10 Zombie Games to Look Forward To

Zombies. They seem to be everywhere these days. They’ve managed to shamble onto practically every area of entertainment, from television to movies, video games, books, comics, and even the occasional fake “end of the world” news broadcast. It goes without saying that now is a really fantastic time to be a fan of the undead hordes, because it’s only going to get better. Or at least, it will if the following ten games have anything to say about it.

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BattleTorn1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

You know, half way through the list, I was expecting to see FortNite. (perhaps it's not exactly "zombies" enough)

State of Decay is gaining more and more of my attention!

HaMM4R1889d ago

Would have been good to see the dead linger, that game is in really really early stages, but its coming along so well! 007 (that came out yesterday) is such a huge step forward, its almost like a new game! Just look at the difference between 006 and 007, its ridiculous!

FarCryLover1821889d ago

I'm sure several people are looking forward to Black Ops 3 zombies.

jjb19811889d ago

Zombie games are fun but games like the last of us add a much more deadly factor to survival and that's the human element. Humans will do anything to survive and having human enemies on top of a zombie infestation makes the game exciting all over again.

theEx1Le1888d ago

Dayz is better for that element IMO, because its actual players your playing against/with.