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Submitted by MattS 1088d ago | opinion piece

Sony's innovation in features and social interaction will see the PlayStation 4 a winner

Digitally Downloaded writes: "It's something we have never seen in consoles before. There's been some shaky attempts to create a "gaming ecosystem" around the player, but nothing so unified as this." (PS4, Sony)

nevin1  +   1088d ago
No offense but this meeting sucked.

Long live NES-PS2.
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stage88  +   1088d ago
Go away.
andibandit  +   1088d ago
Nice advice from the guy who trolls every single MS article. Not that i'm any better, your irony is just sickening.
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Sucitta  +   1088d ago
you don't get it.. you'll never get it..

i pity you.
showtimefolks  +   1088d ago

if this meeting sucked than every gaming meeting before this in history sucked

sony put on a show for everyone and if people like you can't look at it from a neutral point of view than its on you

MS have seen what sony has in store and i believe it will be very hard for them up upstage sony. can't wait for e3

wiiu isn't a next gen system now


the only reason i bought up MS was because so many articles have been written about how and what MS has to do to upstage sony. After watching the conference few things became clear to me

bungie on stage at sony 1st a huge statement

saying word for developer by developer means sony learned its about ease of development

Bilzzard on stage a huge statement(but i am confused is Diablo 3 a Playstation 3-4 exclusive for console?)

and just show games,games and more games

MS will have to do a lot to gain this sort of momentum

and wiiu just became last gen system
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Software_Lover  +   1088d ago
He said nothing about Microsoft.............. You did.
ThatsGaming  +   1088d ago
Outside of the first party stuff there was no mention about exclusives other than Destiny's "Exclusive content"...

Given that MS still owns 20% of Bungie, and that in their contracts for putting games on their consoles explicitly state the shipping version of the game must be the same as other consoles that is not too big a deal.
MEGANE  +   1088d ago
I don't think the WiiU has ever been next gen to star with!
Reverent  +   1088d ago
The meeting was freaking amazing.. Sony blew my mind. And Destiny! Holy crap, was not expecting that!
Temporary  +   1088d ago
Amazing! was hoping for a money shot at the end, but they ended it with Bungie instead of a 1st party.

Square Enix needs to stop showing up to these parties.
FriedGoat  +   1088d ago
but kingdom hearts 3?
KwietStorm  +   1088d ago
Lol they showed up to display a demo we already saw, and to announce an announcement. Oh Square..what have you become?
Temporary  +   1088d ago
the saddest part is that before they even came on I already had an overwhelming feeling of disappointment...and I cant help but resent them for what theyve become. I miss squaresoft, and ill never get it back...
Software_Lover  +   1088d ago
I kind of agree. We did get the confirmation that the ps4 will be out this Holiday season.

Maybe I'm jaded because I have been an avid pc gamer for so long. Nothing just out of my seat wowed me. I'm not on facebook or twitter so the social stuff is crap to me (thats for microsoft also). I will say that this next gen of consoles will match high end pc games quite well.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1088d ago
agreed! I'm looking fwd to PS4 (as a PS3 owner) but where was the sizzle? a couple of gameplay videos the rest tech demos, barely any details on the console itself???

Social stuff is not what I want in my console, fine if optional.

Was actually underwhelmed by the presentation, expected a lot more. No hint of Uncharted 4? Gran Turismo? There is more going on, lots more, than they told us tonight. Guess we now have to wait all over again for E3 to actually be told something useful.
r21  +   1088d ago
Are you kidding me?! No way did this suck. You must be either trolling or being sarcastic!
ThatsGaming  +   1088d ago
Sony came out with the 1st party game guns blazing. The social features are a waste on every console. Gaika stuff was good. Overall I liked what I saw.

But, I am not sure it yelled at me this is a day one buy... Especially if the rumour is true that the premium console will be $529. $499 is the absolute max I will pay for a console.
kingmushroom  +   1088d ago
go kill your self in my dreams.

Xbox will be dead on arrival
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Just_The_Truth  +   1088d ago
I don't know about DOA but ill have to have to have something huge to overstep the ps4.
ThatsGaming  +   1088d ago
Xbox 360 was supposed to be dead in 2006 when PS3 came on the scene, then 2008 they were going to take over, then 2010, then 2012...

