PS4 Launch: Here’s What We Didn’t See

GR - "There's some things we didn't see that... maybe we should have!"

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LOL_WUT1918d ago

E3 my friend, E3 with Kaz on stage showing it off ;)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1918d ago

I will show it at E3 and then you can feel free to jizz your pants.

morganfell1918d ago

Still trolling with that freshly created Tobey account I see.

I saw the specs - you know that thing Nintendo still won't talk about.

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kwyjibo1918d ago

Here's what I want to know - how fast is it before it can get hacked and turned into a Steambox?

maniacmayhem1918d ago

Makes you wonder what exactly Sony has up their sleeve for E3?

nevin11918d ago

Im hoping for a better breakdown of the UI, and what can you do like can people use their DS3.

LackTrue4K1918d ago

I wanted to see this black/blue (ps2 theme) box with a disk slot....thats all.
Now, i can't wait for E3!!!

MadMen1918d ago

I thought it was an on par performance, nothing bad, nothing mind blowing

Lack of price and showing of system was disappointing

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The story is too old to be commented.