Unreal Engine 4 - Even More Screenshots From The Helmet Tech Demo

More screenshots from the Helmet Tech Demo

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coolmast3r1947d ago

UE4 + PS4 = Mind Blown Tonight

JAM_brz1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )


PS4 Event: "and the time doesn't pass"

BanBrother1947d ago

Agreed. I'm thinking UT4, as they usually have them to showcase the Unreal Engine, plus the helmet sort of fits into that. UT3 played better on the PS3, as it felt more like the PC version, so at least I can trust Epic to deliver a good game in that regard (performance).

I think people misunderstood the elemental tech demo. It was very impressive considering it was running in real time , no CGI. Also, it was more a showcase of the particle effects. It had over a million particles in one room at one point (in real time), and most games these days only have a few hundred or less (granted. there was no AI or anything heavy going on).

Anyway, unless all the people leaving Epic has something to do with them going multi-plat. Remember, they own the Gears IP, not MS. Plus, other than all the people leaving Epic, MS have not really advertised Gears Judgment that much, so there might be a falling out between the two. One can hope.

BanBrother1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Double post

WarThunder1947d ago

U can do that also using Unity3D 4

SilentNegotiator1947d ago

Don't be ridiculous. You couldn't create the same demo in Unity; Unreal is magical!

GiantFriendlyCrab1947d ago

multiplats games will look identical,

MasterCornholio1947d ago

720 and PS4 games will look almost the same. However the Wii U....... Well you know what happened with the Wii.

UnholyLight1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Sorry I know it isn't directly a reply to you but it is relevant. Didn't Sony's conference shut up all the naysayers about the impending Next gen?

This shit looks like it's going to be amazing. I watched it in 540p and I could still tell that characters and environments had so much more detail and were so much more vivid. More representative of living things than games.

I mean just look at what David Cage showed us with that Old Man and Square's Luminous engine! Good God am I happy. Of course, those things may not be immediate but down the road, the consoles will make a great case for graphical and technical improvement, even better than what the beginning of this gen showed the consoles were capable of through their life span.

The Wii U is cool and all, but I just can't see, especially with what PS4 showed networks/graphics can the Wii U remain relevant?? It's interesting because the Wii did so well, but this is a different story this time around because so far the Wii U is not selling as expected. The Wii U made a good case when it first came out, but just this conference gets me worried for Nintendo in some ways!

fermcr1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Maybe ... just maybe ... they should start releasing games using UE4 instead of these tech demo's.

I don't play tech demo's. Make those dammmm games instead... *just a thought*

TekoIie1947d ago

Except they have already announced Fortnite and shown some things on it... Not much but its there.

NegativeCreepWA1947d ago

Gears was originally shown as a tech demo, I bet thats actually an unannounced game.

josephayal1947d ago

PS4? The PS3 can hold higher quality Graphics

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FlyingFoxy1947d ago

This will undoubtedly look amazing on Oculus Rift on PC.

Feralkitsune1947d ago

Dood, what if the next gen consoles get Rift support?

Hassassin1947d ago

This gives me hopes that when CDPR says that Cyberpunk 2077 will look like the trailer they speak the truth.

ninjahunter1947d ago

Hey if witcher 2 is any gauge consider it done, you can pretty much count threads in clothing in that game.

And city levels are nice and easy to make, so im certain theil have a surplus of resources to throw around in making everything just right.

landog1947d ago

the witcher 2 looks simply amazing on a high powered pc, i do not think, with the spec of the ps4, it would be able to handle the witcher 2 with all settings maxed in 1080p, 720p yes, perhaps, with anti alaising turned down and no ubersamples

still, a console for $500 that can max the witcher 2 in 720p at 30 frames is a pretty good deal

i did not see anything from todays news of the ps4 that looked better than the witcher 2 on pc;

and to be honest, most of what was shown, was not even gameplay

ninjahunter1947d ago


Hmm i think the PS4 Miiiight be amble to max out at 1080p, but its a close call. Disregarding ubersampling of course.

The graphics card would probably handle it A'ok, witcher 2 is pretty optimized as far as Graphics cards go, but the PS4 is using an APU as its CPU which are notoriously weak, and we all know that the witcher 2 stomps all over CPUs for the fun of it.

Idk, its a very fine line between not being able to play witcher 2 at all, and maxing it out.

Of course i could be wrong and you could be right, Im just judging by the killzone trailer(and the specs they said), and assuming it was at 1080p.

TheyDontLoveYou1947d ago

Its funny they used the same type of tech demos for the unreal engine 3, yet, no game looked like the tech demos. I'm glad developers are moving away from the unreal engine. UE3 blows, so will the ue4.

NateCole1947d ago

Ofcourse it will not look like this ingame on consoles. It would perhaps half as good.

GiantFriendlyCrab1947d ago

all they did is to render that helmet, lol, lets see how it look on an actual game

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