Sony may still pull ahead of 360 in consoles sold last gen... But, Xbox is far from DOA.. There was not anything MS can't match or exceed in this presentation...
stage88  +   1088d ago
It sure will.
Grap  +   1088d ago
and that's how u make next gen console bravo sony.
RandomDude655  +   1088d ago
Kaz was at the helm, so no worries

NegativeCreepWA  +   1088d ago
Well, Im sold. Your move MS.
mcstorm  +   1088d ago
I agree it was impressive. The only worry I have about the ps4 is the price. If the psv was £300 how much is the ps4 going to be £400/£500?

This will be one of the defining factors of how well the Wiiu next Xbox and ps4 will sell to the masses.

You can see Sony are really working hard with the ps4 after dropping the ball with the ps3.

Looking forward to seeing how Microsoft and Nintendo respond and looking forward to e3 too.
NegativeCreepWA  +   1088d ago
8 gigs of ram! I wasn't expecting that.
Reverent  +   1088d ago
I wasn't expecting a LOT of things Sony showed off. They didn't just break a leg out there, they wrecked the house! Mind the cheesy analogy lol. Anyways, super excited for what Sony has in store for us at E3!
hennessey86  +   1088d ago
I simply cannot wait
Day one for me.
TAURUS-555  +   1088d ago
one thing is for sure...R.I.P next xbox
riverstars86  +   1088d ago
Yea, I mean I am all about Xbox Live, but Sony is killing it with the PS4!! I am soooooo excited for the PS4, this conference makes me want to skip the next Xbox altogether.
AngryEnglish  +   1088d ago
How can you say such an absurd comment, don't get me wrong Sony had there game face on here and the ps4 looks fantastic, but your statement is more of the usual fanboy drivel, you,I or anyone on here knows what MS will bring. I for one can't wait to own both next gen consoles, no need for teenage mummy buys your games fanboys
eferreira  +   1088d ago
HOLIDAY 2013!!!!!!
aquamala  +   1088d ago
no launch date, no pricing, no detailed specs of CPU and GPU... we still know very little
danny818  +   1088d ago
They said the broad specs in the beginning dude
aquamala  +   1088d ago
what broad specs? the 8-core "x86" CPU and "enhanced" GPU? that says very little
dcbronco  +   1088d ago
Holiday 2013. APU, should be no more than $400. Visuals say a ton of power. We kinda know a lot.
danny818  +   1088d ago
It's better than what Nintendo presented! Concerning specs. Dude did u really want a price and release date? We're barely in the year. There Paz, and E3 for that. Patience my friend
KwietStorm  +   1088d ago
This wasn't E3. I think we know enough, for what was essentially the first lobbed grenade. And they basically confirmed the leaks we've already known for weeks. So yea, we know more than a little. And probably silly to expect pricing.
dcbronco  +   1088d ago
After I heard that was a APU I knew they wouldn't even hint at price. Many people believe this will be a $500 or $600 machine. As long as they think that, people will continue to buy PS3s. Closer to launch, they will announce $400 and have less concern for PS3 sales. The right way to do it from a businesses perspective.
denawayne  +   1088d ago
Bored most of the show. Most games looked like they could have been made on the PS3. Capcom's game looked sweet as well as Destiny. Watchdogs looked good, too. Too bad all of those will be on Xbox. And wtf is up with social this and social that. Really?
KwietStorm  +   1088d ago
"Too bad" those will be on Xbox? Where the hell does that factor in? Why does that even matter? And I think the social approach is pristine. Its not like "Facebook social" games, its a new approach to PSN as a whole, its bringing the community together. We've never had anything like automatically recording gameplay and sharing it. Virtually passing the controller to a friend online is unheard of. Finally seeing all the user mock-ups of a revamped PSN/profile experience come to fruition is great. But none of it is forced. Its an evolution of PSN as of is today. What's the issue? You just don't want to be social?
denawayne  +   1088d ago
I'll admit, handing a virtual controller to a friend sounds cool but I'll believe it when I see it. I was pouting out that the best looking games were multiplats because if you want to convince me to buy a PS4 as opposed to the next Xbox, then show me a badass game I can't play anywhere else.
darx  +   1088d ago
Gotta agree denawayne. Could careless about all that social mumbo jumbo. That's for the lame teens out there.
lovegames718  +   1088d ago
Lol the best meeting for games ive ever seen. Games were actually live played, well kz and others were. Launch games look insanely good. System has innovation written all over it and best of all it has power a super gpu and strong cpu and a seperate chip for dling and uploading.

