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morganfell1888d ago

Actually the bar is more like Move. Colored and tracked by cameras. Thats Move.

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TheGamerDood1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

The controller looks better than any of the leaks! I'm so f'ing hyped!!!! Day 1 baby! xO

8GB DDR5 memory!!! The huge levels they'll be able to create will blow minds! I can't believe Sony went with 8GB.

Now showing Guerrilla Games....god damn that level was amazing!

With what they've shown so far they've already met my expectations. Sony is not f'ing around! I'm completely blown away.

Godmars2901888d ago

Yeah, seeing that bar made me pause for more than a second.

It better be optional...

Yodagamer1887d ago

@Godmars290 It will be included, why put functionality into the controller just to disable it, so they could make a few bucks on the side. I don't think sony would do that. Now my main question is will it track the move controller, the two cameras could help tracking improve.


The best part of the controller showed today against the prototypes leaked is definetely the D-Pad. When I first saw the leaked image I readily noticed that the D-Pad buttons were too close together, that would probably get in the way for the extra precisicion the current Dual Shock 3 D-Pad have (compared to other controllers), nice so see they spaced it back.

sikbeta1887d ago

Looks Good, at least it's an evolution and not just an straight copy-paste of the DS3 :P

karl1887d ago

how is kinect like? its a camera to track the controller ala move!..
kinect is a 3d camera that tracks your body right?

i understand the sensor has a kinect shape but noone even talk about anything different from what move was.. it can be a 3d camera but it wasnt mentioned yet soo i dont know what u guys r talking about

BlaqMagiq241887d ago

Really liking the new controller!

Get hyped!!!

itBourne1887d ago


And the kinect copied the eye toy, so what else is new, everyone copies everyone. I tried lame kinect like games back on my ps2. The playstation eye has always reacted to peoples body, even before the introduction of the move.

Kevin ButIer1887d ago

I love how they added grip on the back, really well done sony

Sarcasm1887d ago

"A headset will be bundled with PS4, enabling gamers to chat with friends during online gaming and to hear sound effects from the controller."


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adorie1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


New Killzone shown, lookson par with Crysis 3.WTF??

Blackdeath_6631887d ago

yeah i was only expecting 4GB GDDR5 or 8GB GDDR3 but to have 8GB GDDR5 is absolutely amazing, mind blowing infact. it really shows sony's commitment to multitasking and the new social features they've implemented. on a side note Blizzard+Sony is something i did not see coming i hope there will be keyboard & mouse support for diablo3 as well as controller. would love to see more keyboard and mouse support for games no reason not to

showtimefolks1888d ago

8GB of RAM lol

ps4 day one for sure. not trying to hate on wii-u or nintendo fans but this is what next gen is suppose to look like.

clearelite1887d ago

8GB GDDR5 bro absolutely amazing and we haven't seen what it can do yet trust me.

The Great Melon1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

This is like the first time a console has the same amount of memory as computers have on release. Heck, the memory is faster and will be better utilized that desktop memory also. This upcoming generation might be able to hold its own for awhile.

ZigZagLagger1887d ago

my PC still beats the ps4 :S

showtimefolks1888d ago

i am glad they didn't totally change the iconic controller. But have made changes to make it better. the L1-2 R1-2 buttons looked much better

can't wait to get my hands on this

Yodagamer1887d ago

I was look at the photos and i just realized the r2/l2 buttons still don't have a ridge under them to avoid accident presses when you put it on the table, like the ps3 controller had. O.o that was one of the things i'd hope they'd fix

user39158001887d ago

So far nothing but integration, im dissapointed, dont know why anyone is excited with controller, same one they have since ps1, awfull design.

nosferatuzodd1887d ago

i just jizz my pants twice

nosferatuzodd1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

nlvwithgmsnice said So far nothing but integration, im dissapointed, dont know why anyone is excited with controller, same one they have since ps1, awfull design

LOL nice stealth trolling there Xbox guy, if you think that's the worst controller then you're a big troll are you're just dumb

Pushagree1887d ago

Great idea for a controller. Keep what works and add practical non-gimmicked functions to it. Nintendo needs to take notes.

TAURUS-5551887d ago

nice controller as usual sony never disappoints

maximaz1887d ago

Mostly but Im really worried about the placement of the Share and Options buttons. Who thought it was a good idea to put them right near both the touch bar and the buttons? I'll be pressing them unintentionally all the time!

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Wedge191888d ago

I kind of like it. I think it will work.

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Septic1887d ago

Yeah that button is a Godsend. Unbelievable how everything is supposed to work seamlessly. Sony finally getting the social side of things right and then some!

Plus 8Gb Ram! Mental. I think we'll see a lot more at E3

Count1888d ago

What happened to ''if it ain't broke''?

bluetoto1887d ago

But it was broke, they at least needed to fix the damn L2 and R2 buttons as they were horrible.

bluetoto1887d ago

That's the beauty of life, we all see things differently and there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal preference.

Hope you come to like it as it's unlikely to change.

DasBunker1887d ago

Who cares how it looks as long as its functional.

Better joysticks,bigger controller, improved triggers and vibration. Sounds good.