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What Did You Think of the PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4?

Now that the PlayStation meeting is over and we’ve had a chance to take a look at the PlayStation 4 and Sony’s plans for the new console, Sebastian, Dan, Chandler and I wanted to do a special edition of Ask PSLS where we talk about what we thought of the meeting and PS4.

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doctorstrange  +   960d ago
I missed Kaz
TrendyGamers  +   960d ago
They'll take him out of cryo sleep for E3.
theBAWSE  +   960d ago
Makes me kinda disappointed to turn on my ps3
Root  +   960d ago
Hope they wake Walt Disney while they're at it
Shadow Flare  +   960d ago
Kaz was busy promoting PlayStation in his own way

starchild  +   960d ago
Haha.. yeah I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of Kaz.

Anyway, I think they did a really phenomenal job. It basically sounds like my dream console so far. Sony have learned the correct lessons from this generation and I think they are ready to dominate next gen. But I'll wait and see how things pan out with the next Xbox and the Steam Box.
WilliamH  +   960d ago
I agree, it needed more engrish.
bothebo  +   960d ago
Everyone does
3-4-5  +   960d ago
There was prenty of it
Knight_Crawler  +   960d ago
It was great just disappointed that we did not get any Last Guardian news or new footage or a new game from Santa Monica.

The Last Guardian should have been showed instead of Knack or what ever its called.
bothebo  +   960d ago
You heard of E3? Why would Sony show all of their cards now?
user3915800  +   960d ago
The worst reveal in gaming console history, idiotssssssssssss console PS4 here it is, lol, where the f is itttttttttttt... lol Trolls most be dying with fever by now, having nightmanres lol... Like I said the worst liars in the console market its sony.
kneon  +   960d ago
Nlvwithgms, get over it. They showed some great games and technology. Looking at your comments its obvious you can't handle the fact that they have an awesome console coming. Just suck it up and preorder already.
Foolsjoker  +   960d ago
One word...Awesome!
Blastoise  +   960d ago
Flipgeneral  +   960d ago
*saw Blizzard and became intrigued...*
*saw Diablo 3 and did a face palm*

Pretty stoked by literally everything else
Conzul  +   960d ago
I was just so happy that it's gonna be called Playstation 4 - not some Orbis or new naming style.
Wedge19  +   960d ago
Wonderful. The Future is Now.
TrendyGamers  +   960d ago
Well, in about 8 months.
Godchild1020  +   960d ago
The future is with PlayStation... And maybe with Microsoft (we will just have to wait and see).

Edit: I didn't mention Nintendo, because I already have a Wii U.
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Relientk77  +   960d ago
Fantastic, I want a PS4
PopRocks359  +   960d ago
Nice conference. I'm rather intrigued by some of their concepts. Wish they had shown more though. I guess that's what E3 is for.
ftwrthtx  +   960d ago
No PS3 backwards compatibility, no launch purchase for me.
Rainstorm81  +   960d ago
Here's a thought....keep your PS3
karl  +   960d ago
what really? i thought i heard something about that..

cant confirm it though
slutface  +   960d ago
lol why would u buy a ps4....to play ps3 games? BC issue has always perplexed me. i never touched another ps2 game after purchasing my ps3.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   960d ago
Lol I agree who cares about playing your last gen game on your next gen console. The reason we buy next gen consoles is to play next gen games.
Bimkoblerutso  +   960d ago
I've played through a lot of my old PSOne games on my PS3, actually. I wouldn't call it essential (even less so given the PS3 and PS4 are going to be using the same HD standard), but I've always loved going through my older games with BC.
porkChop  +   960d ago
I guess your PS3 would stop working as soon as you buy the PS4?

Anyway, I don't mind. The PS3's architecture is too complex for emulation, so Sony would literally have to put the PS3's GPU and CPU in the PS4 to make it work. That would drive up the cost of the console significantly, so no thanks. I have a PS3 that plays my PS3 games just fine, I don't need another one.
kenshiro100  +   960d ago
Your loss.
Godmars290  +   960d ago
I know I'm tired of devs talking up their titles.
mushroomwig  +   960d ago
Aside from a few dull moments it was good. Backwards compatibility isn't an issue for me as I already own a PlayStation 3.

