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6 Rumored PS4 Exclusives That Might Be Shown During Tonight's Event

"The clock is ticking away and the rumor mill is in full swing. According to recent reports, Sony might be revealing some big games along with it's PS4 showcase." (PS4)

NastyLeftHook0  +   709d ago
my keyboard...
JAM_brz  +   709d ago
How will you be waiting for the PS4 event?
"Playing PS3, of course!"
Blacktric  +   709d ago
It's been sticky since the announcement of PlayStation Meeting isn't it?
jacksheen0000  +   709d ago
This is going to be one of the best day of my life.

I want game play demos only, no prescript please.
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JAM_brz  +   709d ago
The best since 2006! lol
SilentNegotiator  +   709d ago
The ANNOUNCEMENT of a console and some games? Sounds like a lame life, bro.
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BlmThug  +   709d ago
Please show GT6
Shadowgate  +   709d ago
No socom who cares!
vitullo31  +   709d ago
I do :(
SilentNegotiator  +   709d ago
Everyone not still living in 2005 or earlier.
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Trenta27  +   709d ago
If they don't show the PS4 today, the world will explode with all the rage built up in people O.o
Rashid Sayed  +   709d ago
They have to show the PS4 today. Even if it was not planned, now they have to!

But trust me. Sony 'will' be revealing the PS4 today. They have come toooooo far to let the gaming community, media and everyone in the industry down.
Conzul  +   709d ago
Don't get the disagrees. It's going to happen.
T2  +   709d ago
Imagine if they showed like a 5 minute trailer of a new ff versus and that was the whole event ... U have to admit it would be kinda funny
SilentNegotiator  +   709d ago
I'm starting to get worried; we haven't seen the traditional "Leaking of the New Playstation Product" yet!
BanBrother  +   709d ago
My dream list is Killzone 4, GT6 and Quantic Dreams new IP.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   709d ago
Can't wait for the beast that is the PS4!!
Gamer-40  +   709d ago
Gran Turismo brand= biggest PlayStation system seller.
TooTall19  +   709d ago
No doubt about that. Killzone is my favorite franchise, so I'm sold as soon as they announce that.
thornh  +   709d ago
I just asked my wife (not a fan of the videogame thing unless it's on her phone) to please indulge me this evening as I turn into a little kid again for an hour or so. You see, I've been gaming for nearly 40 years and this is the most excited I have been about a new console in a long time. This is going to be a long day at work.

I'm hoping to see Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog show something at the very least. I'm sure we'll see a peek at GT6 as well. Can't wait!
Conzul  +   709d ago
You've been gaming for FORTY YEARS and you have to *ASK* your wife for some indulgence?

Here's an idea: TELL HER. End of story.
daggertoes83  +   709d ago
Obviously you are not married. It will never be that easy.
thornh  +   709d ago
Oh I'm going to watch it regardless but, hey, being nice never hurt. She has given me 6 children and stuck with me for twenty years. I don't mind asking.
Conzul  +   709d ago
Didn't say it was easy. But it is simple.

Edit: @thornh Ok, nice guy.
I'm just used to seeing people walk all over eachother, and I have 7 sisters so while I'm not a misogynist, I'm pretty damn close.
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NateCole  +   709d ago
Wow. Been gaming since the atari days and for 26 years.
T2  +   709d ago
Nice I havent been in 40 years but I started in 90 with smb, kid icarus and mike tysons punchout
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mdkgod43  +   709d ago
i really dont think sony is goin to show the ps4 untill E3, they already said they are waiting on Microsoft to go first, plus the ps3 has lots of life still left in it just look at LAST OF US
lovegames718  +   709d ago
Ps4 showing is already confirmed by insiders. Are you the only one that doesn't know that it isnt being shown? Weve already seen the controllers, Sony is already advertising the new ps4 logo/world and you need more proof?
jacksheen0000  +   709d ago
Hey, does anyone wants to buy my wii U?
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torchic  +   709d ago
I'll give you two eggs, anything more is a rip off
T2  +   709d ago
My offer is chicken, make many eggs! Much better! Give address I mail chicken
Solo227  +   709d ago
Polyphony better get their crap together... Even tho I love GT5... They could do alot better. And it shouldnt take 4+ years to develop this game. Stop giving up 400 cars that nobody wants or drives... Its a waste of time...

300-500 premium cars... With a revamped and move efficient menu system. And a streamlined online party system.

And stop wasting our time with nascar and BS kart racing. Couldnt figure out how you neglect the drag racing community with is huge here and japan. In favor of Kart racing or nascar...

With the 6 version of the game on the horizon. This should be a complete overhaul. And aim to put a dent into Forzas online community. All we can do is hope this the best one yet!
WarThunder  +   709d ago
Right now GT5 online community rapes Forzas online community.... all Forza online are empty right now, you can hear your echo...
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Solo227  +   706d ago
Are you sure about that? Im a car dude and alot of my friends still play forza daily...
GoldenMonkey34   709d ago | Spam
Ju  +   709d ago
Yeah, I can really see what a drag racing simulator would bring to the table...2sec's of boom in a straight line. True. Compared to Nascar, not sure which one is more exciting. ;)
ApolloTheBoss  +   709d ago
Only noon? What's taking so long it should be 2pm by now!!!
WilliamH  +   709d ago
The conference starts at 11pm GMT. So 6 hours from now.
ApolloTheBoss  +   709d ago
I'm saying this day is going by ridiculously slow. I want it to start already!
o-Sunny-o  +   709d ago
Will show at PS Home like E3? Countdown on Home would be funny except for the fact the time zones are all different...
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   709d ago
so let me ask this question. if sony does not show off the ps4 later this evening, is it sonys fault or the media for assuming too much? I mean i will be heart broken if it aint the ps4 thats revealed but sony never said itsthe ps4 thats just the media hyping things up.
HeavenlySnipes  +   709d ago

Wesley85  +   709d ago
Imagine...just imagine if HL3 was revealed today!!! I'd go into cardiac arrest haha
Klonoa_Dream_Travel  +   709d ago
been listening to the cardigans: my favorite game from GT2 soundtrack this morning. now im in the mood to play it.
sway_z  +   709d ago
They may show a snippet of CGI renders/shots of the console, discuss the PSN service/Gaikai and will (likely) announce some big games....

....but in the interest of E3/TGS, and not shooting your load too early (we see you peeping MS!) ...don't expect raw in game footage of PS4 games or you'll be sorrily disappointed.

*exciting times!! ...I can't stop watching the clock!!!
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typeN8  +   709d ago
I hope they show mm new ip
josephayal  +   709d ago
My High end 2013 Gaming PC can't handle PS4 Videos at 4080P
BitbyDeath  +   709d ago
List is missing Motorstorm
NateCole  +   709d ago
I think they will stick with 4

1. Killizone 4.
2. TLG
3. Kara
4. GT6 Prologue

For Multi-plats

1. MGS Zero
2. BF4

Sony will reveal MS4, Infamous 4 and Uncharted 4 come E3
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abzdine  +   709d ago
everybody seems to forget FF7 remake, Kingdom Hearts III, The Getaway, Eight Days, MotorStorm, MGS5: The Phantom Pain, LBP3, WipEout and of course Uncharted 4.
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PAYNEinc85  +   709d ago
We may see Gran Turismo 6 later today but we won't get to play it until 2018.
PurpHerbison  +   708d ago
Only thing that will make me interested is them finally bringing Monster Hunter home and Demon's Souls II. Other than that... rather boring list. However, the PS3 could not do justice to Killzone, often gave me headaches... So perhaps Killzone can finally be done right on PS4 with a beautiful framerate.

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