Metal Gear Rising Sparks Debate of Game Length Versus Game Value

"Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has seen a lot of discussion over the past week or so as the media and select individuals have been plugging away at the game and reporting that the gameplay only lasts around 6 – 8 hours if you take your time." |

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Lucreto1915d ago

It is all down you what type of gamer you are.

I am rubbish at these type of games. I have problems with easy mode type bad. It could take me 16 hours plus for this.

Anyway the game might be short but there are 4 or 5 different difficulty levels for you to try. It you complete the game in 6 hours then you played the wrong difficulty mode. Then there is trophies some for me will be impossible to get here is another challenge for people to try. It you were to try and platinum this game it could take you upward of 40-50 hours maybe less for a more skilled gamer.

Chuk51915d ago

I'm 5 hours in and so far MGR is game that best exemplifies the mantra of all killer no filler. Gamers often get so wrapped up in the volume of a game's value instead of the quality of the value. For me, Far Cry 3 is the perfect example of a game that ran on too long and got boring toward the end because it padded things out unnecessarily. It's better to have a fantastic experience with replay value, than an initially long experience that runs out of steam.

UnHoly_One1915d ago

I will never understand complaints like this. I guess if you only play the game one time and never touch it again, then you're paying 10 dollars per hour... But as somebody who still goes back and plays games many years later, I can't understand that.

And even if you do... 10 dollars an hour is not an expensive hobby.

I like to ride a motorcycle and go target shooting in my free time, besides gaming, and I've done the math and they are both far more expensive than my gaming habit on a per hour basis.

The internet has just given rise to a culture where everyone bitches about everything, and everyone expects something for nothing. "Entitled" is a word that gets thrown around a lot nowadays, and rightfully so.

If you take any time at all to educate yourself about what kind of game you are buying, things like this wouldn't surprise you. Nobody that knows anything about this type of game would expect it to be a 50 hour game, or even a 20 hour game.

For the record, I have no interest in this game, that's not why I'm defending it. I'm just sick of people complaining about EVERYTHING because it isn't custom made to suit their own personal desires.

Mutant-Spud1915d ago

Agreed, I thought Vanquish was a great game but I wouldn't have wanted it to go on much longer than it did, as the other poster said these are games you can play through in two or three sittings but they're easy to learn, hard to master, on the higher difficulties you have to do everything perfectly, which takes a lot of skill and practice and therefore time. In the end you're so focused on the getting the gameplay right that all other considerations go out the window.

GrandTheftZamboni1915d ago

Many people expect entertainment to be free. I'm okay with $10/Hr for entertainment. $60 for game or $20 for a movie. Everything below that is a steal. Maybe it's because I can only afford 1 hour a day for fun.

matrixman921915d ago

if you only play through this game once, your doing it wrong

Unicron1915d ago

Most people don't even finish their games ONCE any more, yet still have the gall to complain about length. Play it once and dump it for the next shiny object? Kinda sucks. I love replaying games.

jc485731915d ago

Keep in mind dmc was also another short game.

CrimsonDragon901915d ago

Keep in mind people are still butthurt over DmC.

jc485731915d ago

That was my point of the post.

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