SCE Japan Head Says PlayStation Vita Is 'A Little Behind The Numbers'

Kevin Gifford: ''All eyes may be on the upcoming PS4 announcement right now, but meanwhile Sony's other game system is fighting for all the attention it can get.

Two days ago, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that both the 3G and Wi-Fi versions of the PS Vita are being discounted to 19,980 yen (about $214) in Japan, a 33-percent drop for the 3G version.

The new price, which goes into effect Feb. 28, comes after Sony missed its initial Vita sales projections by a longshot in 2012, especially worldwide-the system took just under a year to sell a million in Japan, with only a million-and-change more in gamers' hands elsewhere.''

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Neonridr1469d ago

A LITTLE behind the numbers?

wow that's an understatement..

o-Sunny-o1469d ago

9 games that Japan is getting I want badly! Price cut will help for Japan. I already bought 2 PS Vitas but still getting 1 or 2 more. Love Vita.

Canary1469d ago

Two? Why two? So you can play one while the other is recharging?

(I love my Vita and my 3DS, but both of them have crap battery lives.)

Sanquine901469d ago

Japanese account/ American account/ europe account:D

Canary1469d ago

@Sanquine90: wouldn't separate memory cards be cheaper?

Of course, I couldn't even be bothered to do that; I just import physical copies instead.

TongkatAli1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

I bought two Vitas as well, but the second one was for my sister, gave it to her for her birthday.

lovegames7181469d ago

to Neonridr....

Go worry about your wiiu numbers. Doesn't look promising lol