WWE 2K officially is now a part of the 2K Sports family

The negotiations are over, and Take 2 has officially struck a deal with WWE to have exclusive rights on the videogame license. As such, WWE '14 will be retitiled to fit in with the rest of the 2K Sports line, and is now WWE 2K14.

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matrixman921945d ago

and still, nobody will buy darksiders *facepalm*

BanBrother1945d ago

Someone will pick it up eventually I hope. Such a waste of a perfectly good franchise. They really nailed the combat in the 2nd game. One can hope that someone like Platinum Games picks it up.

STK0261945d ago

The game industry is a business like any other, publishers and developers are out there trying to make as much money as possible.

From what has been reported, Darksiders 2 lost THQ money, mostly due to only getting decent sales for a high budget game.

Publishers during THQ's sale weren't looking for a quality franchise to pick up, but one that would sell well. Since the Darksiders name doesn't sell, a publisher might as well develop its own franchise rather than buy Darksiders.

Rainstorm811945d ago

The game just might get much better by the time it's released next gen

-Alpha1945d ago

Well needed change. Can't wait to see the future. I want to be a fan again

ape0071945d ago

hopefully they build a new great engine

NYC_Gamer1945d ago

Why did T2 keep Yukes as the developers?

2pacalypsenow1945d ago

Because they been making wwe games since like 1999 and they make good games and know how to make wwe games , I think

MrBeatdown1945d ago

I'm kind of disappointed about that. I was hoping for a new developer and engine and everything. I read that Visual Concepts is helping out with it, so hopefully that at least brings some changes to the games.

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