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PlayStation 4 Can Record And Share Your Gameplay Via Next-Gen PSN

Do you kick ass at video games? Has no one offered to have sex with you because of that fact? The PS4 will fix it. (Next-Gen, PS4, Tag Invalid)

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bullymangLer  +   958d ago
dayumm . is this a sony presentation, or Nintendo past presentation??
Derekvinyard13  +   958d ago
This is a feature that many people will not use after a few uses
ExPresident  +   958d ago
Right... because people don't buy streamers, use youtube for personal videos etc. This feature is awesome and a long time coming. Score for Sony, score for gamers.
HammadTheBeast  +   958d ago
People are so mad LOL. MS and Nintendo just shat all over themselves.
Skip_Bayless  +   958d ago
People share and post anything on Facebook. PS4 makes it simple and records it on the background. It's a great way to show off what you did in a game to everybody else.
3-4-5  +   958d ago
O yea...

Wait until GTA V.

Remember all those cool deaths you had in the game where you went on crazy rampage and you blew up and flew over a building and onto the windshield of a car and rolled onto somebody and still survived ?
Yea you can actually show that to people now.
kreate  +   958d ago
Record cutscenes? Collectible locations? Trophy vidoes? How-to videos? Tea-bagging videos?
Temporary  +   958d ago
You hit the share button, scroll back a minute or two and upload the chunk of gameplay instantly that you want to share.

Then there's the spectating and letting someone take over your game FOR you ... it's X-game chat on steroids.
Derekvinyard13  +   958d ago
Sorry I'm a 80's gamer when games didn't need to be connected to the Internet to have fun
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CommonSenseGamer  +   958d ago
So, another variant of remote play. Not sure if I like it at all.
Temporary  +   958d ago
Im comfortable with the direction gaming is going.
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Temporary  +   958d ago
Like it or not, videogames are evolving. I'm an 80s gamer as well....but even I can understand the concept of tech "evolving".

Im not 100% sure i'll even use most of these social aspects of the new PS4, but I most certainly will be SPECTATING and seeing everyone ELSE's contributions.

Just cause a car nowadays has onstar and location services like GPS, doesnt mean i want to drive a car from the 80s just cause of new tech being tacked on.
Wedge19  +   958d ago
This is going to be a great tool for a lot of people.
nevin1  +   958d ago
I won't be using it, but good for others.
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stage88  +   958d ago
Well it would be pretty hard for you since you're a troll and never plan on owning a PS4.
mamotte  +   958d ago
Troll: Anyone not interested in share a video of how he/she play with all the world.

Yes, we got the idea.
stage88  +   958d ago
Look at his past comments before you go on the offence. He's a troll.
maniacmayhem  +   958d ago
This is going to be a great feature for fighting games! C'mon KOF and SF5 (or a new Darkstalkers), let's get the development going!
optimus  +   958d ago
Well street fighter 4 already had that feature and you could share your matches for other players to see. It was cool, for a little while...it seems like the ps4 will let you do this with every game now. I guess it's a good option to have but i see it as one of the features sony will eventually take out in order to bring the price down seeing as it's not a crucial component to play a game.
RTheRebel  +   958d ago
does anyone know how long of gameplay you can upload?
or does it have a time limit?
ExPresident  +   958d ago
They didn't say yet. That being said friends can watch you play in real time as well according to what they said.
turnerdc  +   958d ago
Disregard. Sounds like it may have what I was referring to.
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Donnieboi  +   958d ago
lovegames718  +   958d ago
Bully.... You troll you crying inside. You really think nintendo directs are a thing of nintendo? Haha Sony gives info all year around. And I know yiur dying because you your one if those haters saying, Sony wouldnt be a big leap over current gen Which includes wiiu lol think sgain you sickkkkk
StrongMan  +   958d ago
Game over.
dcbronco  +   958d ago
Okay? Gameover because they announced a feature available on Halo for four years? Really?

Fanboy nonsense aside. It was an impressive conference. The visual quality was great. A lot of the features were similar to the leaked Xbox that Microsoft confirmed as real(always on component too). Except that the Xbox had three CPUs and two GPUs.

I think this will be $400 at most. APUs are cheap to make. Not the same as a separate GPU and CPU in cost and it could be as small as 28nm. Can't believe that ton of DDR5 RAM. Nice.
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Hicken  +   958d ago
Game over because it's for EVERY game, and also allows you to have friends watch WHILE you play, or take over if you get stuck.

Has Halo been doing that for even four seconds?

I thought not.

Edit: lmao, come off it, man. Remember that Sony patent about blocking used games and how the PS4 is using it? Oh, that's right: a patent doesn't indicate much of anything. And when was the last time that RUMOR was brought up as being a possible feature of the nextbox?

I didn't play a lot of PGR, but was that gameplay live as it happened? Somehow, I don't think so.

Last but not least, WHO WAS EXPECTING THIS OF NEXT GEN? You? lmao, yeah, right.
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dcbronco  +   958d ago
Yeah, it's for every game. And the rumors had spread that the next Xbox would record gameplay over a year ago.