I don't mind that the console wasn't shown, mainly because there are so many other events left this year so what's the rush?
baldulf  +   960d ago
Not bad, I was expecting something else from Media Molecule but the PS4 is very promising so far (no price yet, though)
whoyouwit04  +   960d ago
It was OK, like I said it excited me enough for me to know that I do want A PS4 day one, But there really wasn't a wow moment for me.
bullymangLer  +   960d ago
great stuff, although it seemed oddly FAMILIAR
Blastoise  +   960d ago
Why's that?
bullymangLer  +   960d ago
why is that?? . .
well the whole "if someone wants to watch tv, you can stream games to the Vita" thing reminds me of something no?
and the whole "i'm stuck", can you please give me some tips thing also looks familiar. also the "motion music play" sseems just a tad bit familiar tanbien. and the cool "street social" tech kinda maybe ive seen it before somewhere .

but that "panta rhei" game = yes please
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   960d ago
felt like a mini e3, it pretty much destroyed nintendos e3 2012,imo.
chadboban  +   960d ago
As someone who likes actually likes Nintendo, I do have to agree. But it's not like Nintendo's E3 2012 was exactly that hard to beat anyway lol.

But as I always say, this gen will most likely be the same as last gen for me which means PS4, Wii U and a PC will be what I game on. Already have a 3DS and plan to get a Vita later this year. Gotta have my handhelds too.
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Xer0_SiN  +   960d ago
ok. it destroyed all three e3 presentations last year...combined >=).
stuntman_mike  +   960d ago
I dont care much for all this connected crap, but the games are looking excellent, i've already put a pre-order at shopto.
Ethereal  +   960d ago
Loved it! I can't wait to see more at E3 in person this year!
WeAreLegion  +   960d ago
Best conference I've seen in years. They nailed it.

People are still complaining though...
--Onilink--  +   960d ago
im kinda scared about the possible price, and that so many online features for free is looking less and less likely. Im already reluctant to pay for Live, and was paying for Plus, so hopefully i wont have to add another subscription to the list.

Overall looking pretty cool, i was pleasently surprised they did go with the 8Gb DDR5, though it goes in hand with being scared about price. As someone who tries to own all plataforms and usually waits for a nice bundle/pricedrop I was really hoping they dont go too high on the price
Virus201  +   960d ago
This guy sums it up.

But in all seriousness, I was very impressed with the event and will pre order the PS4 as soon as it's available.
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laoboy_Smoke  +   960d ago
It showed me how much Sony understands me as a gamer... PERIOD!
laoboy_Smoke  +   960d ago
I also am very interested in what QD have up their sleeves because that tech demo was astounding IMO.
creatchee  +   960d ago
I'm.....troubled at their focus on social media. Killzone looked great, but I'm not a huge fan of the franchise other than looks. Watch_Dogs looks even better than before (graphically and gameplay wise). The racing game sounds cool and looks slick - that kind of social media integration is something I'm cool with. Diablo III would have been a coup a couple of years ago, but now it's more of an added bonus than an essential pickup.

Overall, i wanted to see more, but I'm very hopeful for the future. E3 should be interesting.
MrBeatdown  +   960d ago
I'm not worried about the social media stuff. All the network stuff seemed very gaming oriented. I don't think they're just slapping Facebook and Twitter junk everywhere. It looks like they are taking that kind of connectivity and sharing and applying it in a way that makes sense for gaming, like sharing gameplay, screenshots, and comments, and easily being able to communicate and interact with people.
Sketchy_Galore  +   960d ago
I hate to say it but I wasn't too impressed. I wasn't devastated or even really disappointed but I certainly wasn't wowed. For every game shown I would be amazed if you told me it was running on a PS3 but I would probably believe you. Of course it's not just about the graphics but then what else was shown? The games we got to see actual clips of we're the same old shooting and whispering 80's catchphrases in a gravelly voice. I'm always interested in the work of Media molecule and Jonathon Blow but I'm just as in the dark about their upcoming games as I was before the conference.

