Kingdom Hearts X[chi] Is Coming To PC, Made By Operation Darkness Developer

Square Enix is working on a browser based Kingdom Hearts game. The news comes from Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix which includes bonus items for Kingdom Hearts X[chi].

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Snookies121851d ago

Yeah.... Great.... That's what we want SE, a BROWSER BASED KINGDOM HEARTS......

NukaCola1846d ago

woah....I got a little nervous there, I thought it was going to be something lame like Kingdom Hearts 3. Thankfully we are getting this AAA flash masterpiece.


This is me crying out WTF a thousand times!

clank5431851d ago

Perfect! Come on, Square, we need one on every platform ever released. Right now, you only need to own, like, 5 different systems to understand the story. We can at least get that up to 10. The final Kingdom Hearts will be on the Dreamcast, you heard it here first!

Pozzle1851d ago

I'm still waiting for the Kingdom Hearts spin-off on Nintendo 64.

Smashbro291851d ago

Kingdom Hearts for Vectrex!

Hufandpuf1851d ago Show
gamernova1851d ago

Oh my God...I almost jizzed thinking 1.5 was for PC...browser game...I am so crushed

Loki861851d ago

.......................No Comment

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The story is too old to be commented.