It's not like 2007 was today. It's also not like it couldn't have been done for every game. What's the next reason the game is over. Watching other peoples gameplay like you used to in PGR. Stop pretending things are only good when Sony does it. These were features expected of next gen.
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dcbronco  +   957d ago
Whether or not a patent is used isn't the point. What matters is that it was a direction they considered. And we don't know that they aren't going to used it. Plus, I'm sure they could have done every game like they did Halo. So just because other companies didn't know how to do it doesn't matter. The 360 could do it.

And you're wrong on PGR. It was Live. You could look at tons of Live races, record them and play them. BTW, Forza also allows you to record your races. Online and off.

I will give it too you that not everyone was expecting recording next generation. I was giving some way too much credit. Many people only have 20/20 hindsight. Looking forward they are usually close to blind.

I've had more than few few debates with people regarding Sony's financial situation. I predicted the Vita slow sales would cause a stock down-grade and a profit adjustment. I predicted they would start selling off assets over a year ago. I was called an Xbox fanboy for stating the obvious. Because I realized that low returns on exclusives and slow hardware sales cost companies money. Yeah, so I'm not surprised that other didn't see this coming. Especially since the Playstation is just about games.
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dcbronco  +   957d ago
Hicken, I'll make another prediction just for you. Once the 720 is announced we can debate this. I'll be man enough to admit it if I'm wrong and hopefully you'll do the same.

I predict the 720 will be more powerful. At least twice as powerful. The reason being is that I think it will be the closest machine to full HSA functionality if not full HSA. I believe it may use a lesser GPU, but I believe it will have two APUs(so two GPUs). One may be ARM based for security. It will have full BC. It will record all media. I think it may include universal translation. Or at least I'd like to see them use this technology on a console. I think that might be the reason for Kinect being mandatory. The translation software might be built into Kinect. No more language barriers online.


The second APU might actually be inside Kinect. Providing all Kinect functions plus translation.

Using HSA features will allow all CPUs and GPUs to work together. One APU might be a modified top of the line GPU while the other might be a lesser one, but it's job may be strictly for physics. The second APU also could be CPU from the 360(modifed) with a new GPU for the system to use for physics or whatever is needed. But the voice, chat and other non gaming features will remain separate with a core or two locked for their use. The CPU may be a POWER7 replacement modified for HSA. Maybe 4 cores.

Because these are APUs, the cost is far less than many seem to believe. Both of these console should come in under $400 to produce. Based on what Sony has shown so far the PS4 should be very close to $300. It's possible the 720 might slide above $400, but I doubt it.

Give us your thoughts Hicken.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   957d ago
@ dcbronco

I agree with you on all points but 2. I think the 720 and the PS4 will be close in raw power, maybe even giving the slight advantage to the 720, but I disagree that the 720 will be 2x as powerful as the 720. That would be an insanely powerful home console. The PS4 is no slouch in power (even if it is just off the shelf parts) but the 720 being 2x more powerful.......i just don't see that happening while still maintaining to be cost effective to sell to customers.

Also, I think you are low balling the PS4 price. I think it will be more around the $450 - $500 mark along with the 720.
WeskerChildReborned  +   958d ago
Awesome, now i wonder how much this system will cost me.
showtimefolks  +   958d ago
this is next gen tech and what next gen console will be capable of. MS you really have to step your game up

sony not only showed its system it blew the competition away, now a wii-u fan can't tell me wiiu is a next gen system

its a day one buy even if its $600.

please finish the conference right and show last guardian


$550 plus minimum
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MasterCornholio  +   958d ago
Buh buh buh the GPGPU

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh

After seeing this conference there's undeniable proof that Wii U is a last gen console.

dcbronco  +   958d ago
No doubt about that. Huge mistake Nintendo.

You've been Pachtered.
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SAE  +   958d ago
Told you guys never underestimate sony. They always try to make the best tech on console. Why did people say it won't be a big leap this time ?. Fighting each other made us blind. I'm glad people here were wrong hehehehehehehe
X  +   958d ago
I like the idea of the video share/spectator feature because now if I'm on the fence of certain games that some of my friends choose to buy, I can see the game and also get feedback from them in real time. I'll make use of it.
r21  +   958d ago
Yes! Now anyone can make machinimas with PS4. Thank you Sony :D
mastershredder  +   958d ago
I never really wanted to record much gameplay until I started playing Warhawk. Too many times where there those rounds where I was like "damn! I wish I had that on video!". For some reason I think I'm gonna enjoy this feature.
Omar91  +   958d ago
is it just me or is the idea of someone watching you play your game virtually a bit creepy?

just saying.

Cant wait to actually see how this all works
optimus  +   957d ago
It's the reason why i cover the kinect lens when not in use (you never know)... I doubt people can tap into your ps4 to watch you play in real time. It's more controlled by the user and uploading whatever footage you want to share on the server.

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