The PS4 Revealed: Will The Next Gen Belong to PlayStation?


"The past few weeks have been a flurry of next-gen madness.

Leaked specs, rumored features, generalized release dates… it’s been absolute craziness.

Today, that madness climaxed with the PlayStation event held by Sony, where the veil was lifted on what Sony’s been up to.

It’s a lot of information, and we at OXCGN have got you covered.

We have one major question, though: Will the next generation belong to Sony?"

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Proeliator1943d ago

I have to say... I'm actually really excited for this. Microsoft is going to have a HARD time coming up with a retort.

shivvy241943d ago

OMG DID U SEE THE EFFECTS AND GRAPHICS ON KILLZONE ! Lol Crysis just got Killzoned........Again !

--Onilink--1943d ago

im guessing you dont have a high end PC... dont get me wrong, it is looking pretty amazing, and its a launch title, so its only gonna get better. But i think anyone with a high end PC will say the same, pretty much what was expected.

CommonSenseGamer1943d ago

I watched...didn't blow me away as it obviously did you. Repeated character models, blank stares, when covered behind a wall your weapon still unnaturally fits between your character and the wall. Climbing the building your weapon almost disappears and re-appears as you climb. Not like it had any real weight. Particle effects were again average with smoke disappearing like steam.

It looked good but certainly not ground breaking. Honestly, it looked like a Crysis game more than it does kill zone game.

Septic1943d ago

Yeah Sony have set the bar very high already and I think a lot more is yet to come at E3.

Seriously, they went all out. Killzone looked absolutely incredible. Who said the leap woulsnt be that big this gen? I'm sorry but it put Crysis 3 to shame.

The way you can insta-access everything.....that share button! It's a dream come true for competitive gamers like me who want to share gameplay videos.

My mind is still reeling over how you can play a game whilst it's downloading....that's proper sorcery right there.

So much to mention....8GB RAM? Destiny looking amazing!

MS have to go all out to match this. Sony made it clear that GAMING is their priority and it revolved around that very strongly. I suspect MS won't be doing it in such strong terms but if they faff around gimmicks and apps too much then their fates are sealed I'm afraid.

But yes, the show was worth the wait. The war is on and Sony have struck decisively. Bring on E3!

SAE1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

''Who said the leap woulsnt be that big this gen? ''
Are you serious?. Most of the people here were like i want a 300$ dollar console and most of them said it won't be a big leap..

I'm very happy that sony didn't see n4g xD. I lowered my expectations but i knew that sony will blow us all again.

Mythicninja1943d ago

Since when is 8 GB ram amazing? I've had that much for 2 years, being behind in the times at that

LOGICWINS1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Ninty and MS have to do something big...and I mean BIG. I don't see how they'll be able to compete. Every weakness the PS3 had has turned into a strength for the PS4.

NegativeCreepWA1943d ago

Nintendo's screwed, remains to be seen where MS stands.

Proeliator1943d ago

I mean, I like my Wii U, but now it just looks even more dead...

shivvy241943d ago

@ Proeliator , BEST COMMENT EVER

--Onilink--1943d ago

mmm its not like the show was bad, not at all actually, it was good, but to be honest most of those cool online features that they showed are still just theory, until we see them in action i think its best to reserve judgement.

It wouldnt be the 1st time that Sony overhypes stuff and then people end up dissapointed(Home, remote play, etc). So hopefully they will really deliver on everything they are trying to do, but i wouldnt call it a strenght just yet.

As for the rest, more powerfull hardware than the competition, controller with (at least so far) some useless feature, good looking games, great 1st party studios. Im not really seeing that much difference from a PS3, everything is just amped up, which was obviously expected.

In the end, the one thing in my mind that is going to determine WHEN i buy it (because i know i will eventually buy all 3 and a fancy graphics card that blows consoles away)is the price. I honestly cannot see this thing being anything less than $500, 8gb DDR5 (5!), thats definitely not cheap. Add in all those fancy CPUs/GPU, hard Drive, new controller features and the new Playstation Eye... i honestly wouldnt be surprised to see another $600/$500 launch

Septic1943d ago

To be honest, I personally don't care if it has a $600 price tag. The value you're going to get out of the PS4 is going to be a lot.

In fact, respect to Sony for going all in even in light of their financial problems. They didn't sell out. They proved that they are committed to gaming and this is the first time, since the PS2 that I'm feeling that commitment from the outset. No more Kutaragi nonsense about pure entertainment machine etc;.Sony were humbled this gen and now we are going to reap the rewards.

--Onilink--1943d ago

well obviously the value will be there, but i think it is a VERY risky move if they go again for $500/$600 launch.

It was already a pretty though sell back at that time, now it could be even more. Most hardcore gamers will see the value, but it takes more than that to make a profit

cleverusername1943d ago

By the looks of it they aren't making the same mistakes they made with PS3 so I can't see them pricing it too high either!

--Onilink--1943d ago


well i dont know, i actually see it the opposite way, not as in them making a mistake, its impossible to know how things will turn out, but actually for the price, everything shown tonight makes me believe even more that this console is going to be expensive.

The CPU/GPU are expensive, there is that other aux chip which is more money, the hard drive, the disc player, DDR5 memory is not cheap, and especially not 8Gb. And then add the price of the Move technology, plus the touch pad on the controller AND the new Playstatio Eye?? not to mention that if they wont charge for all those online features i have no idea how they plan to ever make a profit and get back the money spent on Gaikai.

This thing is definitely looking expensive. I would say Non move bundle (less HDD) $500 / Playstation Eye Bundle (bigger HDD) $600 maybe even a year for online subscription (or plus if they decide not to charge)

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Septic1943d ago

Exactly logic, every weakness they turned into strength. Diehard fanboys wouldn't admit the problems Sony had with the PS3 but we knew. And now, Sony just seem so strong with everything going the way it should.

Proper focus on games with great social functionality and easy to build for architecture PLUS unprecedented accessibility and incredible power.

MS needs to do something big for sure otherwise Sony are going to railroad the competition. Hehe, this is getting serious. We are in for a real treat.

LOGICWINS1943d ago

I'm still figuring out where I'm gettin the cash for this lol.

Prcko1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

This is simultaneously most amazing press conference i have ever seen so i say Y E S BIG TIME!!!

Dark_Overlord1943d ago

If MS don't do something that blows away what Sony just showed, then I would say that Sony will def lead the next gen :)

Godchild10201943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Blizzard and Exclusive Destiny content is great, but Watch Dogs, Infamous, Killzone sold me on the console day one.

I really would have loved to see gameplay of Drive Club, but the trailer the I saw made me a believer.

Play. Create. Share. Sony went full force with that tag.

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