10 Games That Should Be Announced as PS4 Launch Title on Feb 20

February 20, a day when history will be made by Sony, as it is almost certain that the firm will officially unveil its next-generation Playstation console and Future of gaming, "PS4" at Playstation Meeting 2013. Talking about current generation gaming (including both PS3 and Xbox 360), you all will agree if i say it has lasted longer than everyone of us expected, and so gamers are pretty eager and excited to experience the next stage from the two giants in the gaming industry (Sony and Microsoft).

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Zuperman1891d ago ShowReplies(1)
jay21891d ago

Hope we can have 10 ticks at some point, we'll get aleast 3-5.

NateCole1891d ago

Should leave some for E3

BlackIceJoe1891d ago

I would love to see a return of Eight Days. Plus I would throw in Getaway 3 too. Both games could be a way to show the power of the PS4.