Microsoft's cheeky response to Sony and why we didn't see the actual PS4 console

GameZone writes, "Sony finally announced the PlayStation 4 tonight. We saw plenty of games, tech demos, and even the controller (which looks very similar to the prototype leaked earlier). But what was missing? The actual console. After two hours we still don't know what the thing looks like. And we weren't the only ones who noticed."

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majiebeast1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

U mad Nelson that Destiny is gonna have exclusive ps3,ps4 content?

theBAWSE1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

We get to now judge which console looks best at e3

@majiebeast ..having bungie at a sony press conference was shocker enough for me

Knight_Crawler1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Also to show Halo footage at a PS event was a slap to the Xbox fans face.

I wonder if MS will sue them for using Halo to promote the Playstation?

Really Bungie Halo footage, I thought you wanted to get away from the shadows of Halo.

Blastoise1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Wasn't the most subtle of tweets was it? lol

Either way its obviously being held back for E3

Sony said 20th was for the future of Playstation, and thats what we got.

Was an awesome conference :)

Skip_Bayless1759d ago

Correct me if i'm wrong.., but I thought I saw the console at the end of the presentation. It was a long rectangular shape.

Hydrolex1759d ago

I really don't give an F to what the console looks like as long as it's not horrible... when I play video games, my eyes are on the screen, and what's inside that console is all that matters

yess1759d ago

It's invicible AHA! Awesome

Shadow Flare1759d ago

Announce Kinect without showing any actual real-time demos? That's one approach

Cupid_Viper_31759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I think Sony is not showing the actual console for a few reasons.

They probably don't want to give Microsoft the chance to analyze it and make adjustment to the next xbox. Sony are predominantly a hardware manufacturer, so they definitely don't want MS taking hints from them on how to integrate Kinect into their console in the same manner that they will do it.
If you notice that the original xbox's have always been bulkier and less appealing physically when compared to Sony.

Secondly, they obviously want to have a rebuttal for when MS finally announce their console. Notice that they didn't go into much detail about the new functionality of the controller either. I mean for something that's suppose to release this year, one would have to assume that final specs such as looks, and exterior components have been handed down to factories to begin production and assembly.

And judging from his answer, it seems that I might be spot. It as if they were really hoping to see the final Version of the PS4... I guess you'll have to find inspiration somewhere else maybe?......Again, just my opinion.

Skips1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Agreed, E3 will be HUGE for PS4 as well.

We'll get to actually SEE the console. And we'll probably see what the hell Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, and Polyphony Digital are working on.

We'll definitely see some gameplay of Infamous: Second Sons, and more of Killzone: Shadowfall.

Sarcasm1759d ago

Seriously though, as much as I think Killzone and even the UE4 engine looks so good, we still haven't seen the cream of the crop yet. Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and PD are the three that's probably going to literally blow every ones mind.

starchild1759d ago

Hmm I was totally happy with their conference. I am fine with waiting a little while to see the actual console design.

They did an amazing job and are hitting all the right notes in my opinion.

BattleAxe1759d ago

Oh yeah?...Well Microsoft will show Sony who's boss when they show CGI footage of Kinectimals 2 with heavily choreographed movements from people on stage pretending to play the game.

Conquerbeard1759d ago


LOL - slap in the face to Xbox fans. If people are that bent over seeing a developer work with another console, it's time to change hobbies.

muttley651758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

after seeing the conference tonite i like the features ps4 have for "everyone" far as gaming. from ps1-ps4 everbody favorite games will be able to play all in one console. old school gamers to new school no one is left out this time. that is enough to buy ps4 for me.

ps3 should have been like that but stuck on FIRST PERSON SHOOTER games only for 7 years.
I will be in the "OLD SCHOOL" section mainly playing neo contra,gradius,r-type,street fighter,einhander.battle arena toshiden to name a few i grew up with. something I !!! want to play not something im forced to follow. by the illuminati spew out these mind-set killing games such as Killzone,Gears,Halo,Mass Effect,Borderline,BATTLEFRONT, Infamous,Destiny.

AS YOU GUYS CAN SEE im not a new generation gamer but old school and would NEVER!!! ever play first person shooters game.

oNIXo1758d ago

@ Sarcasm, you literally don't know what literally means.

