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PlayStation 4 is official, it's real, it's confirmed, it's got a release date, it's got the DualShock 4 controller, it's got games announced for it, it's got game engines, developers on board (first party, third party, and everything in between). Listen to the PlayStation 4 Podcast: Sony PS4 Event (Full Show WrapUp) from RGN to hear everything.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 event unveiling was epic. You can catch all the news and impressions to the tech demoes, game releases, release dates, updates, and announcements on this RealGamerNewz Full Show WrapUp Podcast of the PlayStation 4 event.

PlayStation 4 Revealed, Detailed
DualShock 4 Revealed, Detailed
Full List of PlayStation 4 Games Shown and Developers Presenting
Full List of PlayStation 4 Game Engines and Tech Demoes Shown
Impressions, Reactions, Interpretations

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iXenon2095d ago

Very, very excited. Cannot wait for E3

JRivera922095d ago

Definitely can't wait, just sucks we didn't get to see the actual console. #WatchDogs!!

Pintheshadows2095d ago

I actually missed Knack as my stream died. It looks like a Pixar film. Really impressive.

Myst2095d ago

I honestly thought Pixar had a hand in making that game or something.

PhiMattic2095d ago

Very Excited for the PlayStation 4!