Who Will Be Responsible for Revealing the PlayStation 4?

Push Square: "You’ve all seen the images of Sony Computer Entertainment founder Ken Kutaragi clinging proudly to the shiny chassis of an early PlayStation 3. Way back in 2005, the responsibility of revealing Sony’s next generation system fell at the feet of the former SCE president. But with the luminary’s status within the company now significantly diminished, and the platform holder strongly expected to announce the PlayStation 4 later this evening, which executive will be handed the opportunity to make the big reveal?"

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Prcko1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

i hope kaz.
8 hours to go but hype is rising 2 damm fastttt

Root1758d ago

If it's Kaz expect the birth of a new line of Kaz GIFs

Septic1758d ago

They should bring in Ken Kutaragi, just for the troll factor.

Blacktric1757d ago

All I want from Kaz is to say 599 US dollars when he reveals the price and then throws a smirk and says something much lower (preferably around 400 dollars).

Now that'd get me good.

BanBrother1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

TBH, I would die if it was Bill Gates lol. Biggest trolling in the history of trolling if they did that.

EDIT: Considering the worlds eyes will be on Sony, and it will definitely be on mainstream TV news, I'd love it if they had a couple of celebrities on stage. Good ones, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan.

Also, get some big names in racing to showcase Gran Turismo 6. I have a feeling PS4 is going to be as big as PS2. This time, it looks like they will be releasing first, if not at the same time as the competition.

JAM_brz1757d ago

"like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. "

nahhh... really?

Jobesy1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

So Schwarzenegger and Chan huh? Not only are they bad actors but I don't think they give a crap about gaming. Let's keep these celebrities who are fake/casual gamers as far away from any gaming related event as we can.

Edit: ot, it should be Kaz, this man has been making all the right decisions the past few years and is doing a good job if steering Sony in the right direction.

BlackTar1871757d ago


Jackie Chan is not a bad actor take that nonsense back.

3-4-51757d ago

I hope there is another........" Riiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaccceeeerrrr!!!! "

eagle211758d ago

Say what you want about "Crazy Ken", but I enjoyed his PS3 very much. 60GB "phat" still going strong. ;)

Seraphemz1757d ago

Mine yellowed recentlty...but I want to get it fixed!!! I love the 4 usbs, memory card readers, and SACD sound... totally worth it.

VonBraunschweigg1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

My original 60GB phat sadly got refirbished into a 160GB phat with the nice pianopaint, can't really say I miss the 2x USB or cardreaders, but the spidermanfont, it's not shiny anymore...bugs the hell out of me.

No biggy of course but it's funny the little things you miss once they're gone. Like that little double bleep we used to hear when you started a game back in 2007, 2008. I miss that bleep:)

MrWonderful1757d ago

they still service them for $125

Seraphemz1757d ago

@Mr - i thought that they would send you a slim and keep the phat one... and I want to keep my Fatty..

Temporary1757d ago

Love my fatty, got the slim recently but the fatty looks so much better to me.

shivvy241758d ago

Lol theres already shitloads on the net , I love the one when kaz is shoving everyone out of the way

lovegames7181757d ago

Idgaf who announces it (it should be a joint effort) lol i know ill be home from work with a little Henny in hand enjoying this event as if i was out for dinner lol

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