Half-Life 2: The Best FPS Ever Made

Gaming Future takes a look at why Half-Life 2 is still the best FPS game ever made.

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Walker1915d ago

Half-Life 2: The Best GAME Ever Made .


Perjoss1915d ago

Half-Life 2: The Best GAME Ever Made . (In my opinion)


glennco1915d ago

of course it is his opinion.


solar1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

what this game did for the genre and industry will never be appreciated by console kiddies nowadays. HL2 took every aspect of gaming and made a near perfect game that still hasnt been duplicated today. with better hardware, engines, software, etc.

it truely is one of the greatest games ever made.


they act like it with their fanboy wars.

Count1915d ago

Yes, the gamers of today are like 5 years old, so they couldn't have experienced Half Life 2!

Imalwaysright1915d ago

I'm 26 and imo MGS3 still is the best ever made and yes i played both Half-Life games. Not only that but imo HL1 is better than HL2 because of its atmosphere and as FPS go FC3 just beat the HL series.

greatcrusader441915d ago


While MGS 3 is pretty F'in amazing, I don't know if I'd call it the greatest game ever made, HL 2 either

ATi_Elite1915d ago

Nothing can touch it!

Simply the Greatest Game EVER MADE!

Imalwaysright1915d ago

The people that disagreed with you must be those kiddies that Solar mentioned above. Its the kiddies that think that the world revolves around them and that only their opinion matters.

TechnicianTed1915d ago

An article I can agree on.

SnakeCQC1915d ago

it was a good game i just hope the franchise hasn't been abandoned by valve

EditorAtGNG1915d ago

Heck no. It's their biggest franchise and what made Valve great in the eyes of gamers. I am more than certain that it will sell more than any game before it (if it gets released of course) :D

SnakeCQC1915d ago

its been soooo long i'm losing hope

FrostyZipper1915d ago

I know it's an opinion article but seriously, the Half Life games have been the only shooter, hell, practically the only franchise I've ever played in which every moment stood out for me because it was that damned memorable because it was that damned good. I don't know what black magic Valve invoked when they crafted this God among FPS' but goddamnit we could use some more of it in the industry today.

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