Diver1758d ago

Seriously Larry that comment had zero class. Talk about bein butt hurt.

ziggurcat1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

@ knight_crawler:

"I wonder if MS will sue them for using Halo to promote the Playstation?"

no, because the game they were promoting wasn't halo.

on topic:

it's no surprise to me that they didn't show the system since the only thing that probably exists at the moment is the dev kit, which wouldn't be the best representation of the product.

we'll see it at E3.

killcycle1758d ago

You clearly know nothing about Bungie, they have been trying to take their IP away from Microsoft for a long time.

They haven't been happy working with them for ages. And calling Sony games the "Shadow of Halo" lol are you serious?

knowyourstuff1758d ago

*Barry White Voice*
People who complain about no console showing are the same people who don't have foreplay, and prematurely ejaculate every time they have sex. Everything all at once, save nothing for later. The market needs to be treated like a woman - you have to take it easy and be patient. Keep the hype up all the way to the finish line. That way you don't end the hype early and get overshadowed by your competitors.

Murad1758d ago

It's not what looks best on the outside, but what's on the inside, and which machine breaks down faster

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Root1759d ago

I think it's funny they say that when they'll probably show off more of Kinect then the Nextbox

nrvalleytime1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

To be fair, he has a point.

But... Microsoft has lost the exclusive to Destiny and they're now behind on the next-generation wars. Words can only go so far Major Nelson. Let's see the Xbox 720 before Microsoft tries to show up to the party.

Edit - good catch Logicwins. Meant to say timed-exclusive as it now looks like it will show up on all three systems at once.

Syntax-Error1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Please tell me how they are behind in the next-gen wars? I would love to hear your explanation. All Sony did was announce a new console which we knew about, show you the controller for that console which we saw 2 weeks ago, and tell you about upcoming titles. WHAT IN THE HELL MAKES THEM AHEAD IN THE NEXT-GEN WARS? Are you 12 years old for christ's sake.

When did MS ever have exclusivity to DESTINY? For once, can you nerds STOP making up sh*t on the fly. You all sound like fanboys

LOGICWINS1759d ago

"But... Microsoft has lost the exclusive to Destiny"

No, they never had it to begin with. This was a deal between Sony and Activision. No one stole or took anything away from anyone.

DigitalAnalog1759d ago

Actually, the leaked contract showed that the "FIRST" Destiny game would be exclusive to the MS consoles (360 & next-gen) then the follow up games would be available on multiplat. Turns out that Destiny would be a full multi-plat released when announced today. /envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-bungi e-activision-contract-20120521, 0,3463781.story



That's what happens when you bring facts to this site, 5 hours in and no response... Looks like no one wants to play with you anymore! LOL

Ju1758d ago

Well, Logic, they "stole" the thunder from MS, me thinks. Big time.

GusBricker1758d ago

I know people hate Kinect, but do you know how many they sold? A shitload. Kinectimals and InFamous 2 sold roughly the same amount of copies. lol

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SoapShoes1759d ago

Well no crap they didn't show the console! They're waiting till E3 and it really is a genius move, they're setting themselves up to have TWO big conferences not just one.

sobekflakmonkey1759d ago

exactly, expect more games and to see the console, they already have a fuckn launch window! holiday this year baby!

Also, to note, I knew they were going to do this, they are going to attempt to overshadow everything else, by constantly having something to show people, and I'm pretty sure their Ad Campaign is going to get pretty crazy, I'd bet we're going to be seeing adds for PS4 everywhere.

rainslacker1759d ago

We can expect when MS is ready to announce their next thing for Sony to start opening the gates of information leaking out to keep it exciting for the community. It's a bold move, and I think they are handling it pretty well so far.

Just myself, there are questions I want answered as to the system itself, but I saw enough tonight to be ready to get one.:)

TheOneEyedHound1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Not 1,Not 2 Not 3,Not 4, Not 5......

LackTrue4K1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

lol....Sony still keep there word!!!!!!!
"let MS show there console!!!"

