Kansas City Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles Talks Madden NFL 25

Before taking in the Big Game in the Big Easy, Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles took some time to talk about video games and offer EA Sports tips on Madden NFL 25. The Pro Bowler was one of the bright spots for an otherwise horrible year in Kansas City. Charles, who also has a new app that allows fans to connect with him, talks about his gaming prowess.

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jagiii1919d ago

Great player on a horrible team.

TheNocturnus1919d ago

Hey now, that's my home team you are talking about. That's Mr. Horrible team to you.

ABizzel11919d ago

My hometown too, and I know they're garbage.

iceman061919d ago

@ABizzel1...might be your hometown, but if you were a fan, you would know that the TEAM isn't horrible. They are about 4 solid pieces away from being something special. The issue is, of course, inconsistency at QB and coaching. Hopefully, both of those issues will be solved by the start of the next season. It's really hard to have 6 Pro-Bowlers on a horrible team wouldn't ya say!?! (by the way, just bustin your chops a bit...they were horribad last high hopes!!!)

awkwardhamster1919d ago

He's right. All it needs now is a touchdown dance.

black9111919d ago

2K5 had a touchdown dance.

Bobby Kotex1919d ago

I know this is for the 25th anniversary, I wonder if they'll keep going with the new numbering. Would be confusing otherwise.

NoobJobz1919d ago

Why don't they call the game Madden 25th Anniversary Edition? IMHO madden NFL 25 is a terrible name. You can't go from NFL 13 to NFL 25. In fact just call it Madden 14, then at the bottom of the box put Madden 25th Anniversary Edition. Problem solved.

Cueil1919d ago

They pay people millions of dollars to screw this stuff up... don't be injecting your intelligent thoughts into this...

Cueil1919d ago

wonder if Madden 25 will fumble as bad as this idiot did all year

Rainstorm811919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Madden 13 made strides the series needed even though those advancements should've came much earlier this gen , like the Infinity Engine

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