I know today haters died and envious ones decided to switch lol Onve again Siny fans were right to say ps4 would be a big leap in many aspectts including graphics from current gen invluding wiiu.

I was sold off rumors but now im really sold. Christmas cant, come, soon enough. Thanx Sony for, coming through and showing, how next gen should be done
Software_Lover  +   1088d ago
This was the best meeting for games you have seen?

I really hope you are a troll.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1088d ago
Where the fuck was the details about what the system as a whole could do? this was mostly people talking about what they'd like to do in future the next playstation - and sadly a large portion of it was to do with shitty 'share' and social features that a lot of people don't care about.

Where was the console? where was the details on what the controller/camera actually do? details on online paid yes/no, output resolutions, 3D integration, pricing, launch titles...

this whole thing seemed rather rushed to me and was nowhere like the PS3 announcement.

Some of the games looked cool but hardly anything we couldn't have imagined happening anyway.
Software_Lover  +   1088d ago
It was rushed. They probably realized they wouldn't have enough time to say what they wanted at E3 so they chopped it up into 2 pieces and decided to do a segment all on their own to get the minor details out.

All of the major info that everyone is waiting on will be at e3.

Ryo-Hazuki  +   1088d ago
they need to save something for e3
lovegames718  +   1088d ago
Lol troll? Insane how ppl here are so into themselves. Yeah the best one ive seen and im 34. They talked about system, gakai, showed off first and third party games, showed real libe gameplay and tech demos. Not to mention we now know Ps4 is a beast. Most unveilings shiw tech demos and show, gibberish. Lol I wish I knew what you considered better. Let me guess usher dancing or the unveil of a system tht basically has made no advancements over current gen tech.

Like I said best game meeting in relations to an unveil ibe seen. Better thn e3 Too which was pathetic.
Knight_Crawler  +   1088d ago
Great show but I was looking forward to The Last Guardian and something new from Santa Monica :(
nevin1  +   1088d ago
lol, if you say a negative thing about a company a group like, you get the 3rd degree.

Well Software_Lover I may have not been a long time PC gamer, but I am a long time console gamer.

So excused me for not being impressed by gimmicks, social media and publishers being excited to work on PS4.
BDG  +   1088d ago
Hmmm, Holiday 2013? I'm on holiday in a few weeks does that mean I can get one then?? :-)
EbeneezerGoode  +   1088d ago
haha, those crazy Americans with their all encompassing non religious non foot treading catch-alls.

Maybe it's because EU doesn't stand a chance of seeing it this side of *ahem* Christmas they felt no need to use international language :P
Hicken  +   1088d ago
Or maybe it's because the majority of the English-speaking world- especially in a business sense- understands that Holiday 2XXX stands for the last part of the year.

You can fake being slighted all you want.
BDG  +   1088d ago
Great conference which has done exactly what it needed to whilst still leaving some big reveals to keep the hype train chugging along till E3!
No doubt Kaz will take centre stage at E3 to reveal the console itself and pricing etc along with price cuts for the ps3 and vita (outside Japan).
I for one am interested how all the cloud services etc will be handled along with ps+ in terms of subscription costs etc.
Was also hoping Sony would announce something google tv related (to rival Nintendo Wiitv thing)

Roll on E3 :-)
MilkMan  +   1088d ago
..Only Wii U has most of these features. However, Sony (and MS) have the hearts of the "hardcore" crowd. I'm not interested in winners or losers, I just think this new wave of consoles will be an interesting thing to see.

The big boys know that the biggest competition and threat to them is not so much themselves, but Apple and Steam.

In the end, software will determine were gamers will gravitate to. Lets hope they ALL have great software, since a dedicated gamer will no doubt have all the consoles covered.
jalen247  +   1088d ago
Based on what was discussed and the games show...PS4 is poised to recapture the pole position next gen.

PS4 is way more feature rich than the Wii U and a lot more powerful.

Now lets see what Microsoft has to offer.

Wii U is the first Nintendo console that I am not getting.

I think this may be a 1 console next gen for me.

Hopefully, Microsoft's next Xbox is more powerful or has more compelling exclusive games.

If Microsoft next Xbox is not as powerful as the PS4 as rumored specs have suggested, I won't really have a compelling reason to pic up the next Xbox...cause we all know there is next to no chance of Microsoft being able to complete with Sony on the exclusive games.

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