Enemy1759d ago ShowReplies(2)
showtimefolks1759d ago

well sony launched after yet still passed up ms so now launching before or around the same time with more games, so this could only mean more competition to earn our business meaning better software and hardware

knowing MS they will go after Kinect 2 casual crowd. soy came into this conference meaning all business

for all the game announcements we still don't know a lot and keeping the system in hiding is good since a lot of people will tune in to see what the next ps looks like

Zhipp1758d ago

How do you know Sony will have more games at launch?

showtimefolks1758d ago

Right now 2 games are rumored to be launch titles

New racing game from evolution studios

There is still a lot of unknown but I am just guessing they will have more games since they own a lot more studios

jmac531759d ago

U mad that PS3 and PS4 will get the game 6 months to a year later with that exclusive content.

Enemy1759d ago

Lol, looks like you've haven't heard the news, jmac.

Rumplebumpkin1759d ago

Oh wow, this comment is so hilariously misinformed.

UnholyLight1759d ago

I have a feeling that this is, in fact, exclusive content to PS4, and the Xbox will be the same. IGN guys mentioned the same premise.

TheoreticalParticle1759d ago

I'm not going out on much of a limb here when I say that the Xbox 360-2 version of Destiny is ALSO going to have exclusive content. That's HOW IT WORKS.

stage881758d ago

That makes just no sense at all.

Fez1758d ago

That's the first thing I thought and it will clearly be the case.

I doubt PS4 will support Kinect for example so there is exclusive content for the nextbox right there. Plus activision and bungie's close relationship to MS points strongly towards both consoles getting their own respective exclusive content.

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aceitman1759d ago

its going to be hard to beat the ps4 hell it has all the bells and whistles , graphics and features galore . and a beefed up eyetoy. cant say it copied the Kinect the eyetoy was the 1st to do it.

etownone1759d ago


The 360 copied eyetoy with vision cam,

Sony definitely copied Kinect with the camera that captures motion in 3D.

Qrphe1759d ago


The 3D motion capture/tracking of the PS Eye (2007) ripped off the 3D motion capture/tracking of the Kinect (2010)?

1758d ago
joeorc1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

"Sony definitely copied Kinect with the camera that captures motion in 3D."

OMG have you and other's forgot so Soon?

Kinect builds on software technology developed internally by Rare, a subsidiary of Microsoft Game Studios owned by Microsoft, and on range camera technology by Israeli developer PrimeSense, which developed a system that can interpret specific gestures, making completely hands-free control of electronic devices possible by using an infrared projector and camera and a special microchip to track the movement of objects and individuals in three dimension.

hell Microsoft did not even build the thing they licenced the TECHNOLOGY! which at the time Sony's very own DR.Richard Marks back before Microsoft even licencd the technology Sony was already looking into development for a 3d depth and echolocation sound enabled Playstation eye for that very purpose, but Like Microsoft found out it was going to be quite expensive for mass market!

why do you think both Microsoft and Now Sony waited longer to bring out their motion technology. even when the PS3 and the xbox360 did not have motion technology they both were going to have to wait on the technology to come down in price, unlike Nintendo who took the cheapest technology out of the three, and it show's. First of all Nintendo also licenced the WiiMote how do you think Nintendo was able to get their motion tech out sooner, because it was cheaper! and even Nintendo had to wait on the Motion +. many people keep saying they copied from one of the other companies, when in reality they were all working on getting motion control out to the mass'es. one will just be cheaper than the other and the cheapest most of the time get's released first that's just how it goes.

Notice all three new next generation systems, will have a Mobile device or Multiple Mobile devices with direct connection to a central Hub? do you think Nintendo was the first one to even think about doing such a move? esp. with Touch screen tablet's or smartphone's having HDMI output AND WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY WITH NFC!?

Yea we know the WiiU has NFC technology!

The sooner people stop with this this copied, that you will be less stressful. Taking IDEA from each other is not a copy, its going to Happen in every Market. Just because you do it first does not mean you have carte blanche that no one else was also working on such an idea, it may just mean you was able to get it out first. that's all.

TheOneEyedHound1758d ago


Some one take his only bubble away.

