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DivineAssault 1754d ago

i sooooooo love the dual shock 4.. Its fantastic

SolidStoner1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

cant agree more, and those new analog stick's is just what I wanted... not to mention move controller, and dual cameras.... and this new driving game, it looks good, but I cant understand is it arcade or simulation racing game.... from the driving episodes, Im not sure what I saw :) looked more like a movie than a racing..

Tony-Red-Grave1754d ago

driveclub looks freggin amazing. they put the same sort of work PD puts into GT maybe THIS is the wakeup call PD have needed a DIRECT competitor

Adolph Fitler1754d ago

Yep, I love how they haven't messed with all those iconic PS things I love about there controllers. They always have been, & will continue to be at the forefront of controller & console technology.
The only thing I hate about the DS4, is the fact that I don't have one in my claws presently. Me want's a PS4 NOW...YESTERDAY. Comon Sony, you better deliver to us Australians, Europeans & New Zealanders in holidays 2013. I want to buy myself a PS4 for Xmas this year, with Evolutions new racer, Killzone, Watchdogs & the couple more launch titles that take my fancy.

nigelp5201754d ago

Am I the only one that wants to see a next gen Kinetica?

WarThunder1754d ago

Driveclub looks fantastic, the amount of details in the cars are superb!

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The story is too old to be commented.