PlayStation 4: Expert views on Sony's games console reveal

Ahead of tonight's secretive Sony event, gaming experts have been speculating about the future of the PlayStation - BBC

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Blackdeath_6631672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

the BBC's report on today's event.
its known in the uk that there will be a sony press conference today. it is known.

Cupid_Viper_31672d ago

"What Sony has to show is that the games you'll be able to play on the PS4 are in a totally different class to what's already available.

The actual hardware is less and less relevant for a video games console now - if all people wanted was better graphics, they would all buy high-end PCs.

What it really comes down to is the games themselves." --Keza MacDonald UK games editor for IGN--

Sigh... Talk about a walking contradiction. It's like saying if people solely want to go from point A to point B, then they would buy Buggati Veyrons and ferraris and other expensive supercars.

She said hardware matters less and less, but somehow they have to prove that their games are superior. How the hell do you have superior games without the hardware that can handle them?

And yes, when the PS3, ps2, and ps1 launched, the Iphone wasn't as established as it is now. But she's forgetting that $0.99 games people get for when they're on the go, in no way shape or form affects a home console. And when you're home, the app side of the phone is now cancelled out by Smart Tv's and tablets.

Sony themselves have begin to synchronize all their devices together so you can be sure that the PS4 will also feature that to some degree. So meaning that they have the perfect ecosystem going. Especially when you add the Gaikai component to it.

Blackdeath_6631672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

yeah lol these so called "experts" are more often than not way of the mark and have very little to back up their statements but that's british news for you there is always someone calls themselves and expert and has something to say. i was more surprised that they reported on this before the event not after it and although a ps4 reveal is inevitable they are taking it as fact even though it has not been confirmed yet i would expect a news agency to display more caution when talking about something as if it had already happened

Blacklash931672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I'd love to be an industry analyst. Being a professional guesser sounds like the coolest job ever.

DatNJDom811672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Didn't the m$ douchebag say people in the UK weren't going to know that PS4 is launching? What happened?

Also, why do these experts have m$ outselling Sony? I should be an expert. Where do I send my resume?!

muttley651672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

will this spectacular event be on america SPIKE TV OR G4???? if anyone know give help!!!
thank you inadvance.

Farsendor11672d ago

g4 no longer airs gaming shows. more than likely you will have to find a live stream.

muttley651672d ago

@ farsendor1

thank you sir. gametrailers it is.

user39158001672d ago

79.2 million are shipped by ms not sold, they have sold 76 million, ps3 has 76 ship about 74 sold. Im wondering how did they come up with over 4 miillion gap in sales from? I know PS3 was getting closer to MS in units sale, but not like this lol. It will be interesting to see what sony brings and I hope they dont block used games, cause if they do, I wont buy another sony product.

ANIALATOR1361672d ago

i've just seen pot noodle's group on facebook sharing a joke ps4 controller pic with a pot noodle stuck to it so the UK must know

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WarThunder1672d ago

BBC experts? LMAO! Useless lame article waste of time! get back to ur propaganda brainwashing on so called "war on terror" new!

GribbleGrunger1672d ago

Yeah, they're experts:

'By the end of 2012, 100.2 million Wiis had been sold compared to 79.2 million Xbox 360s and 75.2 million PlayStation 3s, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.'


miyamoto1672d ago

M$ money trrain will be in full force but the M$ misinformation campaign ain't gonna work this time around

dafegamer1672d ago

was about to say this.

Bobby Kotex1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

WTF is a gaming expert? I play games 20 hrs a week. I'm an expert too.

ZoyosJD1672d ago

If your an expert, I'm overqualified.

Ripsta7th1672d ago

Im betting they will mostly showcase Gaikai and tease the ps4, im pretty sure the full reveal might be on E3, i hope im wrong :) We will see an army of angry keyboard warriors if not lol

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