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KMCROC541759d ago

U do know MS gets paid either way seeing as how the are investors in bungie. How do you know if they have not offered Xbox/MS exclusive content,seeing as how the more people they get to buy the game they keep Activision from dumping them.

Father Murder X1758d ago

Microsoft owns %49 percent of Bungie. This should be common knowledge by now.

Diver1758d ago

The money ms wil get off of destiny ps3 an ps4 sales will be nothing to what sony will get off every 720 bluray drive an every bluray movie ms fans run out to buy for their 720.

Ripsta7th1758d ago

@Diver- Sony wnt get anything, or maybe a little. The 720 wnt play games off the blueray, it will only use it to be able to install it. I beleive they went this way bacause if they did use blueray theyd have to pay royalties to sony

morganfell1758d ago

If the Drive is in there they are paying for it. Money to Sony. Whether or not the games play off the disc or not is immaterial. Sony gets a piece. Movies are a different matter. Bluray movies will see Sony getting money either from their studio, the BR royalties, or both.

greenpowerz1758d ago

Blu ray uses MSFT codecs this pointless back and forth is making me sleepy So Sony is already paying MSFT for Blu ray not that Sony is the only partner in the Blu ray BDA LMAO

Fez1758d ago

lol Ripsta7th, that is probably the silliest comment I've ever seen.

Unless money is uploaded into Sony's bank account relative to the amount of time a blu-ray spends in the disk tray lol

Rhythmattic1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )


Man, most your posts put down sony and talk up MS...

Get a life.

And btw, VC-1 is the MS codec "SOMETIMES" used by Blu Ray Author's, which they have made license free.....
There are many other codecs used that aren't MS technologies, such as H264 and AVC for example.

Do some research and take off your tin foil hat.

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TronEOL1759d ago

Not only that, but it was originally rumoured (by leaked documents from that CoD lawsuit case) to come out earlier on Xbox, and how they had some big deal with Microsoft and all this exclusive mumbo jumbo.

Yet the first time we see Destiny openly, it's at Sony's PS4 announcement show and ONLY mentioned to be coming out on PS3/4 AND with PlayStation exclusive content at that! Now we all know it's a multiplatform game, but you'd think Microsoft would have secured rights for an open announcement with the nextBox and exclusive content.

But now gamers will know it as "announced first on PS4 with exclusive content". Sounds like Microsoft might of had a tiff with Activision or Bungie.

akaakaaka1759d ago

every halo fan will think this as a PS3/4 exclusive and is what M$ use to always do.. know Sony does it and bigger! and better!

jmc88881758d ago

Actually none of the games they showed were mentioned to be coming on other systems.

They weren't going to say, coming on the PC/Wii U/720 alongside the PS4.

But the truth of the matter is, most of the games they showed will be on other platforms.

Thus why anyone would think Destiny is going to be a PS4 exclusive is reading far too much into a SONY event where they were touting multiplatform games (mostly) on the PS4.

DonFreezer1758d ago

Sounds like someones money were well spent I will add.Why do you all deny that Sony pays developers?

Ripsta7th1758d ago

The Ps4 event didnt show anything new of destiny. It was like the same trailer again. When MS reveal they will into the details of the game and how its integrated into the next gen xbl

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dlpg5851759d ago

i didn't livestream the event but i watched the trailer after. all he said was that destiny was gonna be amazing on ps4. did he say more live? someone plz respond.

soxfan20051759d ago

So, I guess exclusive DLC is now a good thing here on N4G because Sony's doing it.

DonFreezer1758d ago

Exactly.DLC sucks especially exclusive ones that what the ps3 protectors told us on here.

TheBlackSmoke1758d ago

Way to twist it. There's nothing wrong with exclusive DLC, the problem is Microsoft has pretty much put it front and centre of their reason to buy xbox to pad out the lack of exclusive titles on 360.

As you can see sony has no problem coming up with true exclusive games of its own, this is just a bonus.

JamieL1758d ago

That's N4G in a nutshell. Also the duel camera (Kinect like) feature is cool now as well.

user39158001759d ago

Hes got a point, reveal of console its exactly that, not just peek a boo I see you. Worst reveal of console history, although, Im impresed with 8gb of ram ddr5 its awesome. Now show me the freaking console lol.