The Walking Dead: Survival Instict - PC Version Cancelled

DSOGaming writes: "Well, we saw that coming. The latest press releases of The Walking Dead: Survival Instict did not include the PC platform and naturally, we began wondering whether Activision has secretly cancelled the PC version of it. And here we are today with a confirmation from Activision’s Greek distributor. According to I.G.E, The Walking Dead: Survival Instict PC is cancelled."

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dazzrazz1921d ago

Game is gonna be shite anyway

john21921d ago

true, though it's still weird that the PC version was cancelled almost a month before release

Trunkz Jr1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

That's an understatement, this game is worse then WarZ, I'm glad this won't see a PC version, we have DayZ Standalone to look forward to for the PC.

Progress video here for Standalone:

BanBrother1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

@Trunkz Jr

That sucks. If the PC got to add higher graphical options, it just might have passed as a PS2 title, maybe.

EDIT: This, along with Aliens: CM, will be competing for the; "crappest, laziest game of the year that should never have been released" award.

Kurt Russell1921d ago

My thoughts exactly. I love zombies... but I can spy another Zombie cash in title a mile off.

MrGunny941921d ago

Just cancel the game whole together, this is either Fan Service or an attempt to rip off this game in terms of eye candy sucks and gameplay wise doesn't look that good just your typical shooter of the week

AzaziL1921d ago

When will these companies learn that you just can't take a franchise name and slap it on a pile a garbage and expect it to sell. This isn't the 90s where people bought games because of the box and a few paid off magazine reviews.

007Bond1921d ago

It even worse than the 90s actually, and yes idiots will continue to buy only cause a magazine, relative, or friend tells them to.

kevnb1921d ago

canceling the pc version usually means its shit.

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The story is too old to be commented.