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First Knack trailer

Take a look at the first trailer of the PlayStation 4 game, Knack. (Knack, PS4)

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BigStef71  +   961d ago
ICE Team
Godmars290  +   961d ago
Not really system mascot material.
Derekvinyard13  +   961d ago
Not my cup of tea, this def doesn't show off its true power
rainslacker  +   961d ago
Not really in the graphics department no. But the particle effects and poly modeling were impressive. That kind of detail in regards to 3D modelling do take quite a bit of horsepower. Basically what you saw in the main character was a mesh that could be broken apart and transformed on a level apart from the main mesh.
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Timesplitter14  +   961d ago
looks a bit meh, to be honest
TheoreticalParticle  +   961d ago
I actually liked this, but it's not really a system seller. It's like a new Ratchet & Clank. Should be a fun diversion.
3-4-5  +   961d ago
Made by the same man as well.
darx  +   961d ago
AWBrawler  +   961d ago
Interesting... want to see more
r21  +   961d ago
Always looking forward to any of Japan Studio's IP :D
Hope they change the name and character design though. It kind looks like Ganondorf IMO
grailly  +   961d ago
wonder why they started with this...
smashcrashbash  +   961d ago
New IP. Why not begin with it? Besides it supposed to look cartoony.That's the whole point.
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sonic989  +   961d ago
i loved it to the core hopes it turns out to be more impressive it has a unique feel btw
Prophet112  +   961d ago
Reminds me of Astro Boy.
sonic989  +   960d ago
yeah exactly lol you nailed it
tarbis  +   961d ago
This game looks interesting. Combining materials from other sources then become something else is a nice way to display PS4's computing power.
swice  +   961d ago
Does that look more like Pixar or Dreamworks?

The fact that I can even ask that question with legitimacy shows how far we've come in gaming, and how old I'm getting :-/
Talamak  +   961d ago
This looks dope to me
TheDivine  +   961d ago
It looks beautiful really. It looks like a Pixar film and gives me a claymation vibe. Damn beautiful. Game wise it doesn't get me excited at all. Def not a buy nor my type of game but damn do I love the art style. id rather watch it as a film lol.
Jagsrock  +   961d ago
Ganondorf is that you?
StreetsofRage  +   961d ago
Uuuuuuuum, really? =p
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