could be killzone themed armor!), but why shouldn't be exclusive content for Xbox too? like a halo themed guns, gear, etc.

It's making me laugh. For how long playstation fans have denied bungie's talent, just because they were exclusive to Xbox. I'm happy to see another great dev coming to the playstation franchise and I'll be buying it on PS4 for sure! just love the dualshock 4, the DS3 was way too small for my hands. back in the days when I was younger, it was alright, but I needed an upgrade and Sony, for what they showed, did a great job!

Kevlar0091944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I was a little underwhelmed when Diablo 3 was the game introduced. Can already play it on a PC, host to a bunch of lengevity problems, may not play as well as a PC (though all this could change).

Honestly for games like Destiny and Watch Dogs I was more interested in watching general footage than PS4 specifics. The more intersting aspect of the Blizzard section is what kind of exclusives will be born from the partnership, we shouldn't be too harsh on Diablo 3 (just a filler, like Wind Waker HD).

vanethe1944d ago

didnt play it on PC wont play on ps3..

NeoTribe1944d ago

Than why are you in this article? Back to your hole with you.

sithsylar1944d ago

I would love to know will you be able to play this in OFFLINE mode.... Like seriously its what is holding me back from playing d3 again. 300+ pings no thanks

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