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Besides the PS4, What do you Think Will be Announced at the PlayStation Meeting Today?

Since we wanted to focus on that big meeting today, but were tired of constantly saying that we thought the PS4 system would be revealed, we decided to keep this question away from the PS4 system itself. This doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about PS4 games, PS4 advertising strategy, or anything like that though, just not the actual console.
- PSLS (Battlefield 4, Beyond: Two Souls, Killzone 4, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

TrendyGamers  +   422d ago
If Kaz (or anyone) dropped the PS4 when showing it off, that would make the internet stop.
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doctorstrange  +   422d ago
Especially if it cracked open and Kutaragi jumped out
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tigertron  +   422d ago
'A wild Ken Kutaragi appeared'

Nah, it would only be the spirit of Ken. He is after all, a legend who made the brand what it is today.
MasterCornholio  +   422d ago
If Kurturagi came out I would order my giant crabs to eliminate him.

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Nimblest-Assassin  +   422d ago
On topic... I would like to see some time dedicated to vita... new games announced
Agent Smith  +   422d ago
Kaz is trying to come. I have proof right here.

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bullymangLer  +   422d ago
The Mark of Kri 3
Wedge19  +   422d ago
Excited to see what they have to offer....
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Wedge19  +   422d ago
PSPony, it only does Pony things. Nice one Dan.
MoB21  +   422d ago
Hopefully they don't just show the new system, and they actually a montage/multiple trailers for launch games for the system.
abzdine  +   422d ago
everybody seems to forget FF7 remake, Kingdom Hearts III, The Getaway, Eight Days, MotorStorm, MGS5: The Phantom Pain, LBP3, WipEout and of course Uncharted 4.
Rainstorm81  +   422d ago
Maybe two of those game might get shown.....we still have E3 to consider
Mikeyy  +   422d ago
Lmao. Forgot about the getaway!
Dread  +   422d ago
Vita price cut worldwide :)
Army_of_Darkness  +   422d ago
Remastered HDer collections of ps3 classics that are all rendered in full 1080p @ a solid 60fps?!
a08andan  +   422d ago
That will probably be available if the predictions about gaikai is true :P
MrBeatdown  +   422d ago
I want an HD Collection Collection. A collection of all the PS3's greatest collections, all re-remastered in higher-definition high definition.

The boxart will have boxart within boxart. It will be glorious.
banjadude  +   422d ago
A proper sequel to Legend of Dragoon, "super-hd" collection of Socom 1/2, and/or FF7 Remake, and I think the Internet would asplodes!

For me, I'd love to see Crash Bandicoot/Siphon Filter again.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   422d ago
I would explode, a lot of hot loads, to.
NateCole  +   422d ago
Playstation world. It has the potential to change the gaming industry like iTunes changed the music industry.

While hardware is still important. Services and content will be just as if not more important with the launch of playstation world.

Content(Games) will be available to multiple hardware. It is the service and content where the money is. Not hardware.

First we will see it available on playstation certified devices including TV's, smartphones then later on Android and iOS devices where the money is at the moment.

Sony will not have to worry much about hardware because as long as people subscribe to playstation world they are getting money regardless. The more devices the more subscription the more money they get. It's better than selling hardware at a loss and try and recuperate money later from software.

I am not saying they will not focus on hardware. What i am saying is that they will push services and content just as much if not more than PS4 hardware.

So in essence. Sony will go multi-plat.
Chaoslegion8  +   422d ago
I'm waiting for the ps4 is doomed!!! Articles to come flooding in after its revealed. U know there coming.. "Sigh"
BLow  +   422d ago
Well, that's pretty much a given. Obviously, Sony won't please everybody. It's impossible to do. Hopefully, they just have a solid conference and there are probably going to be some unanswered questioned that will be addressed at E3. Somebody is going to Bitch even if Sony has the perfect unveiling. There are people called fanboys or haters out there that will downplay anything that Sony does. We just have to sit back and watch the floodgates open.
BLow  +   422d ago
Oh, and the PC fanboys are gonna come out in full attack mode. I just wished sometimes that all gamers from different platforms would just get along. What's gonna be the famous line...hmmm lets see...Well, that was nothing we've been doing this on PC for years. Then we will hear about the mid range chips inside the PS4 if the specs are revealed and how their PC(with *insert* "graphics card") is so much superior. Then the real war begins with everybody going back and forth trying to draw blood. I'm just going to sit back and laugh. IT'S COMING....

P.S. In Sony staying true to form, the meeting will not start on time...haha
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WooHooAlex  +   422d ago
I'm thinking this will be a fairly long event. I think they're going to tease us a bit before they show us the PS4, by talking about the Vita/PS3 first and just sprinkling in little sentences that hint at the PS4 to keep you on the edge of your seat. Then once they get the Vita and PS3 talk out of the way, all PS4 from then on.

I'd bet they'll start off by talking about the Vita, announce the price cut, maybe some new games, ect... Then they'll move on to the PS3. Talk about the huge year its in for with industry leading titles like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension. I also think we'll get a firm release date on Beyond, along with a new trailer. THEN, they'll go into full on PS4 mode. Showing us the hardware, some specs, UI demo, launch window games, their plans for Gaikai. There are lots of things for them to talk about tonight.

I wouldn't be surprised if this event lasted close to two hours.
cyguration  +   422d ago
A troll came out from under the bridge just long enough to disagree with you, and then disappeared under the cobblestone archway again.

But yeah, your description of the event is about spot on to how I would imagine it to be, complete with twitter and live-streaming gamers saying "Enough about PSP, get on with it, show us the PS4!!!"

It's exciting because it's like E3 without all the E3.
Protagonist  +   422d ago

Gamereactor says one hour, but I would not mind a two hour long event ;o)...
ftwrthtx  +   422d ago
So many games that could be announced.
josephayal  +   422d ago
Gran Turismo 6 and Gears of War Trilogy for the Playstaion 4
Silly gameAr  +   422d ago
A couple of price cuts on a couple of consoles and some new games and apps announced for those consoles as well, I'd say.
EliteDave93  +   422d ago
Can anyone give me a link to where i can watch the event tonight?
2pacalypsenow  +   422d ago
it will be on PS Home or ign among many other websites
PHOSADRA  +   422d ago
Watch it here:
us.playstation.com/meeting2013 /
PHOSADRA  +   422d ago


to the beginning...I couldn't do it because it "looks like spam"
Reverent  +   422d ago
Here is the complete link.

Sketchy_Galore  +   422d ago
New multiplayer DLC for Kane and Lynch 2. Mark my words, that's the only other thing they will announce and they will dedicate the final 45 mins of the show to it.
Chaoslegion8   422d ago | Trolling | show
TheOneEyedHound  +   422d ago
Protagonist  +   422d ago
Finally announce what the PS VITA "accessory/mystery port" is for.
modesign  +   422d ago
TheOneEyedHound  +   422d ago
These are my most wanted things

MGS5/Ground Zeros(I believe we will see it today)

The Last Guardian (I see this one on the ps4, with a e3 reveal)

Killzone 4 (I THINK WE WILL SEE IT Today)


A New IP By Sucker Punch(Today is the day)


Kingdom Hearts 3 (LESSER DREAM)
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Chaoslegion8  +   422d ago
Hey u stole my list! ;-) just replace ffvii with vsxiii and your looking at 6 AAA exclusives
Right off the bat. Probably within a year of release of ps4 as well.

Yo Microsoft! Who's your daddy?

Had enough?... No? Now you've had enough... Bitch!
sway_z  +   422d ago
90 minutes to go before my bottom lip drops to the floor ;)

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