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shikamaroooo1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )


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irepbtown1886d ago

Killzone, Destiny, Drive Club, Watch Dogs, some other games I can't remember...

I cant wait!!!!
And they haven't even shown games like Gran Turismo YET!

Get in Sony!!!

Reverent1886d ago

Is anyone else's minds completely blown by that presentation? My God Sony, you went all out!

llMurcielagoll1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

@TobeyMaguireFan, Well to answer your question, yes and no. The ps4 itself may not give you backwards compatibility... But according to the livestream that I just watched, GaiKai will be taking care of that.

@Reverent, it was a great presentation indeed, however I really thought that we will see at least a prototype of the Playstation 4 Console. So far just a controller...

Reverent1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Yeah, I would have loved to have also gotten to see the console too... But come on, Sony needs stuff to show off at E3 too! ;)

Not that they won't already have tons of stuff, but still lol.

2pacalypsenow1886d ago

@llMurcielagoll Cloud gaming that you have to pay for is not B/C (if you have to repay for your games)

andibandit1886d ago

GDDR5 does sound awesome and so was the whole conference, the only thing i disliked was the fact that the streaming service wasn't quite up to the task where i live(Europe).

NewMonday1886d ago

*using my PSN from any device anywhere is great, it is no longer a small bubble isolated in my room.

*8g of GDDR5 is big
not only is it fast but is fully available to developers, 720 has only 5g of slower GDDR3 available to run games.

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LOL_WUT1886d ago

This is how you build a next-gen console!!

TheBrit1886d ago

I'm not being a fanboy here but the only thing that I liked was the fact you can have a game download even when the console is off which, I know is already implemented for the xbox, just not turned on because even when your not online, if you turn your xbox on it knows there is an update without you doing anything so it's already 'on'

The games were ok but not 'oh crap' mind blowing and the additional features are kinda already done between the wii-u and the xbox and the ps3 - I don't know, I was amped up for it and not overwhelmed at all to be honest.

I'm sure there are lots more cool features and such coming though. Powerful Box.

-GametimeUK-1886d ago

This is the beginning of something special. I'm happy the specs. I think this will be the only console I need. The PS3 has poven that Sony can provide all I need and this console looks set to smash my expectations.

Raf1k11886d ago

and a solid state drive as standard which is what I was hoping for.

Can have some seriously quick loading times with that.

Hellsvacancy1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Why does the stream keep freezing? its bloody annoying

Ju1886d ago

Speaking of GameTrailers...these guys just can't give that to Sony, huh? Anybody watched the post-show? How often did this guy throw MS and XBox into the conversation. He just couldn't let it go, huh?

BullyMangler1886d ago

all i see is nintendo ideas being copied at this sony event . .

MasterCornholio1886d ago

All i see is Nintendo getting owned at this event.

dasbeer881886d ago

I'm quite disappointed that it's 8 gbs of RAM. I was expecting like double or triple the number.

Pushagree1886d ago

Someone forgot the 16 rule. Memory goes up 16x with each console. 256 mb*16=8gb.

torchic1886d ago

what's wrong with you? just go away.

dredgewalker1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Does Moore's Law apply to consoles as well? If it did then we'd only be looking at 4gigs of memory. I say 8 gigs of gddr5 is a lot of memory for just a console and it seems like Sony is trying to make the PS4's lifespan a lot longer than the past playstations. Even if it was only 4gigs of gddr5 on the PS4 I'd still be happy but having 5gigs really blew me away!

FamilyGuy1886d ago

Is this like reeeeeeally subtle sarcasm?
Rumors were that it'd be only 4Gbs of DDR5 memory and it ended up being double that.

Having more than 8 doesn't even make sense :/

nosferatuzodd1885d ago

Lol good sarcasm there it's a joke guys
He's just being sarcastic to the meh Sayers out there
It's a damn good presentation if u ask me
They could have only show a few tech demo

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Psn8001886d ago

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah .

Muffins12231886d ago

The best part is its around the same price range as a wiiu...god Nintendo is gonna do horrible this gen..

dredgewalker1886d ago

If it's confirmed that the PS4 will be around the price range of the Wii U then Nintendo's gonna have to make serious price drops since Sony is also targeting Nintendo's market. The best thing Nintendo can do aside from the price drop is bring out more exclusive fun games that really bring out the Wii U's potential.

DarkHeroZX1886d ago

they aren't giving MS any edge this time around. Sony want's to show the consumer that the PS4 can do everything MS can do and better and "faster"

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Prcko1886d ago

8GB yesss,this is gonna be awesomeeeeeeee

one2thr1886d ago

8 gigs of GDDR5 RAM TO BE EXACT!!!!!

JBSleek1886d ago

I think the GDDR5 refers to what is used in the GPU specifically. The other ram is likely DDR3.

Malice-Flare1886d ago

sorry, that's RAM for BOTH CPU & GPU...

SactoGamer1886d ago

That's a good point, JBSleek.

Dasteru1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Yes, Accoding to the article the Vram is GDDR5.

It doesn't say what type of system Ram they are using, only saying its "High-Capacity".

That could be GDDR5 also but more likely it will be high speed DDR3, probably 1600mhz+

8GB of GDDR5 would be very expensive for a console.

"highly-enhanced PC GPU using GDDR5 memory"

"The PS4 is being equipped with 8GB of high-capacity memory"


Just found some data from a research firm that shows GDDR5 costing manufacturers around $27/1.5GB so 8GB of it would cost Sony close to $150 just for the Ram.

Bigpappy1886d ago

It is unified RAM like there was on 360. No more split RAM. This is good news all around. Easier for developers to allocate memory as needed. This is a powerful Console that is worthy of being call next-gen. Congrats to all who anticipated good news from Sony. I don't see how you could have wished for any more, except my be to see it and get the price.

3GenGames1886d ago


When you place an order for 1 Million sticks of GDDR5 RAM, it gets kinda cheap.

And also, it's 8GB of GDDR RAM for CPU. GPU side is not said, but more than likely 2GB GDDR5, like the ATI HD7850. So that's 10GB TOTAL, if it's not shared RAM. If it's shared...I dunno how I'll feel....they better be able to make the cache hit rate pretty high with it!

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QuantumWake1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

When I first heard 8GB of GDDR5.....

Damn Sony!

f7897901886d ago

Microsoft cramming in more RAM at the last minute and overheating the thing.

Ju1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Can't see how MS can compete with that. They are trying. With a new Kinect. LOL. Smart Glass won't be the same, HW is 50% slower - even with all trickery and probably more expensive. We'll see how that turns out, but MS so dropped the ball. This time we have a clear difference in performance, 1.25Tflops vs. ~2. That's quite something.

wikia1886d ago

It begins....the future is here baby!