New Unreal Engine 4 Helmet Tech Demo Screenshot

Take a look at this new Unreal Engine 4 Helmet Tech Demo Screenshot.

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Kaizin5141675d ago

Awesome, virtually a duplicate article from earlier today. Earlier article from today:

john21675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

This article was submitted first and had only one image. The other article had additional images. The additional images were added after the other article was approved, therefore both articles should be present

Edit: @Karooo even one new screenshot is additional or new. That's a fact. Moreover, when you have one screenshot and there is a story with two new, you're talking about a 200% new content. Also here is how this article was originally . As per N4G's rules, this article should be present for the first screenshot as it was submitted first and the other for the other two new screenshots.

Karooo1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Really eideka? You very well know what you did.

Two images are now "additional"?

Edit: fine i think you are right.

Rettom1675d ago

Who the f*** uses Internet Explorer? *cough* image *cough*

NateCole1675d ago

Cool. I hope this is in game though.

InMyOpinion1675d ago

In full-size there's an amazing amount of details. Insane texture work really.

jacksheen00001675d ago

Wow nice texture work. But I m not buying though because it probably was rendered on a Dev kit system.

So its highly unlikely we'll ever get to see graphics like the helmet render on a gaming console.

solid_warlord1675d ago

So could Unreal Tournament 4 be showcasing today at the press conference as Epic did last gen?

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