Is Sony Making a Grave Mistake With The Early PS4 Reveal?

The ‘Future of PlayStation’ (presumed to be the PS4) is set to be revealed in a few hours. However a bigger problem might arise from the early reveal of the console. Their last batch of major exclusives; God of War: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, and The Last of Us have still not been released.

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JoGam1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Lol.... Ummmm... No

In fact for those who think it is, ask that question after the Sony Meeting. Smh. Sony is being very careful with their gaming business. I think what they're doing so far is amazing.

Abash1915d ago

A grave mistake would have been being the last to announce their new console, so quiet the opposite really

LOGICWINS1915d ago

The Wii indicates otherwise. It was announced about a year after the PS3/360 and outsold both of them.

LOGICWINS1915d ago

Wow five disagrees. Guess some people are allergic to facts lol.

BullyMangler1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

i dont understand how being 1st or being second to announce something that probably wont be UNIQUE really matters . if by being 1st to announce an eventual feature that anybody could have thought about is all sony and microsoft have in their arsenal, then let the copy wars continue.

Nintendo on the other hand, does not give a flying yoshi's F**k if they go 1st, second, or last, because they know that what they announce will be ground breaking.

krepler1915d ago

@LOGICWINS, because the Wii was cheap. Also, it was mainly fueled by families, whereas PS3 and 360 sales were fueled by gamers themselves. More families started to buy a 360 after the Kinect was released and the PS3 was only purchased by a family because of Blu-ray playback.

What I mean by that is, a mother/father who don't spend more than 2 hours a week on a console, whether it be gaming or watching movies, wouldn't purchase one for their kids unless it was their birthday or Christmas. The Wii was both cheap and fun, while it lasted, for the whole family so it would have been purchased on a daily basis by any random means.

The only reason I have a Wii is because it was cheap, but the gaming aspect of it was only fun for a month or so. The Wii has a big win on its hands because it "looked" appealing.

krepler1915d ago

"Wow five disagrees. Guess some people are allergic to facts lol."

If your handle should reflect your comments, you should rename it to, JustStatingTheFacts. No Logic behind that shit.

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Xof1915d ago

LOL, um... maybe.

SEGA's Dreamcast failed because it launched too early, and was too underpowered compared to its competition. (Though, arguably, this paradigm fits the WiiU better than the potential PS4)

SONY's Playstation 3 failed (early on) because it launched too late. Yes, it was superior hardware, but the massive headstart Microsoft and Nintendo had really put Sony in a very awkward position that took them nearly five years to get out of.

IF the Playstation 4 is announced today, or soon, and IF it does see a release sooner than the Xbox successor... it could be either a good thing or a bad thing. There's really no rhyme or reason to this. Honestly, whichever console wins the upcoming generation early on, at least, will probably be more a result of an early, effective marketing blitz than anything else.

Why was the Wii in first place? Genius commercials; fantastic marketing.

Why did the 360 beat the PS3 for so long in spite of being inferior, unreliable hardware? Effective marketing.

Why did the PS3 flounder for so long? Why is the Vita floundering now? Lack of marketing.

This is why I don't like fanboy/console wars in general. Console sales are, generally speaking, completely irrelevant to quality of games or diversity of library. Whichever console 'wins,' it's going to be because of advertising, and have nothing to do with the quality or quantity of games available on it.

It's sad, but it's true.

And the saddest thing? It makes gamers, who really should only care about the games and nothing else, start caring about sales figures instead.

And that's just terrible.

soxfan20051915d ago

Oh please. You're the one who's terrible. You talk like you're speaking for "gamers", but your comment is full of bias.

"Why did the 360 beat the PS3 for so long in spite of being inferior, unreliable hardware? Effective marketing." Yeah right. I guess it had NOTHING to do with the abundance of high quality games. You sound like another bitter fan in denial over the fact that 360 really is a great console - people didn't buy it just because of marketing.

You completely dismiss the Wii and 360 as some kind of flukes that sold only due to marketing, and blame the PS3's troubles simply on "lack of marketing".

The PS2 was marketed far more than it's competitors, and it was far more unreliable. Would you dismiss that console's success so easily too?

By the way, Dreamcast had one of the biggest marketing campaigns in video game history (at that point). How'd that turn out for Sega? Kind of blows a HUGE hole in your theory that more marketing means more sales.

Bumpmapping1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Too early wtf?It's been 6 years since the launch of the PS3 next gen been long over due.Sounds like someone is butthurt Sony beat M$ to the punch.

@TheGamerDood Yea my mistake 6 years thinking 360 but my point remains clears this generation dragged on long enough I don't see how them revealing the PS4 now is too early or a "grave mistake" its the perfect opportunity for Sony.

TheGamerDood1915d ago

Nov 2006 till now is a little over six years.

LOGICWINS1915d ago

The author has a point. Sony's platforms are competing against each other. I'm saving up for Vita right now(PS4 isn't even on my radar yet). Sony has tons of great content across three different platforms(Vita, PS3, PS4 presumably). Most would be hard pressed to afford to buy all of it, so we have to pick and choose what experiences we want now and defer others for later.

Sony has made strides to encourage dual PS platform ownership by giving you Vita AND PS3 games on PS Plus without any additional costs. However, a PS4/Vita bundle that saves you $100 would encourage more people to buy multiple PS consoles.

LOL_WUT1915d ago

Between now or E3 i'd rather it be today.

cl19831915d ago

Only if they don't release till Holiday 2014. I believe it maybe too much of a build up.

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