What Did You Think of the PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4?

Now that the PlayStation meeting is over and we’ve had a chance to take a look at the PlayStation 4 and Sony’s plans for the new console, Sebastian, Dan, Chandler and I wanted to do a special edition of Ask PSLS where we talk about what we thought of the meeting and PS4.

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TrendyGamers1887d ago

They'll take him out of cryo sleep for E3.

theBAWSE1887d ago

Makes me kinda disappointed to turn on my ps3

Root1887d ago

Hope they wake Walt Disney while they're at it

Shadow Flare1887d ago

Kaz was busy promoting PlayStation in his own way

starchild1887d ago

Haha.. yeah I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of Kaz.

Anyway, I think they did a really phenomenal job. It basically sounds like my dream console so far. Sony have learned the correct lessons from this generation and I think they are ready to dominate next gen. But I'll wait and see how things pan out with the next Xbox and the Steam Box.

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WilliamH1887d ago

I agree, it needed more engrish.

Knight_Crawler1887d ago

It was great just disappointed that we did not get any Last Guardian news or new footage or a new game from Santa Monica.

The Last Guardian should have been showed instead of Knack or what ever its called.

bothebo1887d ago

You heard of E3? Why would Sony show all of their cards now?

user39158001887d ago

The worst reveal in gaming console history, idiotssssssssssss console PS4 here it is, lol, where the f is itttttttttttt... lol Trolls most be dying with fever by now, having nightmanres lol... Like I said the worst liars in the console market its sony.

kneon1887d ago

Nlvwithgms, get over it. They showed some great games and technology. Looking at your comments its obvious you can't handle the fact that they have an awesome console coming. Just suck it up and preorder already.

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Flipgeneral1887d ago

*saw Blizzard and became intrigued...*
*saw Diablo 3 and did a face palm*

Pretty stoked by literally everything else

Conzul1886d ago

I was just so happy that it's gonna be called Playstation 4 - not some Orbis or new naming style.

Wedge191887d ago

Wonderful. The Future is Now.

Godchild10201887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

The future is with PlayStation... And maybe with Microsoft (we will just have to wait and see).

Edit: I didn't mention Nintendo, because I already have a Wii U.

PopRocks3591887d ago

Nice conference. I'm rather intrigued by some of their concepts. Wish they had shown more though. I guess that's what E3 is for.