Watch_Dogs: Open World Gameplay Premiere Commented [North America]

Check out open world gameplay premier, the latest video from Watch_Dogs. Discover in this open world gameplay video one among many ways to hack the city of Chicago as Aiden Pearce in Watch_Dogs. In a world led by technology, hacking is our weapon.

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Pandemic1917d ago

The gameplay looked awesome, a little screen tearing but nonetheless, it looks fantastic.

Skip_Bayless1917d ago

Looks amazing for a multiplat

Enemy1917d ago

Looks like the tearing is coming from the video feed, actually.

3-4-51917d ago

yea I watched the video feed from multiple sources and they were all of different quality, the best was from GameInformer.

SnotyTheRocket1917d ago

Yeah, saw a direct feed on youtube, and damn, it looks good.

KUV19771917d ago

The demo ran from a PC, so it isn't really representative for the final game. Even if it was running on a PS4 it wouldn't say much. There are still a couple of months left.

Godchild10201917d ago

What makes ou think it was running on a PC? I don't think they have the dualshock 4 compatible with PCs yet. Anyway, no matter what it was running on, it looked great.

SnotyTheRocket1917d ago

It ran from a PS4. You can see the console UI, like the square and triangle.

KUV19771917d ago

The guy who demoed it confirmed it was running on a PS4-like-specced PC. I don't think it's a biggie, but I thought I post it in a civil mannor before the haters gonna start a flame-war.

iamgoatman1917d ago

Saw the guy from Ubisoft mention it was running on a PC as well, just to confirm.

Sevir1917d ago

The trailer ended with the PS3 logo! the texures werent as high as say Killzone:Shadow Fall.

KUV19771917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

If you think the PS3 can output this graphic you are delusional.

How official do you want it? Check out the GameTrailers Post-Show-Event and see the same guy who demoed it on stage confirm that it ran on a PC with similar specs than the PS4 will be. It's not like the PC isn't able to display PlayStation-Icons.

Farsendor11916d ago

gametrailers had an interview with one of the developers after the show and the guy said it was running from a pc with ps4 specs.

popup1916d ago

I imagine it was running on a PC that ran PS4 fidelity (with higher specs) but not PS4 spec as the overheads on the PC would see the same spec crippled.

popup1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

"Consoles run 2x or so better than equal PC hardware", John Carmack

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RioKing1916d ago

I lol'd at your comment. Sadly, I don't think you were being sarcastic at all...

Link0791916d ago

Now i'm just waiting for Rainbow6 patriots as that was the other listing for WiiU so hopefully another WiiU/ps4 game being announced soon yay Gamestop were right.

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Godmars2901917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Am I the only one who wanted to punch the presenter? At least tell him to shut up and get on with it.

majiebeast1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

No but i did wanna murder the square enix/final fantasy branch manager.

Godmars2901917d ago

They've been dead to me for a while...

Grap1917d ago

yah me to lol. let's team up in front of his house.

r211917d ago

They didnt announce anything new. They just showed the luminous tech demo in English running on PS4. I wanted some new game or something. At least theres gonna be a reveal of some sort for ps4 during E3.

SolidStoner1917d ago

lol, but that second guy at start made my day... lead ps4 system arhitect or something, the way he was telling that story was like he was living in a garden full of flowers and pillows, smoking pot and relaxing, and all life around us is a beautiful dream... anyway.. "tooo much information, just shut up and show it all already!!" :) great games overall, and ps4 controller looked nice!

wenaldy1917d ago

SE ruins everything man

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Mykky1917d ago

Hello, we are making a new Final Fantasy. Bye!

Link0791916d ago

I would still put X on WiiU as above this graphically though mainly due to its more fantasy art style and huge worlds not to mention on that X trailer the draw distance is ridiculously far you can see birds flying around waterfalls ect in the distance it's just impressive but Watchdogs teaches GTA5 how to do modern open world graphics,GTA5 looks cell shaded in comparison.

Mykky1916d ago

I agree with you. X looked better than Watch Dogs in my opinion. I'm sure PS4 can look pretty sick when it is fully optimized. Deep Down almost looked like CGI graphics in real time.

2pacalypsenow1917d ago

I know what im getting launch day

stage881917d ago

This will be a great PS4 game!