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Heads-up’ PlayStation Store update 20th February 2013

PS Blog: The wait has been long but Persona 4 Golden is finally out this week on PS Vita. Murders have been occurring in the small town of Inaba and you and your friends decide to investigate matters further and seek the truth behind it all.

Spend time with your friends and family to increase your social links, take on a variety of sidequests and extracurricular activities, or collect and fuse new Personas. Juggle all of this and more before the fog sets.

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Canary1701d ago

Why do games take so long to come out in the EU?

Is there no unified ratings system in place, or is the ratings system that is in place simply not function? Or do they actually add translations and dubbing to EU releases for France and Germany and whatnot?

bicfitness1701d ago

All the languages certainly add to the development process.

Sanquine901701d ago

I am dutch and i dont mind the games being in english. Only countries like france dont understand english ( Most of them, been there a lot)

3-4-51701d ago

exactly...It takes about 7-12 months to translate everything into JUST ENGLISH for the US, now multiply that by multiple languages and you can figure it out.

SandWitch1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

If you are talking particularly about Persona, it's not about ratings or languages. Atlus has its own publishing office in US so it was easy for them to publish the game there. As for Europe, they had to find third-party publisher so that's what delay is about.

Patashnik1701d ago

There are no additional languages in this one - it's English only.

Also: Best game on Vita by a mile. So good.

Canary1701d ago

I wasn't sure if they added additional language support or not.

It seems like even that shouldn't take too long, as most games released in NA already have French and Spanish text--at least, some have a ton of language options--and I can speak from personal experience that translating into German, while difficult, is nowhere near so time-consuming as translating from Japanese.

Also: I think Project Diva F is better; it's more well-suited for portable play

Toon_Link1701d ago

P4G is an amazing game, hope everyone enjoys!