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Ubisoft reveals 'Watch Dogs' at PS4 event, new demo unveiled

CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot was on the stage, today at the PS4 event, and he then introduced the highly anticipated title "Watch Dogs."

Today's event has been amazing so far and yes, it would not be complete without talking about "Watch Dogs." (PS4, Ubisoft, Watch Dogs)

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Enemy  +   666d ago
That smooth open world frame rate. This is why 8GB RAM was necessary. It would be painful to see this game trying to run on current consoles.

This event simply over-delivered.
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crock7owu10  +   666d ago
Wow, I mean just wow. What an event and what a slew of games we will all have to choose from this year! So pumped!
b163o1  +   666d ago
Watch Dogs is going to be AWESOME!!!! PS4 is coming
SilentNegotiator  +   666d ago
What do ya know? People were right; it's going to be on 8th gen systems.
Hydrolex  +   666d ago
Man, the graphics don't look they have improved that much from last gen... Dead streets with not many cars were also seen.
Baka-akaB  +   666d ago
What did you expect ? It's kinda in between gens . A game looking current with effects not easily possible if at all on current games . Perfect for a launch on ps4/720
Redempteur  +   666d ago
@hydrolex, the street weren't dead, there was freaking shooting going on, peopl aren't gonna stay there and look at things ...
And besides , you can look at any info on anyone and enter any building and hack any camera or device by yourself.. seriously this is beyond impressive , that was fantastic.
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Persistantthug  +   666d ago
More or less, It looks like a modern day Assassin's Creed,
But I like it. :)

And by the way, because someone above asked.....
They said 8GB of GDDR5 ram.
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Godchild1020  +   666d ago
I agree, it does look like a modern day AC. But I believe this will be the game to give GTA 5 some real competition.

I will pick up both, but Watch dogs looks like the action/adventure of the year.
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deadfrag  +   666d ago
$600 right there!
Knight_Crawler  +   666d ago
R.I.P GTA :)
3-4-5  +   666d ago
that being said....Watch Dogs didn't look as impressive as some of these other games, which leads me to believe it has been in development longer or at an earlier stage and thus they had a Base platform they built off of initially and isn't a true representation of the PS4's full graphical capabilities.
landog  +   666d ago
or its just the only thing that wasn't pre rendered besides the killzone demo which had lots of cool effects, but still jaggies and wierd textures here and there
DonFreezer  +   666d ago
No it did not.It under-delivered.Simple as that. Diablo 3 was on the fails of the decade for me.
Fyflin  +   666d ago
This looks great, really looking forward to playing it! Hope there's as much freedom in the missions as the trailer implied.
Sarobi  +   666d ago
looked great
Kran  +   666d ago
This demo...


just brilliant :)
SaxScrotumz  +   666d ago
Game looks awesome! Can't wait to hear more on the PS4.
sourav93  +   666d ago
sway_z  +   666d ago

Nothing...and I mean nothing disappointed me about this event.....I am utterly impressed and gob smacked at the same damn time!!!

Thank the Lord I don't have a heart condition ;)
jak3y13oy  +   666d ago
This Game <3
Sketchy_Galore  +   666d ago
I'm just a little sad that we're clearly approaching the limit of what game graphics can be. I've got no doubt that no other console will look better than this but I think the fact that we've seen this game before and weren't sure whether it was current or next gen shows how small the leap is gonna be.
KUV1977  +   666d ago
It was just revealed in the post-show that the demo ran on a pc. Doesn't really worry me, but still a bit sad.
HeavenlySnipes  +   666d ago
With the specs that the PS4 has, I doubt it can't run the game as it was today. They probably haven't started porting it to the PS4 yet that is why it was shown on the PC
KUV1977  +   666d ago
No, I'm not worried either. They said it runs on PS4 but specs are still changing so it's probably not optimized yet. I think it will probably look even better in the end.
jaymart2k  +   666d ago
All I saw was a slightly better then current gen game with bad screen tarring.
sourav93  +   666d ago
That screen tearing was due broadcasting issues. This is a direct feed of the exact demo from the conference:

It's same same demo as you can see the "Circle" "Square" "Triangle" "Cross" buttons pop up quite a few times.
e-p-ayeaH  +   666d ago
Looks alright best game from the event imo
lovegames718  +   666d ago
Lol haters dying inside. Ps4 big leap confirmed. kz, infamous and watchdogs ownedddd
Studio-YaMi  +   666d ago
Not to mention Drive Club,Deep Down & new M&M game !

The only bad things I can think of,were Square Enix being damn lazy and showing off an old demo & Blizzard "Finally!" riding the consoles train but with an old game(not too old though which is cool anyways).
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Libertas  +   666d ago
Really excited for this game, hoping you can put the money you steal to good use, a more improved version of AC2's shops would be ideal.
Chuk5  +   666d ago
Damn, that's hot.
2pacalypsenow  +   666d ago
cant wait
deadfrag  +   666d ago
I hope thats not final code running on the PS4 because that screen tearing is not expected with so much power under the hood!Dont tell me no one notice that.
stuntman_mike  +   666d ago
this game is looking awesome, cant wait to see more and i might just get this on PS4.
chukamachine  +   666d ago
Ubi commented already stating the game was running on pc that are lower spec then PS4.
kingPoS  +   666d ago
Any ideas if WD's is coming to current gen?
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InTheLab  +   666d ago
I originally thought this was going to be more of a GTA type game until this demo. I saw the guy run towards a car and was like "oh no...more car thefts/facepalm"...and then the guy runs around the car and climbs a freaking build and steals a whole train O.o

This game is a day 1 now...
wingman32x  +   666d ago
I'm so hyped about this game. It surprised me at E3 and it surprised me now. The gameplay looks so much fun. It really opens the door for so many different solutions to a single conflict/problem. The demo makes the main character look like such a badass. This, to me, is what I want from next-gen gameplay.

It's apparently a PS4 launch title. That REALLY tempts me.
jalen247  +   666d ago
Watch dogs is looks good. Rockstar better hope PS4 is releasing in November and not September.

Rockstar will need to get GT5 out before PS4 launches with Watchdogs as a launch title.
kingPoS  +   666d ago
Chicago never looked better. I'm positively giddy over this.

Chi-Town Represent!

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