Issues Reported with Patapon 3 Not Being Available for Download on PlayStation Vita

Patapon 3, the very fun PSP title, made its long awaited debut on the PlayStation Vita yesterday, giving fans of the series the chance to finally play it on Sony’s newest handheld. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a smooth launch as people are reporting that when they go to download their previously purchased copies of Patapon 3, they are told that it isn’t able to be downloaded on PlayStation Vita.

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Wedge191921d ago

Ya win some, You lose some, you lose some, and then you lose some more. Oh well, PS announcement today makes up for anything.

TrendyGamers1921d ago

And the $10 credit is a nice bonus as well.

dbjj120881921d ago

I think I've already got Patapon 2 on my Vita, so I'm OK anyway.

knifefight1921d ago

I dunno how you're getting disagrees. Buying a game and then not being able to access it is a kick in the junk for anyone.

ftwrthtx1921d ago

Haters gonna hate I reckon. LOL

ctorretta1921d ago

Hope they fix it soon, been waiting to play P3 since I got my Vita. The idea of an HD patapon on the Vita/PS3 is drool worthy, but in the meantime I want my pata-pata-pon!