Here’s what a chip expert says about the PlayStation 4′s potential

GamesBeat story on spec wars start for the PS4: Here's what a chip expert say about its potential performance.

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LackTrue4K1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

lol....regardless, Sony still keep its word with MS

"Will let Microsoft show there console first!!!"

P.S. Thanks Nimblest-Assassin, you just ruin my comment....
lol.....i was in search of some quick bubbles.

Nimblest-Assassin1886d ago

exact quote

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

So essentially they showed specs... not the physical representation of it

GameNameFame1886d ago

Now sony make their move with much stronger spec compared to leaked Xbox spec.

article says mid to high range PC. Sounds good to me... with optimization, should be even better.

Army_of_Darkness1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

That the PC gamers will be having a lot less exclusives now lol! and even less to be bragging about;-)

IcicleTrepan1886d ago


MS had the idiot arrested most likely because he sold equipment that physically belonged to MS aka the dev kit. That's theft. The NDA he would have signed would have stated that he didn't actually own the gear. Not because he spilled the beans, that would be a civil lawsuit.

nukeitall1886d ago


"That the PC gamers will be having a lot less exclusives now lol! and even less to be bragging about;-)"

I have a feeling it will be completely opposite now. It is way easier to port to consoles from PC.

This makes it way easier for Steam to gain foothold as it allows developers to use the PC to it's max while easily bring it to consoles.

Mounce1886d ago

So that means Sony has the chance to make a SEXIER looking shell of a console to hold those specs! If Microsoft shows something ugly or Xbox 360-similar. Sony will be like...LOOK AT THIS NEW FINGERPRINT BEAST! It's Sexy as FUCK.

and it sparkles...

Instant purchases everywhere.

darthv721886d ago

both companies (MS & Sony) would take different directions this time around. No doubt 360 and PS3 were more alike than different, it seems plausible that the PS4 and 720 will follow in the same footsteps.

The tech (rumored) for 720 seems very similar again. Maybe they have spies on both sides but an interesting bit of info I came away from the Sony event with was their decision to move away from their "own" ideas and go with something more common.

For the last 3 consoles, Sony had their own direction for the chips and specs that made their platforms different. Maybe difficult to program for (from a 3rd party POV) but we know the inhouse 1st and 2nd parties get all the good working knowledge of the systems.

MS made the 1st xbox basically a PC in a box. that was easy to develop for. They followed up with the 360 which was also easier to develop for even though it was more customized this time around. So now the idea of them making a 3rd system that would continue that trend 'most likely' is what led to Sony adopting a similar approach.

I guess, if you think about it, MS wasnt all that bad for gaming. They essentially helped sony to push the envelope and make a system that is more developer friendly. Now we just need to wait and see if MS follows along that same path OR if THEY decide to go a different route and make their system more complex.

A sort of role reversal if you wish. In the end, both look to be evolving their platforms along the usual routine. Nothing "revolutionary" but "evolutionary" with bigger, better, faster.

It may be a little while before we get another revolutionary moment in gaming. Like going from carts to CD/DVD or going from traditional buttons to full interactivity. Perhaps the next moment will be in home VR or holodeck type stuff.

I mean, we can only push the envelope of gaming on a screen so far before it ends up moving off the screen and completely surrounds you.

Sony3601885d ago

So now everyone is pretending that how it looks is more important than the specs.

g2gshow1885d ago

Microsoft is much to arrogant but they better take notice cause if they don't match the ps4 in power an think the Kinect is going to save them it better be better then just good it better be a miracle. I also see sony racking up more exclusives live dose not have the upper hand in the online space anymore.Sony is stick to the hardcore ms is chasing the dollar you only as good as you last system sony learnt that this gen now it Microsoft turn to be reminded who run's the industry THE F#@ing GAMERS

ProjectVulcan1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Ports to PC will probably be the easiest they have ever been in the history of console generations.

X86 code for one example will just port over in a flash, and run better instantaneously on modern desktop PC CPUs. Not least of all because the devs will have to split their code to quite a lot of threads for these consoles, which will be perfect for the AMD FX series or the hyperthreaded Intel quads. Going into the future as PC hits 12+ threads in the mainstream it'll be a boon.

CPU optimisation for PC will improve vastly, which was one of the problems some games have had on the platform- mainly because previous consoles are completely different RISC based in order execution chips.

PS4 will be very good and positive for PC gamers.

GameNameFame1885d ago

that SuperDAE leaked spec.

Not sure what you are trying to say.... MS got pissed at SuperDAE and just took different avenue to take him down.

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Lior1886d ago

Can everyone shut up about ps4 and see the new nvidia TITAN that's being released today for 1000 dollars

Cryptcuzz1886d ago

Most lame comment I read all day and trust me I saw a lot.

slayorofgods1886d ago

I'm a PC gamer and I'm more excited about the PS4 release honestly.

I fully understand the power of the Titan and also how it wont be tapped into because no one (that has responsibilities) wants to shell out 1000 on a gpu.

The PS4 can run all games currently out on ultra from a pc and gaming perspective. I'm actually surprised that the PS4 stacks up as well as it does on the budget a home console has to work on.

ziggurcat1886d ago

pc fanboys gotta try and steal any thunder that they can, i guess...

HammadTheBeast1886d ago

Eff dat.

PS4 made entirely for gaming should be able to do around a $700 PC quality, with great quality and games. Also, Diablo coming to PS3/4 PC fanboys.

Ser1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Nope, sorry. The PS4 is bigger news for me.

They can keep their $1000 gpu. Wake me when it's affordable.

neogeo1885d ago

whats the cards name?

leogets1885d ago

no game is worth that much money to be spent on.. rediculous. nearly there with full retard

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Bigpappy1886d ago

Sony is calling out M$. They are like: Where is our hand so far, 3 Aces, do you still want to play?... We do still have 2 more cards to play.

juandren1886d ago

More like Sony's hang is a 10, J, Q and K of the same suite. Wait for E3 and we'll see the Ace ;)

UnholyLight1885d ago

Dont count Microsoft out yet! I was surprised that Sony unveiled so much, it was some of what I expected, and some of what I didn't (ex/ David Cage showing what the PS4 will be capable of). I expect the Xbox will have it's own bag of tricks!

Personally, both consoles are going to be INSANE. This is the first time I have been this excited about a Sony/Playstation product and is a must buy for me now. No more missing out on Killzone and such!

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Brian1rr1886d ago

Thank god they didnt disappoint now I want to know price and sign me up for 2

ironmonkey1886d ago

Well ms what the hell do you do now? You cant match it you have to do better. Im not looking to buy both this time.

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