Sony: "We'll Continue To Unlock The PlayStation Vita's Potential"

They have no intention of glossing over the Vita just because the PS4 is on the horizon. Sony wants to make the portable a big part of the living room.

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BattleReach1761d ago

Killzone Shadowfall announced!

ApolloTheBoss1761d ago

God that game looks amazing!

FriedGoat1761d ago

What does shadowfall have to do with the vita? I was expecting at least a few game announcements.

3-4-51761d ago

Because you will be able to play PS4 games on the Vita.

The PS4 will be on and doing the work and your Vita will just function as a Portable TV with attached controller.

This is why they are supporting the Vita for the " Next 10 years " ....

This is why nobody understood the true power and potential of the Vita until now.

We only had partial information on what it can do.

gamer78041761d ago

The only problem with this is the vita has 2 triggers, and not 4. custom ports got away with that using the touch screen instead creating UI elements.

These games most likely will not be converted for that. This could really limit remote play on vita.

Bigjellybelly1761d ago

Oh Sony way to miss the main aim of a portable machine! remote play and streaming is nice, esp if you have a ps3, not all vita owners do btw, but it should be an added bonus, not the core of your strategy!!! Please show some love for the vita in this conference otherwise I fear it will be dead in the water, and when it really is such a great machine!!

LOGICWINS1761d ago

Yeah its a little disappointing. I was getting a Vita next month, but now all my money will be going towards Killzone: Shadow Fall and a PS4.

Redempteur1761d ago

Are you stupid ?
this is a PS4 annoncement , why would they detail things about VITA .. From teh start of the conference, they told us , vita is for later this year , you have either E3, Gamescm, devconf or Tokyogameshow for your vita ..

This isn't a night for vita but FOR PS4... Going in there expecting vita stuff is extremly silly

rpd1231761d ago

Gotta agree. The logic behind creating a portable handheld gaming device so that you can use it in your living room makes absolutely no sense. That should be a bonus. It's like they just want the Vita to be an accessory for their home consoles.

Cam9771761d ago

Help. My jaw has dropped, I think it's being burnt in the Earth's core. Drive Club looks... Wow... I want to cry. I just heard about the carbon fibre. Wow... Just wow...

-GametimeUK-1761d ago

I actually want a Vita now... Wow!

V0LT1761d ago

IF they would just ditch that high price and the memory card prices...

tachy0n1761d ago

if you could only get a job and buy it....

V0LT1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I have a Vita... grow up.

Sucitta1761d ago

might as well just jack the memory cards up to 1500$ a piece.. since you have a job and all..

Yodagamer1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Lets be honest it was an attempt at money, a simple micro sd would have done fine and they could have formatted it so it couldn't have been used on computers. The thing that sucks even worst is that most games they are required, which is ridiculous for a cart based system. I love my vita, but its memory card prices are ridiculous considering the tech is probably a smaller version of a micro sd.

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The story is too old to be commented.