Nintendo Should Do A Wii U Ambassador Program And Here’s What They Should Include

The 3DS started its turnaround after a gracious Ambassador Program was put into effect. With the current state of the Wii U, Nintendo may want to see if lightning will strike twice.

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Neonridr1918d ago

An interesting idea no doubt. It would definitley be a nice gesture towards us early adopters.

I wouldn't say no to free N64 / Gamecube games.

AztecFalcon1918d ago

Not only a nice gesture but it helped start the 3DS buying spree.

PopRocks3591918d ago

If they actually did wind up cutting the price, I would not mind this being the end result at all.

I think the list of VC games is rather unrealistic though. All of the games given to 3DS ambassadors were all made by Nintendo. This guy is including games from Rare, Capcom and other such publishers.

Not that I'd complain if this were the actual list, by the way. These are all solid games.

PrimeLantern1918d ago

I'd like to see Custom Robo and Mega Man Battle Network Transmission.

Theyellowflash301918d ago

They should release Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 soon. That would make me happy