Last But Not Least – Nintendo Is Doing DLC Right writes:
For the entire generation of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, downloadable content has been a major focus for most developers and publishers. For nearly every large title that's released, it's a sure bet that within a few months you can expect some type of premium DLC package. Whether it's continuing the story, adding new modes or maps, or even selling armor for your horse, publishers have devised a way to earn money outside of retail long after a title has been released.

Nintendo, the company that's proverbially "late to the party", has just recently entered the DLC field...

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Link0791854d ago

Yep that's how you do DLC.

PockyKing1854d ago

Nintendo does DLC like what expansion packs used to be. I miss those because it added something worthwhile to the game, now it's just pay $1.00 get this gun, or this skin etc.

Theyellowflash301854d ago

I agree, Nintendo know how to do DLC without screwing their customers.

tweet751854d ago

love the idea of luigi u. Adding a whole second quest to a game great idea!

Jek_Porkins1854d ago

Nintendo is doing DLC right because they are new to it, I remember when DLC's purpose was to get content that couldn't fit on the disk and it was FREE!

The original Xbox had free DLC out the wazoo. I remember getting the free KOTOR add on, the Battlefront 2 free maps and character DLC.

Now it's a perverted way to drive up the cost of a game to about $100, which means were getting incomplete games when they launch.

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