inFAMOUS: Second Son Trailer (PS4)

Surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. When Delsin Rowe discovers his powers he's forced to run, searching for other superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P. now hot on his tail. The choices he makes along the way change the future of everyone around him.

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Snake-eater1890d ago

Nice to know infamous is back, incredible face detail

Derekvinyard131890d ago

Wait who the hell was that? Is cole back or what

Enemy1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Nope, not Cole, and we need this trailer in HD ASAP. Particles are absolutely insane.

Godmars2901890d ago

Looks like a new chapter. So new character.

Please don't make a fuss.

r211890d ago

I think its his brother. In past inFamous games, Cole mentions he has a brother. I guess he survived inFamous 2 seeing as this place looks to be in a futuristic setting.

Just_The_Truth1890d ago

Two universes.

Good cole is revived by lightning at the end. You'll play as him.

Evil cole becomes the beast and can give certain people powers. He mentions a brother in the 2nd game so the guy in the trailer is probably him, seeing how they have similar powers. Imagine how short the game would be if you were playing as cole, the beast.

Root1890d ago

Probably not

They are keeping Cole for inFAMOUS 3

This is a new story...hell it might not even be non cannon

sikbeta1890d ago

Dont be douches!!! don't spoil I2 ending!!!


Cole can't be back, that's all I'm going to say, so... New Character yay!

KwietStorm1890d ago

Looks like it picks up right where one of inFamous 2's endings left off, so no, no Cole.

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showtimefolks1890d ago

i know some people will say they change character again but after the way infamous 2 ended i am glad the series continues but with a different hero

different hero means different more awesome powers
bigger worlds
no need to carry on the story, so could tell a totally different tale

this is a day one buy whenever it comes out

DA_SHREDDER1890d ago

also, the first voice actor of Cole is the real Cole. It really killed the atmosphere for me when they changed voice actors.

Root1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

It's not inFAMOUS 3 though so who knows it could be just a spin off

an inFAMOUS 3 with Cole could happen

They didn't put the lightning bolt question mark there for nothing

By the way First Sons in the first inFAMOUS was the team lead by Kessler. Second sons sound something like it.

Derekvinyard131890d ago

What's with this emo skater look these days?

Conzul1890d ago

[whiney voice]
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt????? it's fuuuuuuuuuunnnnn....
[/whiney voice]

brettyd1890d ago

as apposed to the roided up space marine of yesteryear? i'll take the skater...

Simon_Brezhnev1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I really hope this is from the evil ending and not that shitty good ending.

I didnt know Cole had a brother.

himdeel1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Has to be the bad ending if conduits still exist. Or this could be the good ending where conduits were born after Coles sacrifice.

Root1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

1) The good ending was pretty good as it left it wide open for a sequel....question lightning bolt


2) It can't be from the bad ending either since humans are still alive. With John/Cole as the beast he would of wiped them all out by now, only conduits would exist. It seems like the Government is keeping their eyes out for conduits so it's more likely to continue from the good ending since humanity is still going strong.

At the end of the bad ending Cole is heading to a city with all the conduits to take it over. So why would the government still be hunting down conduits...they wouldn't stand a chance against them especially with the plague

infamousinfolite1890d ago

In the good ending all those with the Conduit gene died off. So it can't be the good ending. It's a spin-off more than likely.

Root1890d ago


It's more realistic that the conduit gene popped back up after the good ending in the future then it is with humans coming back and rising over the superhuman conduits after the bad ending

Get what I'm saying

Plus the Second Sons sound like the First Sons which Kesler lead in the first inFAMOUS which turned people into cinduits so they could of reformed.

infamousinfolite1890d ago

Or just a next wave of people with the conduit gene starts to emerge but then how would they have achieve there powers, another Ray-Sphere? Plus it's called Second Son.

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Crazyglues1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

just wow... I can't believe what I just saw the PS4 is a Monster...

This game is going to be Amazing... Just Wow..

-And so it begins...

||.........___||............. ||

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Gorilla_Killa_X1890d ago

Awesomeness!!! One of my favorite series from this past gen. Can't wait to play as the new character. PS4 FTW!!!

HappyWithOneBubble1890d ago

Yes one of my fav. too. 1st 2 was quality and I know this will be too.

Conzul1890d ago

inFamous 2 was the first game that made me shed tears at the (evil) ending. I was devastated.

Good ending was good too, but damn.....that evil ending.....

VitaOwner1890d ago

That was an epic intro! Cant wait for the game!

Reverent1890d ago

It looks like it takes place after the evil ending of Infamous 2 :) This entire meeting was just epic. Sony, you rapscallions.

Prcko1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Okay i just can't hold more games,only killzone was enough,but SONY YOU ROCK!!!
I will need help after this conference for sure

NateCole1890d ago

I can't remember the last time i was this happy.

Sony have exceeded my expectations far beyond what i have imagined.

This is absolutely crazy.

Conzul1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )


Well maybe Diablo 3, but you get the picture.

Sony have started innovating again!

Studio-YaMi1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Diablo 3 was a "well,cool!" moment to me,on the other hand,that Square Enix demo from last year PISSED ME OFF !!! >:|

rainslacker1890d ago

Yeah, pretty much saying, we'll show something FF at E3 was rather annoying. I expected that to be followed by a trailer or something.:(

Agent_00_Revan1890d ago

That, and the 'big' announcement of "look forward to E3". We didn't need to build up anticipation by bringing a second exec on stage, only to have him disappoint us by telling us to look for an announcement at E3

Redempteur1890d ago

I want more infamous

Oh hell yeah infamous time !

in the vid those were clearly evil/fire powers ... so i'm very intrested to see what bridge the 2 games ... i want a release date :)