‘Killzone Shadow Fall’ announced for PS4, first story details and screens

On Wednesday, Feb. 20, Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerilla Games officially announced the next installment to the “Killzone” franchise with the reveal of “Killzone: Shadow Fall” for the PlayStation 4.

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Root1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago ) I can watch it over and over

I hope we see Sev and Rico as old soldiers in this and I hope to god the new character has more development and will remain as the main character for the new trilogy.

stu8881732d ago

I'm going to troll...

to all PC gamers on here giving endless abuse to us mere mortal console gamers - SUCK EM

That is visually better than anything on PC atm.

Convas1732d ago

Well, since you're willing to troll, I hope you're also willing to take the consequences.

Also, your opinion is wrong.

Knight_Crawler1732d ago

And people say that 360 gamers are the immature ones -_-

Grow up dude and stop this console PC war [email protected]

NameRemoved00171732d ago

Crysis 3 looks better but the gameplay sucks.

aquamala1732d ago

it's a "supercharged" PC with "x86" CPU and "enhanced" GPU, it's going to blow PCs away!


Bobertt1732d ago

I love my PS3, but no PC games can look way better.

Count1732d ago

Don't burst their bubble man. Sometimes kids need something like santa clause to believe in.

SKUD1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


starchild1731d ago

Yeah, it does, but some PC gamers will never admit it. I am a PC gamer, but I'm not going to lie. I'm playing Crysis 3 right now and it looks amazing, but not as good as Killzone Shadow Fall.

Bobertt1731d ago

Crysis 3 is out killzone isn't plus we all remember what happened with killzone 2 gameplay at ps3 reveal. Crysis 3 isn't the best looking game on pc anyway.

Qrphe1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


I wish people would actually compare Killzone 2005 vs Killzone 2 because they actually gave us a better-looking game on 2007.

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Acquiescence1732d ago

Same with Second Son. It's annoying when these games come across as being mainline titles in every way apart from their title.

Trenta271732d ago

Second son makes sense, though, as its not Cole.

Acquiescence1732d ago

There are countless examples of sequels out there that are set in a different location with a new protagonist. Final Fantasy, GTA, Silent Hill, etc. Should've just called it inFamous 3, it'd have been more epic.

DasBunker1732d ago

I'm glad it's a rebranding for KZ, TBH everything looks better from the trailer, setting, artstyle etc. Also it makes sense for Infamous, Xmen-like sandbox!

Root1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


I kind of agree with you on Killzone 4 but I suppose it's because it's a new trilogy


Second Sons is NOT inFAMOUS 3 in my opinion, if they say it is fine but for now it's not

inFAMOUS 3 will continue will Coles story to wrap up a trilogy, they didn't leave a question mark in the form of a lightning bolt for nothing

Second Sons future setting dosen't make sense to both inFAMOUS 2 endings

Let me explain

If it was the good ending then there would be no conduits unless the gene started up again or a new group, the successors to the First Sons from the first game is making another Ray Sphere.

If it was the bad ending then conduits would rule the world and there would be no humans. Why would we have humans watching conduits on cameras if they had been wiped out by the rise of the conduits or the plague

SAE1732d ago

Maybe because it have different characters and different time..

Shadow Flare1732d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3 was a prequel

DoomeDx1731d ago

Killzone Shadow fall takes place 30 years after KZ3

Riderz13371732d ago

Are you actually serious? Did the environment look like an ordinary Killzone game in Killzone shadow fall? No, therefore it deserves a new name because it's NOT Killzone 4. Also InFamous Second Son doesn't have cole so therefore it isn't inFamous 3....I feel like an idiot for having to explain that to you, but then again, what does this make you?

Acquiescence1732d ago

Different protagonist, different timeline and setting - still a numbered sequel. Silent Hill 2 didn't continue the story of Harry Mason, while the town itself represented something entirely removed from the first game - still a direct sequel. There's no set rule here that if a game changes the formula too much, it is obligated to become a spin-off instead of a fully-fledged sequel. Shadow Fall didn't even look radically different from previous installments and from what I can tell, neither does Second Son.

By the way, there's no need for personal attacks.

DoomeDx1731d ago

- Final fantasy
- Call of Duty
- Grand Theft Auto
- Silent Hill

I can name you 500 other games that had different protagainst in every sequal.

bluetoto1732d ago

Because when you place a number behind the title people start expecting the game to play like the other versions and lose their minds when the devs want to try something new. This gives them the freedom to do as they please without hearing all the whines.

After you have established a name for your franchise it's a much safer bet to go with subtitles ala COD does.

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Silly gameAr1732d ago

Man, it looked so awesome. I hope they show some real gameplay come E3, and Infamous Second Son???? what??? I need to know what that's about.

BanBrother1732d ago

Best moment of the show. As soon as he said Guerilla Games, my heart stopped.
Amazing looking game, better than I expected. The brutality was shocking at the start, bullet to the head ouch.
At least now people don't need to be worried. Also, 4gb to 8gb of RAM? Wow. I thought people said Sony couldn't afford another beast console? Ha.

Trenta271732d ago

They aren't the ones hurting from that RAM. Our wallets will, though.

MrDead1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

not just any RAM, this is DDR5

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