Watch Dogs Demo Was Running On A PC And Not On A PS4

DSOGaming writes: "PC gamers were left out in the cold during Sony’s PS4 presentation. Were they? Well, we don’t think so. It appears that the amazing demo walkthrough of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was running on a PC instead of a PS4."

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Godmars2901918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Wasn't it a dev kit?

Well until the damn thing's out and we get another Aliens Colonial Marines incident - several since nothing shown could have been running off a console - does it really matter.

Its this kind of self winding up that's ruining it for the community. If not for the damn demo of the aforementioned game it wouldn't have been as big a crime as it was.

john21918d ago

Nope, as Ubisoft confirmed: "The Watch Dogs demo was running on a PC with specs close to the PS4."

TOGC1918d ago

I swore I saw a Square PS4 button in the gameplay though. Unless I am blind.

stuntman_mike1918d ago

they were using a PS4 pad on stage during the demo, as to if it was connected to anything..well?

Bathyj1918d ago

Even if thats true it doesnt worry me at all.

A PC with specs the same as a PS4 probably looks worse than a PS4 as consoles tend to puch above their weight.

What would Farcry 3 or Crysis 3 look like on a PC with 512mb of RAM?
Would a 512 PC even run its own OS?

Still, even if I'm wrong about that, I still have no doubt the game will look great and the gameplay looks awesome. Thats all that matters.

Cyfyxtfg1918d ago

You did. He pushed the "square" button to shoot the power box

Link0791918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Stop it the specs on the pc were a GTX way more powerful than ps4 and WiiU but there dedicated consoles mate so when optimized they could easily both look as good as pc trailer look at wiiu NFS it equals high end pc and the night time is better graphically on wiiu so they improved the graphics on NFS WiiU over the pc and this wasn't going all out or using an optimised Engine for the gpgpu ect this was using the ps3 engine and a so called switch that turns everthing into high end pc assets so i'm sure WiiU and ps4 Will be equal or better than this.

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SonicRush151918d ago

I thought I saw a PS button as well

r211918d ago

There was a green triangle button prompt when he hacked the ATM.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1918d ago

You do realize pc games played with 360 controllers show 360 buttons? Icons mean little.

PFFT1918d ago

There was also the Square button. I think it was when he was picking up the peoples information.

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Blasphemy1918d ago

PS4 has 8 gb of ram, I doubt it will look any different then PC.

starchild1918d ago

The PC version will be able to run at a higher framerate, but honestly with PS4 likely able to output at 1080p and decent anti-aliasing, the noticeable differences between PC and consoles is going to get smaller.

Link0791918d ago

Thats devkits the wiiu devkit has 4GB and with compression tech these days expect 4GB on wiiu and 8GB on ps4 maybe 6GB these figures are when using compression tech ie x4 its weather the ps4 eithier has 2GB or 4GB for gaming if it has 2 it converts into 8 if it has 4GB then that can convert to 16GB,same as wiiu uses 1GB for gaming thats converted to 4GB or if Nintendo wanted to offer devs 1.5 or 2GB in the future than that would convert to 6GB or 8GB,all i know is there isnt a game out there that needs more than say 2GB or maybe 3GB so WiiU is mighty fine as with it's compression tech wiiu does a comfortable 4GB.

kaozgamer1916d ago


you should try using sentences...

Deputydon1918d ago

I thought Watch Dogs was the worst of the best looking games anyways. I thought KZ, Drive Club, Infamous, and Deep Down all looked better. Watch Dog still looks amazing though.

DonFreezer1918d ago

Fail of the year.Watch dogs looked better than anything shown.

Deputydon1916d ago

Not really sure why? Especially considering out of all the games I mentioned, its not even a true next gen game. Its a current gen port to next gen. It still looks amazing, and its a day one buy for me, but my comment fail of the year? Hahaha.

Gamer19821918d ago

It was obviously a PC as my mate pointed out while watching he notice screen tearing lol. I was like thats probably because its an early build but PC build makes more sense now lol. They maxed it out and tried to run at 60FPS on apc that couldnt handle it.

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Skate-AK1918d ago

Why does it show the square and triangle button in it then?

john21918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

those icons were obviously added as an overlay. Here is the direct feed and you can see that there are no icons at all (and it's the same walkthrough, even the 'mistakes' are the same)

*****Edit: Yeah my bad, the gamepad icons are included in there too. Either way, Ubisoft itself claimed that this is PC footage and not PS4 footage

hutness1918d ago

Are you serious? It's the same PS4 walkthrough with the PS4 buttons.

Feralkitsune1918d ago

They have confirmed that this was running on a PC. They just made the buttons match since it was a Playstation event. Changing a simple texture isn't hard to do when you are the fucking devs of the game.

FrigidDARKNESS1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Clearly the demo looked awful from the e3 2012version that was suspossedly running on pc.that was the ps4 demo tonight. In fact the e3 version was running on a durango sdk.

kwyjibo1918d ago

The PS4 is a PC. Makes no difference.

MrAnderson1918d ago

By the very definition of PC (personal computer) no it's not, you derp.

NameRemoved00171918d ago

The hardware is close enough, someone will probablt get windows 7 or linux running on one pretty quick if the security is easy to crack.

Rainstorm811918d ago

I doubt the security will be easy to crack after this gen but who knows

evilhasitsway1917d ago

hardware wise it is you retard even sony says so and even chip experts say so im guessing labtops are basically pc which you probley use and cant afford a real gameing pc like my self derp who in the hell uses the word derp? last time i herd that i was in like 6th grade and that was lets see 1999

Genuine-User1918d ago

It was running the PS4 version on a PC hence the PS button layout. I think using a PC is easier for most third party developers to showcase games on events like these.

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