Gaikai Details PS Cloud: Streamed Gameplay, Remote Play on Vita, PS3 Backwards Comp on ANY Device

Sony bought Gaikai during the summer of last year for a whopping $380 million. Now, they’ve shown what their investment was for.

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majiebeast1701d ago

*Throws money at the screen*

solidjun51701d ago

it's not working for me!! T_T

kenshiro1001701d ago

...Holy crap...holy crap...

-throws wallet at the screen- TAKE EVERYTHING.

Reverent1701d ago

Sony just won the internet. Forever.

Agent_00_Revan1701d ago

I just threw an ATM at my screen and even THAT didn't work. WTF!

showtimefolks1701d ago

sony i just don't know how you are gonna provide more surprises at E3 when you are showing so much 3-4 months before E3


HammadTheBeast1701d ago

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

HappyGaming1701d ago

That was amazing! I said I will keep an open mind until I see both consoles but I can't imagine not buying the PS4 at launch after that xD

JoySticksFTW1701d ago



Jeez man. And my dumb arse was saying I could hold out on ps4 because I have a large backlog of games.

Don't think that's possible now

bicfitness1701d ago

This is the video gaming system that I have waited my whole life for. And I'm being serious.

So much potential. Sony hit ALL the right notes. They were clever in not announcing the price though, so that they can undercut MS.

The 8 GB DDR5 was a frickn' megaton. Most powerful system by a mile now.

Reverent1701d ago

I'm crying... With so much happiness.

Saigon1701d ago

Well, i am sold, now I have to figure out which store i want to purchase the device from.

Dark_Overlord1701d ago

Ah, that's what I did wrong. I threw my screen at the money :D

Relientk771701d ago

I just did this, my moneys all over the floor

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Wedge191701d ago

AMazing. Now when? And how much?

TrendyGamers1701d ago

Phases? Hopefully they are short.

dbjj120881701d ago

wow, that sounds awesome!!

sourav931700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I stayed up last night (UK) to watch the press conference. And boy was I glad that I did. Anyways, one of my friends, who was too lazy to stay up late, asked me to fill him in the next day. So, next morning (today), I called him and told him everything. About the PS4. About the games. About Gaikai. Everything. He screamed (in a good way) at the idea that you take over your friend's gameplay and help him out.

But then, he said something that never came into my mind. He said, if we're able to hop into someone else's game, does that mean that you can play a whole game over the network without ever buying the game yourself? This idea is a lot like game sharing if you think about it. So I'm wondering what kind of restrictions Sony will put on this feature. Perhaps 30 mins max per game segment? Who knows. I guess we'll all find out soon enough. E3 2013 can't come any sooner.

LOGICWINS1701d ago

"PS3 Backwards Comp on ANY Device"

So I can play FULL PS3 games on Vita?

a_bro1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

thats the plan.

yup, time to get back my vita now.

Fyflin1701d ago

And full PS4 games on vita, if I understand correctly

LOGICWINS1701d ago

Watching Killzone right now. OMFG!

Fyflin1701d ago

BIG step up from PS3!! Those graphics are incredible! Runs at 4K too right?

Temporary1701d ago

you can play ANY Playstation game from PS1 2 3 and 4 on the Vita. Instant Streams with Gaikai tech.

Donnieboi1701d ago

Yes, and Play PS4 games on your Vita too. However, they said PS1,2, and 3 games will play on ANY device, yet PS4 games will only do remote play to Vita. This of course, gives people the insentive to buy the ps4 hardware. The announcer said that the PS4 will work as the Server and the Vita as the client when streaming PS4 games from your pS4 to your Vita (like remote play). The other pS1,2, and 3 games will be cloud streamed instead and on ALL devices (Phones, PS3, tablets and maybe PC too).

GribbleGrunger1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

and on a good phone, laptop, pad or any other Gaikai enabled device. Like I said in my article 'PS4 not the biggest announcement at playstation meeting', from a gamers standpoint of course the PS4 was the biggest thing, but Gaikai will rapidly overshadow that as the penny drops and Sony reach out to an unbelievably big audience.

at below: You would just use the new Dualshock for ALL devices.

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nevin11701d ago

I'll stick with PS3. But any device sounds odd because of the lack of buttons.

Donnieboi1701d ago

yeah, but playing on any device gives u portability, probably for no extra charge or a cheap charge. I can't say no to that. Plus, since I have a Vita, I can ALSO play my PS4 games (where as phones will only play ps1,2, and 3 games).