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Pandemic1918d ago

Those graphics looks phenomenal...

Fyflin1918d ago

I have to admit, I didn't expect the jump from KZ3 to be quite THAT big!

Enemy1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Sucker Punch's new game being shown OMGGGG


Killzone Shadowfall, inFamous: Second Son, Knack, Driveclub, how are we already seeing this many exclusives revealed?


All footage is blurry as hell so far, ugh, can't see sh*t

Edit: Quantic Dream's presentation showing CGI quality 3D models running on the PS4 and it is scary


LOL_WUT1918d ago

I got a little confused who's planet where they on?

theBAWSE1918d ago

He played it in real time aswell

this def was for the skeptics after the ps3 killzone demo

Temporary1918d ago

Infamous Second Son!!! Killzone! AHHHH

SilentNegotiator1918d ago

I thought "target video...sigh", but then they started shooting. That definitely looked like raw gameplay.

morganfell1918d ago

LOL - they are on Vekta - Helghan rebels are infiltrating. Looks amazing.

SuperLupe1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

To be honest it looked good but ... doesnt seem next gen impressive like. Maybe its just te quality of the vid but I wasnt blown away like KZ2 reveal blew me away. Or maybe its the fact that it just looked like another great graphics shooter.

I know its the 1st PS4 games but for the moment It's a bit underwhelming.

THe most impressive of the first 4 reveals was the new Infamous.

EDIT: to be honest Im going to bed, its 01:20 AM overhere (Paris) and Im just too tired, cant take it anymore lol. I hope when I wake up at 7am I'll see that Sony dropped some megatons (new FF game, Agent, GT5, whatever :) )

whoyouwit041918d ago

those graphics look ok still not up to par with crysis 3 like I said. now I have seen enough of the ps4 already to know that I will be picking one up day one but there is no big graphics leap and you people need to be real.

ThatXboxGuy1918d ago

PC gamers lol.I see your chins quivering!

darthv721918d ago

I like the continuation of the story now on a brighter planet. It will showcase the new lighting the system is capable of.

I cant help but think if the same results could be done on the existing ps3 though. Maybe the finer details not so much but the lighting and bloom effects almost seem possible.

Either way, ps4 will be in my collection once it launches as will this game.

AlphaJunk1918d ago

Looks great! C'mon, I at least expected a PS4 Killzone to be that big of a graphical jump considering the PS3 is almost 7 years old and the PS4 is no doubt of much better design and approach for developers to harness it's power.

Septic1918d ago

Visuals were astonishing! Jaw on the floor material.

TAURUS-5551918d ago

KZ4 is a mustbuy one for me.

TheGamerDood1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

The PS4 is a f'ing beast! All the social/sharing aspects are amazing! The hardware though...8GB DDR5...they just crushed the next xbox, they will not have anything that can compete with this animal.

The unreal engine guys are gushing over the new hardware & 8GB of ram on GT right now. lol Also the demo was running in real time. :O

Computersaysno1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I think it looked ok. I mean i think Driveclub was more impressive graphically.

I will openly admit I am a PC gamer and at the risk of taking a serious bashing in the middle of a PS4 loving frenzy, Killzone SF doesn't really look better than a nice looking PC shooter around now, like BF3 on ultra, or Metro 2033 maxed, or Crysis 2/3 maxed on PC. In other words it doesn't blow away existing PC titles on good PC hardware.

I saw the stream and watched the facebook video now too for better quality.

That is to say yeah it looks quite pretty, but my mind wasn't exactly blown like the first time I saw Elder Scrolls Oblivion or Gears of war. I am conditioned to that sort of ballpark of visuals already on PC.

There is still so much time to improve on the quality however, i mean it is still at an early stage no doubt. Driveclub really impressed me the most, because the car models are up there with Project CARS, and that isn't technically completed either until late this year.

In that game it certainly seemed like it would be a better match for what PC can do now.

In the meantime I am sure Guerrilla games are beavering away with the hardware probably final hardware and extracting as much from it as they can.

Ju1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

The Helgan didn't just infiltrate Vekta. See the wall at the end? This was a divided city (and he mentioned Berlin). The "wall" is what divides the city why he had to jump of to not end up on the Helgan side. Also the - what are they called - those drones at the end were Helgan.

Interesting conflict. Vektans and Helgans on their home planet. Can be after KZ3 or before. Either before they kicked out are after they came back. Looks more like after KZ2 when they started the invasion in Vekta (same Vektan base ships).

People say that this is not a graphics leap need to get their eyes checked. You must have impaired vision. Are you guys for real?

BTW: notice all the reflections and transparency in that scene? That's just f..cking expensive to do. This is a massive leap.

Bobertt1918d ago

Did i have a shitty stream or just didn't play KZ3 in a while? Shadowfall looks great but not that much better than KZ3 to me. All the games were good looking but only a little better than PS3 graphics in my opinion. I was more impressed with the size of the games and gameplay. To me it looks like they will focus more on gameplay than graphics. The demo of the old man's head was awesome but i wouldn't expect that for a few years until developers get used to ps4. New features were awesome tho, but unfortunately somethings probably will never come true like with ps3 reveal.