Don't get me wrong, unless we see a major turnaround in the way Microsoft has been going about things recently Sony are the only horse in this race for me and I will be picking this console up. I just feel like I can wait without much of a problem. I'm sure if they actually show the Last guardian at E3 that will excite me a lot but as of now it was just the same old same old cheesy adolescent stuff, ever so slightly better looking and a few strange appearances such as, 'lets turn down the lights late in the show while we announce the console release of this Pc game that came out a while back and was widely considered a disappointment'. I dunno, maybe I'm just getting too old for it all. It just all struck me as the same old same old.
kingmushroom  +   960d ago
you're just gonna have to buy a PS4 to be wowed.
Munnkyman  +   960d ago
my reaction to the ps4

KING85  +   960d ago
I thought it was a pretty solid overall conference. There were a few dull moments with some of the dialogue from the designer, but the games shown were very impressive. That racing game looks pretty darn sweet and I'm no racing fanatic but I definitely was intrigued. Also Killzone, Watchdogs, Infamous, and Capcom's working title were pretty darn good.
I know we all say gameplay comes first, and I agree it does, but those graphics are very impressive. Look at gameplay and graphics 10-15 years ago. Technology is amazing!
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D3stinySm4sher  +   960d ago
I liked a lot of the features, but there was too much of a focus on people jizzing themselves over visuals, without actually showing off much that was NEW.

I care more about the prospects of the functionality, streamlining things so I'm not sitting waiting for downloads or installations, video uploading/sharing, all of that. I was disappointed at how there wasn't actually a lot of concrete game footage shown from anything new that I care about, but that's probably what E3 will be about.

Also, LOLs at Square for showing up with absolutely nothing new to show.
contradictory  +   960d ago
didn't watch it unfortunately
not that interested in conference hyping thingies anyway
they'll be stuffing it down my throat anyway in the next few days so it's not like i'm missing anything
but specs wise i'm interested...
Legendary-Status  +   960d ago
PS4 is a Monster.. Sony got it's point across without going to overboard...now square enix..you bet not disapoint and show us all what we been waiting so long for... hmm FF Vs 13 come E3..but anyways...ugh im already imagining how immersive the games are going to be! deep down, watch-dogs, killzone shadow fall, infamous 2nd son..just a taste ughhh I want a ps4 now!!! lol
Baka-akaB  +   960d ago
It was quite great . It was never going to convince everyone and haters ... but so far i'm sold . I liked the game i saw or got a glimpse of .

PS : and Square is a complete troll , not only for bringing nothing (wich i expected anyway) ... but for not even giving us a different and new footage from the luminous engine
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MrBeatdown  +   960d ago
It was fantastic.

I've been saying next-gen was Sony's to lose because they had the clearest path... keep doing what they've been doing with games, content, and services, but refine everything that was held back by hardware.

Looks like they are doing that and then some. They are going for speed and eliminating waiting in just about every aspect of the PS4... installs, downloading, and even starting up the console... and interface screenshots show options like voice chat and joining a player's game from their profile, so it looks like they are going after Live head on.

I was expecting it to be good, but never thought I'd be this impressed. So far, it's everything I could have asked for, and more.
GoldenMonkey34   960d ago | Spam
WooHooAlex  +   960d ago
If I had to rate the conference...

1st hour: 10/10 - I thought it was really cool how they introduced the system. They explained the specs and architecture in a way I understood. They introduced the badass new controller, told us all about how you can live-stream your game and how your friends can participate, save and upload your gameplay videos and they even gave us a glimpse of how the next-gen PSN will work with cloud integration. I thought all of that stuff was fascinating.

2nd hour: 8/10 - The games were good, they obviously looked pretty, some of it we already knew about tho. I felt like it was just lacking that one "punch" at the end where they went "Before we go, here's the first look at an exclusive Metal Gear, coming in 2014" Or even Uncharted 4 would have been incredible.

Overall I'd give it a strong 9/10. Probably the best console reveal event I can think of ATM.
IcicleTrepan  +   960d ago
I was impressed with the online stuff and the overall vision but the games didn't impress me. Some you could tell were prerendered (and they didn't bother to say otherwise). some of the games weren't even exclusive. On the feed I watched, it had an after-show and the guy from Ubisoft said that Watchdogs was running on a PC not a PS3 for the demo. Also Watchdogs is not exclusive, nor is Destiny nor Diablo 3. Tech demos were interesting but they aren't games and a billion bouncing balls or a grandpa on the screen doesn't amount to shit if they learned anything from last time. They're just tech demos and don't give an accurate representation of how it could handle a game world full of characters all moving independently. I'm sure the real hardware works fine (it's AMD after all) but there's a lot of room for bullshitting in that conference.
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