Media Molecule Bring Your Dreams To Life On The PS4

The Playstation move is going to help the next generation of artists and creationists with Media Molecules answer to the Tyranny of the Polygon.

Alex Heavens from Media Molecule shows what people are able to do with the move controller as their dreams can become a reality with a simple flick of the wrist.

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BullyMangler1853d ago

that "panta rhei" game . . daiiiinnnGGGG

Donnieboi1853d ago

Imagine if Dark Souls 3 leased that engine? Daaaaaaammmmmnnnnn.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1853d ago

lol they are showing bungie game on ps4! Before xbox?? lol

garos821853d ago

thats what i was thinking, dark souls will be sick next gen!

maniacmayhem1853d ago

Wasn't impressed with their demo of the waggle fest that reminded me of an updated Wii Music.

-Alpha1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I still have no idea what it is.

Disappointed with what was shown, but you can't win them all.

Hopefully more information at E3, but I have no idea what to think of it

Ultr1853d ago

you can create a whole game.

Sculpture EVERY single piece with your move controller

that is sick

Knight_Crawler1853d ago

I think they are going with MineCraft for grown ups.

Machioto1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

@alpha it's like beat sketcher mets lbp,I hope someone makes this.

GribbleGrunger1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

You couldn't see what it was? That there was the natural successor to LBP, except this time you can create your own creatures and animate them realistically. You can create worlds built with prefabricated pieces (as you can in LBP) or you can design the levels from the ground up. In other words, this is a development kit disguised as a game. COUNT ME IN!

-Alpha1853d ago

^ I get that, but not sure if the final presentation was a good idea of that. Nowhere near the impact of LBP's debut, was hoping for a better explanation, but I get the general concept. But, like House said, it's not a "game", just a demo. Who knows what it will become.

Freak of Nature1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

It has been two years of R&D, they started on it 3 years ago this month, that means they have been working for 1 year on the new IP using what they came up with in R&D....

My guess is that the next game whatever it will be will have players be able to create **sculptures** instead of using stickers as they did with LBP 1 and 2....

Freak of Nature1852d ago

A Zbrush type sculpting app with at the ready rigging and live puppetry tools....

They will probably have a full scale World, gameplay etc,etc... little big planet type of game but in a full 3D environment is what I am betting on, and hoping for...

A take on Mindcraft.... But far more complex, and this is just a tease...

looks like the next logical step in their play/create/share format...create in realtime via PSMove, you can interact with your creation with friends.

share models, build scenarios,
animate puppets...

I think this is going to be something very, very special...

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Software_Lover1853d ago

Wii Music was what I thought of immediately. I then headed to N4g to see who would be praising it as the second coming.......... I wasn't disappointed.

GribbleGrunger1853d ago

If you think this is going to be as shallow as Wii music then you are very much mistaken. This is NOTHING like Wii music. You have no idea what you just watched, have you.

TheBrit1853d ago

deep down wasnt a game it was a movie - sure it looked nice but that was about it

TheBrit1853d ago

Let me rephrase that, Deep Down was not gameplay, it was just a cgi.

annus1853d ago

They stated it was in-game, not a pre-rendered target. Judging by how Killzone looked, I'd say it could easily be in game.

TheBrit1853d ago

you could be right - to me though it just looked like a normal in-game cgi movie but not real gameplay - nothing about the angles the way the characters moved etc smelled of gameplay, all seemed scripted.

Guess we will find out later down the road.

showtimefolks1853d ago

end with music drums and guitar was special

Rainstorm811853d ago

I thought so too, very imaginative......people always talk innovation yet when something fresh comes along people hate it......while this may not have been a game, the created puppet show surprised me

SAE1853d ago

Gonna support them just like what i did with little big planet. It's clear that it's something new and special. It may even turn into art or something lol

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