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Skip_Bayless1918d ago

Can't wait to see it outside of the confines of an online stream.

mandf1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Once again consoles pushing pc's. Things change and Windows is now holding back the pc because of optimization. Unbelievable. graphics resolution isn't everything if it's a plugged pixel without added detail.

Just_The_Truth1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I know its not kill zone but did they fucking change cole(infamous) again!!

Doomedx-Good cole died but if you watch the credits his casket is struck by lightning on the boat.
Also evil turned into the beast and has the ability to give people powers now & travel to different deminsions(good Coles). Going back to the first game where the beast just suddenly appeared.

I think the guy on stage said cole should get the best entrance award aswell.

DoomeDx1918d ago

Did you even play Infamous?

Cole is dead.

aquamala1918d ago

and what's up with not calling them Infamous 3 and Killzone 4?

LOGICWINS1918d ago

^^To differentiate them completely from past titles. Both games seem to have new protagonists.

one2thr1918d ago

Well once you introduce the element of time travel, a story(line) can go an any direction...

What's to say, that this new protagonist isn't from a different future?...

Eazy-Eman1918d ago

Dude, It's called Infamous: Second Son
He's bound to be a new character

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showtimefolks1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

and i was told don't expect a big jump in Graphics

sony is showing E3 level conference 3-4 months before E3 so really can't wait to see what they will do for encore


i am glad they didn't totally overlook the fact Cole dies in Infamous 2 so i am very excited

newer hero means newer powers so look at the positives, we played with cole's powers for 2 games now something new

Just_The_Truth1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Cole didn't die and they never completed Coles story. If you look at the first game evil cole invades good Coles world and that's way Kessler goes back in time etc. etc. ill be annoyed if they throw that history out the window. The least they can do is reference it in the new game if that is a new protagonist.

I just read a comment that suggested it was Coles brother. I guess he was mentioned in the second game but I don't remember. It would explain why he seem to have the same powers in a way. Plus evil cole is just handy out powers so we'll see.

showtimefolks1918d ago


we know next to nothing about story and character

maybe its still cole
maybe its a prequel or sequel
maybe its set in infamous world under a different character
maybe its infamous story from a different prospective

so i am glad sony is showing so much yet we still don't know a lot of these games. I am glad Infamous series continue, its one of my favorite

Reverent1918d ago

Lol and Crytek was crying about how they are the "Greatestz graphicz creatorsz evur!!" Haha, enjoy that humble pie, Crytek.

Conzul1918d ago

It's pretty obvious that the "Second Son" is Cole's brother. He's only mentioned once in the series.

If I recall correctly, it's in inFamous 2, the evil mission when you get Nix her new pets. She asks Cole if he has any family, and he reveals that he has a brother that he hasn't kept up with.

Ju1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I mean "First Son" certainly points to a new generation. Cole being the first (and original) generation. He basically created himself - by accident; and is the creator of a new evolution, with this new guy being the "First Son". Does this make too much sense for you guys? Shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

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Godmars2901918d ago

If they're true in-game. Have to have my doubts.

Not that it matters since I'm an RPG fan.

deadfrag1918d ago

playstation4 seems to be always online,and no more phisical discs.Could this be true?

Godmars2901918d ago

By the look things Sony's trying to give you reason to have the PS4 always online, but hopefully games will be playable off.

Root1918d ago

This looks AMAZING


Is this Killzone 4...because not getting to find out who came out of the pod at the end of Killzone 3 is going to tick me off

r211918d ago

Hopefully we get some clarification on that. Im guessing this take place years after KZ3 with the Vektans thinking the Helghans were all dead. Now in this game, its their turn to attack and surprise the ISA.

Ju1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

My best guess it's between KZ2 and 3. KZ3's story ends on the Helgast planet which basically got abandoned by the Helgast when they left their homeworld after KZ2 to invade Vekta. So, my best guess is, they made it back but didn't quite "conquer" the whole world; so they got parts of it but not all (see the "divided city" - which sure wasn't the case in KZ2 - there were no Helgast on Vekta. And in KZ1 the tech was not that advanced - in KZ1 Vektans won the war and the Helgast flew into exil).

weap0nx1918d ago

Looks like PS3 to me I see no difference at all.

Jason1431918d ago

DOF-Bloom-Full screen AA- direct x 11. mid range pc. looked good. Phenomenal it is not

AngelicIceDiamond1918d ago

Right here folks 0_0


At this point Sony has to deliver now, Killzone HAS to look like this and other AAA 1st party exclusive. Titles please deliver Sony.

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MrDead1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I think that was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in gaming history. I've just seen the new Infamous.... I've just exploded, get the mop.

[email protected] the disagrees please post something better so I can go get that game.

LOGICWINS1918d ago

Don't speak too soon. The conference isn't over yet lol

kneon1918d ago

Didn't you get the memo? You were supposed to put on a pair of depends before the conference started :)

remanutd551918d ago

fack take my freaking money NOW!!!!!!!!

Slient Knight 91918d ago

I like the cold war theme gives killzone fresh start story wise.