PlayStation 4 Can Record And Share Your Gameplay Via Next-Gen PSN

Do you kick ass at video games? Has no one offered to have sex with you because of that fact? The PS4 will fix it.

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BullyMangler1644d ago

dayumm . is this a sony presentation, or Nintendo past presentation??

Derekvinyard131644d ago

This is a feature that many people will not use after a few uses

ExPresident1644d ago

Right... because people don't buy streamers, use youtube for personal videos etc. This feature is awesome and a long time coming. Score for Sony, score for gamers.

HammadTheBeast1644d ago

People are so mad LOL. MS and Nintendo just shat all over themselves.

Skip_Bayless1643d ago

People share and post anything on Facebook. PS4 makes it simple and records it on the background. It's a great way to show off what you did in a game to everybody else.

3-4-51643d ago

O yea...

Wait until GTA V.

Remember all those cool deaths you had in the game where you went on crazy rampage and you blew up and flew over a building and onto the windshield of a car and rolled onto somebody and still survived ?
Yea you can actually show that to people now.

kreate1643d ago

Record cutscenes? Collectible locations? Trophy vidoes? How-to videos? Tea-bagging videos?

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Temporary1644d ago

You hit the share button, scroll back a minute or two and upload the chunk of gameplay instantly that you want to share.

Then there's the spectating and letting someone take over your game FOR you ... it's X-game chat on steroids.

Derekvinyard131644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Sorry I'm a 80's gamer when games didn't need to be connected to the Internet to have fun

CommonSenseGamer1644d ago

So, another variant of remote play. Not sure if I like it at all.

Temporary1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Im comfortable with the direction gaming is going.

Temporary1644d ago

Like it or not, videogames are evolving. I'm an 80s gamer as well....but even I can understand the concept of tech "evolving".

Im not 100% sure i'll even use most of these social aspects of the new PS4, but I most certainly will be SPECTATING and seeing everyone ELSE's contributions.

Just cause a car nowadays has onstar and location services like GPS, doesnt mean i want to drive a car from the 80s just cause of new tech being tacked on.

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Wedge191644d ago

This is going to be a great tool for a lot of people.

nevin11644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I won't be using it, but good for others.

stage881644d ago

Well it would be pretty hard for you since you're a troll and never plan on owning a PS4.

mamotte1644d ago

Troll: Anyone not interested in share a video of how he/she play with all the world.

Yes, we got the idea.

stage881644d ago

Look at his past comments before you go on the offence. He's a troll.

maniacmayhem1644d ago

This is going to be a great feature for fighting games! C'mon KOF and SF5 (or a new Darkstalkers), let's get the development going!

optimus1644d ago

Well street fighter 4 already had that feature and you could share your matches for other players to see. It was cool, for a little seems like the ps4 will let you do this with every game now. I guess it's a good option to have but i see it as one of the features sony will eventually take out in order to bring the price down seeing as it's not a crucial component to play a game.

RTheRebel1644d ago

does anyone know how long of gameplay you can upload?
or does it have a time limit?

ExPresident1644d ago

They didn't say yet. That being said friends can watch you play in real time as well according to what they said.