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Sony Needs to Answer the Biggest Question About PS4 Cameras and Motion Controls – What’s the Point?

We all know the PS4 is going be to announced today, that’s pretty much a given. Job listings, patents, leaked images and recent rumors also all point towards the PS4 coming with a dual lens camera and a motion-control enabled DualShock 4. But what’s the point?
-PSLS (PS4, Sony)

Foolsjoker  +   423d ago
Hopefully they answer some of these.
Root  +   423d ago
and hopefully it will be so you DON'T have to set up a camera.

Hell I hope it's not even bundled in the box, I'd rather have the console cheaper then paying more for something I don't want to set up.

Same with Kinect, if MS thinks I'm going to set up some motion gimmick crap or pay extra for their console when I'm not going to use it they can think again
darthv72  +   423d ago
I'm the opposite
i say let them put as much in the box as they can. That way developers know that every unit sold will be the same and they can take advantage of what it offers.

Rather than treating an add-on like an....add-on. if they want to make it a focal point then by all means it shows they are going to put some serious effort into making it work better than ever.

Sony has treated their peripherals like they were lower than the rest but if they have decided to give them the support they deserve. I'm down with that.

If anything is to be taken seriously (especially in gaming) then it needs the full weight of the parent company behind it. Without that, developers and consumers alike just wont see any confidence in the product.
TrendyGamers  +   423d ago
I just want to know about the PS4 today, PS Eye/motion controls can wait.
Wedge19  +   423d ago
Yeah, give me the core. I don't want the frills yet. Just give the PS4, raw, plain, simple.
alexcosborn  +   423d ago
Answers!!! I want answers!!!!
maniacmayhem  +   423d ago
It will be interesting if the PS4 comes standard with their own Kinect like device. If so it will definitely put the rumor to rest of the next Xbox having Kinect be standard.

I wonder if the same people on N4G will accept the new Eyetoy with every ps4 if it is true?
dcbronco  +   423d ago
Of course they will accept it. Hypocrisy is the main source of sustenance for the fanboy.
Jek_Porkins  +   423d ago
The point is, for the first time ever gaming consoles have to compete for attention with tablets and phones. Game consoles can no longer just play games. They need to appeal to everyone.

Not sure why everyone acts like Sony is selling out if they add other options? What do you think the CD player was on the PS1? The DVD player on the PS2? The Blu Ray player on the PS3? These are options put in to attract non gamers and casual gamers as well.
nevin1  +   423d ago
I think people actually used the CD, DVD and Blu Ray.

The motion stuff will be just pointless like how sixaxis was to DS3.

DS3 controllers are already $54.99 so that means it will go up higher.
dbjj12088  +   423d ago
There is none!
StrongMan  +   423d ago
As long as they don't make it the only focus like MS.

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